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Ban Appeals / Re: Ricardo ban appeal
« on: January 22, 2019, 22:22 »
Was at the sever at that moment so it's true information.

Ban Appeals / Re: Kahrych ban appeal
« on: January 22, 2019, 22:21 »
I was at the server when it happend and I saw wgehen he got banned so I can confirm that it's true, same thing happend to me but left the game at last moment, then cheater left the server.

Hello, I have some shots again so I'll try to keep this topic active as most as possible :)

Securicar gang (Misiken, FerencHill, Me, Ricardo) vs. Robber (Cezy)  :)) :))

Hello! Is this right way to San Fierro?

Money gangsters  8) 8)

Transporting people with C63 AMG is way better...

Suggestions / Re: Club Reconfigurations
« on: March 25, 2018, 00:12 »
I think it should be reworked too. But totally everything. Theese clubs are boring after longer time. And that's what I liked on TM and it's definitely missing here. Company system. Every company had it's base, had it's own website where people were writting applications to join company. And company had limited nubmer of members, for example companies with smaller base was for 15 people, bigger for 30. And on server were just like 6 companies, every company had it's own base, gas station, service. There were some money limits which player needed to do. At the end of the week manager of company wrote on forum who how much money earned, how many hauls he did etc. And that's what was always taking me back to play. This club system on CT is in my opinion one big fail. It needs to be completely reworked.

Some pics with other players :)

After big troubles with program finally finished this small advertisement for Rockets Transport base :)

Working on another project for Rockets Transport :)

How J.Harden tried to kill me... But don't worry, he will get banned soon for that  :D ;D

Some random pics :D My favourite one is definitely how i parked my car, i was doing van missions and when i was unloading, it just somehow bugged in that position :D

So finally finished video with best moments in todays convoy :) Hope u like it

Events / Re: 4TH - "Drive like a Rocket" Convoy
« on: February 25, 2018, 21:16 »
Here you go guys! best moments from event :)

Hello guys :) I will try to keep this gallery finally active. Ill be posting here everything from server, photos, videos, videos from events etc... At the moment you can see what I'm working on. Yes, you're right, it's todays convoy event by J.Harden, and as you can see on the screen, i decided to make printscreen of best moment how Nikola threw everyone from convoy to water :D This is gonna be definitely best video by me.

Till the release of the best moments from convoy take a look on video from Drive like a rocket 2 event, which was already realeased :) Best moments from todays convoy will be released maybe tonight later, or tomorrow. I will post it here after release.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Re: Euro Truck Simulator 2
« on: February 23, 2018, 13:22 »
No, we are just trying to have most realistic system of work compared to the real life. We are trying to play it as most realistic as it's possible to be.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Re: Euro Truck Simulator 2
« on: February 22, 2018, 23:15 »
I'm working for Polish virtual company which is trying to have realistic vehicles :) Here are some shots from the road.

So... Hello guys. It has been long time since I posted my last video. Its been really long time so I decided to start new topic where Ill be posting my new videos, I want to start recording and uploading again :)

What changed???

A lot of things changed since last video :) As the main change is that i got new PC so I can finally record videos in Fullscreen on highest resolution and with highest game settings, and also I can use some mods :)
Another change is, I stopped used bandicam, so there wont be bandicam watermark logo in the video. I started using Microsoft game DVR... Its not that bad recording program as I was waiting so I will use it in many more videos :)

What to say... Take a look on my new videos, what you think about it? Leave the comment below this topic :) Since now, Ill be sending here every new videos which I will upload...

New video:

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