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Off Topic / Re: Battlefield 3 for free at Origin
« on: May 29, 2014, 19:40 »
Holy shits. 20GB game lol. 30% downloaded, waiting for 70% more (11hours)... I hope it will be worth it.

Locked & Closed Suggestions / Mission in Chilliad
« on: May 28, 2014, 17:57 »

One of the things I like most on Trucking servers is making something which is hard. Chilliad is almost* very hard to be climbed, that's why it is like an perfect adventure. I'd probably like to check a mission in Chilliad to have some fun with our friends. That'd be just perfect.

If it is going to be problem for newbies found around that area (probably they wont be able to climb and will always fail), what if it get's added as a licensed mission (you need license to do it).

There's always a way to evade things, hit me back with answers. I really want to see this around!

Player reported: Jotakin(FIN)
Rule broken: intentional ramming / blocking
Date and time: 21:22:02

I was doing as normal a convoy with a friend. The same officer, came for fine while I was passing through the bridge (finishing a mission on-going) and he did so. After I finished that mission, I started another one, which required me to use the ferry. As I was passing under the bridge, Jotakin fell on the ferry. (currently do not have proof of him falling, but didn't expect him ramming me)
Anyways, he fell to the ferry and as going around the ferry, he started pushing the place where the truck and trailer attach.  Because of the ferry going on, it started pushing my truck back. I tried to stop it, but couldn't. I fell off the ferry with both truck and trailer. After 2-3 seconds, Jotakin fell too. He laughed once (shown on the chat) and than started swimming away. Funny is, that I didn't even have any fine since it was him who removed them last time.

On the picture provided, you can't see much visible, except the chatlog and some other things. But the minimap shows everything. You can see the ferry line, him laughing and also swimming (you can even see his icon on the minimap) also, the small triangle which shows a possible trailer/truck under the water. If you got any other question, you can even ask [BL]p0tat0 who was present at that moment (was in convoy with me)


Thanks to the game and minibike, i unshared my vehicle .
I will keep anounce the guys in cb1 to do that too (;

After insulting , getting warned with them etc you wanna share this with them ? You'd better do to don't say it if you want that the things don't get more badly . Btw , mick , lock this please . All people are posting when they unshare their vehicles . Whatever happen , they will know that they will have to unshare the vehicles even if they don't post ...


Because the current system can be abused.
Because players demanded club vehicles for the club, not individually.

I personally think this is a great update, but maybe thats because im a club founder.

How are you doing flarteh:D

+1 Konali , i think this update is going to make the server more realistic :)

mick said they don't need to be insured

Yes he said it , but he didn't say that people will NOT cover the car/truck expenses .

If they are not insured i dont think players should pay for these too, they should also be free

Here you got the text of mick that every play will pay the fuel/repair/flip by him-self .

I haven't finished this yet. The idea is, that club vehicles won't need insurance, because they will respawn instead of destroy. Fuel and repair will be paid for by vehicle user from their own pocket, although that might change.

Grand Theft Auto V / Re: The GTA V thread
« on: January 04, 2013, 17:47 »
I did not delete it, an administrator did, dont accuse without proof.
I only informed you.

Thanks about that and sorry for accuse because i saw that you were the first who posted after my post with a form like this , but anyway , i ask you sorry .

Grand Theft Auto V / Re: The GTA V thread
« on: January 04, 2013, 16:07 »
Please do not provide fake information about release days or it will be removed.

Why did you remove it as soon as it had information and it was not a just talking release date.  It had proofs on it and it had a source too if you didn't read it ...

GTA & SA-MP / Re: modding an trailer for GTA
« on: January 04, 2013, 11:28 »
SAMI Sucks

Even if it sucks , he doesen't even know some basics of modding . If he firstly mod with another program , he will go through destroying his GTA SA . But anyway , my suggestion was that you try to use SAMI to install mods for a small time till you learn to use the other mods installer witch are harder . Anyway , i'll give you a note , whatever you do , don't forget to backup the files that you are modding before otherwise , gta sa will crash ! About modding with zmodeler , try using this :

Youtube Tutorial

I think it will help you . Anyway , it is your choose .

Good luck

mick Cars will be insured For Free or from Club Funds ??? ??? ??? ? ? ?

He said already that this system is still in progress and many people have been asking about this , and some answers that have been given are that there will not be cars insurance , every player will cover his expenses by his own pocket .

GTA & SA-MP / Re: modding an trailer for GTA
« on: January 04, 2013, 00:49 »
From what i saw on your post , you don't know some basic things of modding . You'd do better to start with simply/easy programs before going to these . You can use different programs such as is :

Sami Mods Installer

It is easy to be installed , and the good thing on it is that it backup the files up . If you are searching about where to download these mods , you just have to go on :

Gta Mania

and download the mods from there . After you download mods , just open them in their zip/folder and you are ready to go . If you are going to mod something , then don't forget that you have to see what mods are legal/illegal first .

After you install some mods with this easy tool , you can go and test the hard programs ( Not hard if you know how to use them ) such as :

IMG Tool

Go find some youtube video tutorials on how to use these mods installer/editor and you'll learn the basics of modding .

After all this i have to tell you that you are in wrong section too . You have to go on :

Mods Section

and do a "Mod Request"

Hope this helped you a bit :)

Locked & Closed Suggestions / Re: detecting IP addresses
« on: January 04, 2013, 00:35 »
-1 "/report" has been created from the founding of CVT

Help / Re: i can`t login
« on: January 04, 2013, 00:30 »
I saw wrong , then it is a site problem . Wait for mick reply and what he will say .

Help / Re: i can`t login
« on: January 04, 2013, 00:16 »
You don't have to use your in-game name , you have to use the name that you have been registered in forums . Even if you changed the name in-game , this doesen't mean that you have to use the name after the changes that you made in-game . Try using your old forum usernames if you got some .

This means that people are not still removing their cars . Is there any way to send a message like notifications that appear on the screen when a player log-in ? That would be easier / better way to inform all people , i think so ..

send a club message to all members about it.. when they log in, that message automatically appears to them and they have to click OK or esc for it to go away.. this way you know they have looked at it, if they dont move their cars, it falls on them, not the club itself

Ye looks right , but there are noob clans that will not inform the members . That's what i meant , a notification like the clubs one , but just let that be from a admin or something like that ... I'm gonna announce it later when server will be half full or full so all know about it ..

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