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Suggestions / Re: Location changing Idea.
« Last post by DavidPC10 on February 04, 2020, 16:18 »
Click and go near the hem at TRUCK DEPOT.

Why don't they just ask their friends in which truck depot they are, then they do /kill and select that specific depot? Simple as that?
Suggestions / Re: Location changing Idea.
« Last post by RaceRX on February 04, 2020, 14:53 »
Sounds too easy to abuse
Suggestions / Daily Convoy Achievement ★ ★ ★
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 12:49 »
For promoting Convoys, It will be super funny and great to add daily achievement.

If player does regularly per day 500/500 convoy score, they will get a $$prize$$ for it!!

Suggestions / ''Real'' House Buildings
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 12:44 »
Well, This idea is a little bit crazy. Because It is actually funny for me.

Ok, let's start describing... Player Gutsy wants the house but not like regular houses. He wants to buy a house that is not built yet!

So he needs a few components for doing this. For building a new house.
1) He needs Mapper, He must to pay mapper.
2) They both (player and mapper) must think about house design details slots and everything.
3) After they need to send this hole project to the server's main Architect. ^^

If chosen location price and house slots will be acceptable for ahem, the mapper will start doing buildings and he will get SURE money IG for that job!

This will be super fun for players and promotional duty for Mappers.

Vote your opinion to poll. Ty.
Suggestions / Missions Counter
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 12:27 »
It will be COOL if the server will have new statistics about how many missions complete this day, week or month and wich Missions...

For example Total Mission Complete this Week
[Server] 13,421 and if it will be detailed like we have all in stats, it will be nicer.

You can read this statistics in-game using cmd /total also on the Web's main page.
Suggestions / Road Worker's Achievement
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 12:04 »


* * *

Road Worker will be class, like a Trucker, Pilot ETC.
They will have own uniforms and cars to do the job.
They work normally when do /W Work command. On the map will be the location street where he or any group must go. When one of them will go there, he will have time in RED CIRCLE (where crashed road needs fix) and wait to do their job. Mission Time (Fixing) Will be different. 3-10 minute. So If 2 or 3 Road workers will do the job together, the time countdown will decrease in the circle and the road will be fixed in less time.

It will be a cool achievement this day. Also, this idea needs work and correcting/improve details.
Say about it if you have any idea or just Vote question. Thanks.
Suggestions / Banks in CT
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 09:00 »

Now you can lodge or withdraw money from your account using shops.
But why, When we have in-game to many Banks.
(so nice buildings).

My suggestion is to let's make banks function and remove from Shop.

Suggestions / Test Drive Command. Function.
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 04, 2020, 08:44 »
/testdrive{Vehiclename}  ~ Shows Public 'FREE FOR USE' Vehicle model on map.

For example /testdriveBoxburg
*Boxburg is in Los Santos, Beach. Open the map, find the red mark and go for it.
Suggestions / Location changing Idea.
« Last post by Chinkunia on February 03, 2020, 05:43 »
When Truckers do /kill command, They have the option to go to another player.

For example /kill

Choose a player from a list: Saxo, Mebby, Wrily, GG_fss.

Click and go near the hem at TRUCK DEPOT.


That will be most helpful for new players.
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