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Mods / Re: [2014.09.13] Black Smoke (with sound effects) 1.4.2 by nyolc8
« Last post by Andrei on January 16, 2022, 18:27 »
thanks   :)
Help / Re: Recover my password in the game.
« Last post by Sjomp on January 14, 2022, 15:04 »
Check your forum messages.
Mods / Truck Sound Caterpillar Engine
« Last post by newfie on January 11, 2022, 23:58 »
Just looking for sounds and i came across this sound, its nice

Thank me later :)
Help / Recover my password in the game.
« Last post by 5co on January 11, 2022, 04:22 »
Good morning everyone! I would like to be able to recover my password in the game, it is that I do not remember and I have been trying to enter the server for a long time. Sorry if my English is not good, thank you for your attention.
Ban Appeals / Re: declasse ban appeal
« Last post by Sjomp on January 06, 2022, 12:11 »
Try to login now, it should be fixed.
Forum games / Re: lets count from 2500 to 5000
« Last post by SmashHammer on January 06, 2022, 08:38 »
Ban Appeals / declasse ban appeal
« Last post by declasse on January 06, 2022, 07:00 »
Player name: declasse  
Ban ID: #12345  
Time and date of ban: 8 years ago I guess
Reason of ban: unknown
Ban was unfair? No
I was banned by: Smokey (anti-cheat)

What actually was happening:
Hello, I decided to get back into the game after like, 8 years not playing SAMP. Unfortunately, I found out that my account is banned. At first, I didn't even remmember my old username, luckily I managed find it on the members list and to retrieve password (I still use the email attached to the account). I have no idea what I was banned for, only threads on forum I found mentioning me was about me farming (?) and spamming. I don't even remmember playing SAMP on my current PC, so that's strange. Trying to log in with this username doesn't show me any ban id.

I really would like to join the game again. 8 years ago I was 16 years old so basically I was an annoying ass teenager so I can only assume the reasons for my ban. I can start with a new account if you feel that this would be fair.

Kind regards,

Adrian, or, declasse (I really hate this username)

Ps I have choose that I was banned by smokey but I really don't know that either


I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.
Ban Appeals / Re: Future ban appeal
« Last post by Sjomp on January 04, 2022, 12:20 »
You are unbanned for now, please make sure it doesn't happen again.
Be careful installing mods that change handling or other things ingame.
Mods / Re: [2014.09.13] Black Smoke (with sound effects) 1.4.2 by nyolc8
« Last post by Andrei on January 03, 2022, 16:32 »
new link please
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