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Locked & Closed Suggestions / Mission in Chilliad
« on: May 28, 2014, 17:57 »

One of the things I like most on Trucking servers is making something which is hard. Chilliad is almost* very hard to be climbed, that's why it is like an perfect adventure. I'd probably like to check a mission in Chilliad to have some fun with our friends. That'd be just perfect.

If it is going to be problem for newbies found around that area (probably they wont be able to climb and will always fail), what if it get's added as a licensed mission (you need license to do it).

There's always a way to evade things, hit me back with answers. I really want to see this around!

Player reported: Jotakin(FIN)
Rule broken: intentional ramming / blocking
Date and time: 21:22:02

I was doing as normal a convoy with a friend. The same officer, came for fine while I was passing through the bridge (finishing a mission on-going) and he did so. After I finished that mission, I started another one, which required me to use the ferry. As I was passing under the bridge, Jotakin fell on the ferry. (currently do not have proof of him falling, but didn't expect him ramming me)
Anyways, he fell to the ferry and as going around the ferry, he started pushing the place where the truck and trailer attach.  Because of the ferry going on, it started pushing my truck back. I tried to stop it, but couldn't. I fell off the ferry with both truck and trailer. After 2-3 seconds, Jotakin fell too. He laughed once (shown on the chat) and than started swimming away. Funny is, that I didn't even have any fine since it was him who removed them last time.

On the picture provided, you can't see much visible, except the chatlog and some other things. But the minimap shows everything. You can see the ferry line, him laughing and also swimming (you can even see his icon on the minimap) also, the small triangle which shows a possible trailer/truck under the water. If you got any other question, you can even ask [BL]p0tat0 who was present at that moment (was in convoy with me)


Maps / LS Airport
« on: December 23, 2012, 18:56 »
Hello guys , i mapped an airport . It would be good for pilot missions as i worked well on it :) . Have a look on it and tell me your suggestion about it ;)

Here are some pictures :

PS : The big plane is fake . It is just putted as decoration .

Enjoy it :)

General Talk / Movement of server ...
« on: December 23, 2012, 16:23 »
After the movement of server , i have seen an issue .

I have problems with playing . Server "ping" is high  + much members that are playing causing major lag , makes the server unplayable .

Idk if this is only my problem , because i have not been interfaced with a issue like this before .

It maybe is lag because of the position of the hosting but it can be lag because of the low company stats ...

You maybe move server in french hosting , i used to host my server there and it used to have DDoS protection and low ping ..

Regards ..

Tutorials, Guides and FAQs / Lagging [Reasons + Fix]
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:14 »
I'll be showing you a tutorial that will fix lag related to the much methods of lag happening or on the methods you can fix them . Even if i am not an staff member so i have permission to do this , i am trying to help members who have lag , so please don't delete it . Let's start :

Lagging [Reasons+Fix]

Many people have lag when playing on server .
The lag can be causing health hack and hard moving on server .

Reasons :

1 The lag can be caused by the low memory of your PC
Let me introduce you with this problem :

There are some specific requirements that your PC shall have .
Not all the requirements are the same for all PC's . You maybe
have some of the requirements but it is more based on the memory of your PC ( Space of it )
Usually the requirements are :
Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)
16x Speed DVD Drive
4.7GB Hard Drive Space
128MB Video Card

WARN : The hard drive space is based on the memory that GTA SA usually get's after installing . This means that it is only the requirement to install the game .
The memory required to run it properly is about 8GB free .

The memory that an PC requires to run properly is 10GB+ witch is the main reason that some of the downloads of Torrentz get stopped .

2 Another reason that causes lag on your game can be your mods .
More mods you install , more the lags are prepared . Usually you shall not install "cleo" or other mods like "s0beit" witch is the first one where you have to doubt if you are lagging in game .

To see the memory used by your mods , in-game you can press F5 and then see the line that says :

Streaming mem used :

Here are some screens so you can see and understand it better :

The example i gave is from my game and it is a memory used without mods , let's say it is like an just installed game .

Question about this : How can i fix this lag ?

Well , it is an easy question . You have to remove your mods . After you do this , restart your PC then reinstall your SA-MP .
But i suggest you never install them . This will cause crash in game .

3 Another way that you get lagged is because of much people in server .

That's the main reason why more slots are required and why donation system is required .

Questions : How to fix it ?

Ahahah , this is good question , to witch exist only 1 answer :

4 The fourth reason of lags is because of the DDoS attack

You maybe have seen CVT turn off much times , that's what DDoS attack means
It is hacking against server to turn server off .
Usually it get's off by the hosting company , witch helps against the lose of much datas .
There is no way to fix this lag , except turning server off , witch is based on Head Admins  or by CVT owner ( Mick )
Turning off the server doesen't mean that this attack ends .
They wait all the time till server get's on again so attack stats over .
Here are some proofs of the DDoS attack on CVT .

When you are lagging in server . Sometimes , you get dissconected from it . Here are some proofs of what happens :

5 Another reason is because of your location .
People that play CVT are found in diffrent locations around the world , witch are far from the Base Location [ Arizona ] . But this doesen't mean that even people that are near germany will not have lag . It depends on your internet connection and on your PC [ As i have specificed in the first mark ] . If you have a bad PC and cheapy internet connection the lag will be present in your game .

If you are asking your self where you have to get the information about your router , then there are some answers based on what information are you searching for .

I will stay IN-TOPIC so i'll just tell you how to see your internet connection information

For the internet connection information you can visit this web-site : ( NON ADVERTING )

And else , as i said before the mods/s0beit procure lag in your game

Removing them is a way to reduce it , but you can get some files to reduce it . Here are the download links based on the memory that your mods use . To see how much memory your mods use , watch this pic :

Now to reduce it go on these links :
512 MB
900 MB 
1500 MB

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