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Hello, I have some shots again so I'll try to keep this topic active as most as possible :)

Securicar gang (Misiken, FerencHill, Me, Ricardo) vs. Robber (Cezy)  :)) :))

Hello! Is this right way to San Fierro?

Money gangsters  8) 8)

Transporting people with C63 AMG is way better...

Hello guys :) I will try to keep this gallery finally active. I磍l be posting here everything from server, photos, videos, videos from events etc... At the moment you can see what I'm working on. Yes, you're right, it's todays convoy event by J.Harden, and as you can see on the screen, i decided to make printscreen of best moment how Nikola threw everyone from convoy to water :D This is gonna be definitely best video by me.

Till the release of the best moments from convoy take a look on video from Drive like a rocket 2 event, which was already realeased :) Best moments from todays convoy will be released maybe tonight later, or tomorrow. I will post it here after release.

So... Hello guys. It has been long time since I posted my last video. It磗 been really long time so I decided to start new topic where I磍l be posting my new videos, I want to start recording and uploading again :)

What changed???

A lot of things changed since last video :) As the main change is that i got new PC so I can finally record videos in Fullscreen on highest resolution and with highest game settings, and also I can use some mods :)
Another change is, I stopped used bandicam, so there won磘 be bandicam watermark logo in the video. I started using Microsoft game DVR... It磗 not that bad recording program as I was waiting so I will use it in many more videos :)

What to say... Take a look on my new videos, what you think about it? Leave the comment below this topic :) Since now, I磍l be sending here every new videos which I will upload...

New video:

Suggestions / Set your favourite radio station in game!
« on: February 06, 2017, 15:55 »
Hello guys! I have one little suggestion. It磗 really missing me on the server, because I want to listen my own radio station in-game, but there磗 no option. This system of adding your own radio station already have another trucking server. I liked it so much, I really want to bring something like this thing on Convoy Trucking. If this idea was here once, I磎 sorry. What you think about it? How it works (easily): after typping 创/radio创 you will have alll radio stations as now, and somewhere down as last will be the option to set your own radio. Players will find on internet their favourite radio station url. For example the best page where are almost all radio stations is 创www.listenlive.eu创 then the player will download his favourite radio磗 stream, will check the download page and will copy the page written there. All shown down on the pics:

1. Download your favourite radio station stream from

2. Click on 创downloaded files创 page and check the link shown in the file. This link is needed to be copied and pasted in game in own radio station option!

Pictures from another trucking server how it works there:

So, what you think, is it a good idea?


Almost everybody on the server joined the convoy :D

David[SLO] failed it :D

Player reported: PochocloLEEE, TobiaS

Rule broken: intentional ramming / blocking
Date and time: 10:25 am


Hello guys :) I uploaded new video right now, but today i did some potatoes in Camtasia and i think it looks 100 times better than 1st video :) I磍l keep posting this type of videos. Also, every new video i磍l be posting here. (link for video)

Thnx for every like :)

Here's my 1st gameplay from CT :) Hauling dirt from LV to LS, im planning more videos in future and intro :)

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