Author Topic: Adan_Ranger ban appeal  (Read 449 times)

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Adan_Ranger ban appeal
« on: November 05, 2018, 23:31 »
Player name: Adan_Ranger  
Ban ID: #33624  
Time and date of ban: About 10 minutes before I post this
Reason of ban: Farming
Ban was unfair? Yes
I was banned by: Staff member (Admin or Moderator)

What actually was happening:
I was playing cop, for 3 hours already. After about an hour of fining people, Patryk248 went thief and I was chasing him.
It is very hard to find thievs nowadays, so I was not fineing anyone anymore, I was just sticking to arrest Patryk, because I want that damn impossible to get cop achievement.

Patryk took the red Solair from FC police station and he had to deliver it to Verdant Meadows, that shi**y place, where friendships end, because the thief has to wait for the damn doors to open before he can unload, but it is cop's advantage to catch him. I knew if I was to arrest him, he would've get pissed or angry, and then my chances to get any more arrests would go again back to zero, so I chose not to arrest him now, because he was just in front of these stupid animated doors, I got off the copcar and fixed it, and then after he unloaded I've arrested him.

If this is farming, then everyone arresting his friends should be considered farming. I can't even understand how on Earth, any arrest of your friends could not be considered farming, and what cops have to do in 2018 to earn that achievement.

Thanks for reading this, have a great day!
Cordially, yours,


I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.

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Re: Adan_Ranger ban appeal
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 12:52 »
Iíll get uploading videos tonight.

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Re: Adan_Ranger ban appeal
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2018, 00:04 »
Video 1: What do you expect me to do from inside a helicopter? Chute out and run for the suspect? I tried my best to block his way, but ofc I've failed, bcs it's a helicopter.
Video 2: Same as video 1.
Video 3: Where's the rule that cops cant give a lift to a thief? Also, he was not on duty.
Video 4: I didn't arrest him because I was not paying attention to the game at that moment, so why is it even farming if I may ask, I didn't gain anything from that.
Video 5: idk what glitch he used, but my helicopter despawned. Or even some admin despawned it, to set it up like we were farming, who knows. I had to take a car to dive into a pursuit as my heli was now GONE, for unknown reasons, out of my ordinary player powers.
Video 6: I allowed him to pass the toll, because I don't find it fair to get arrested because of a f''king toll. Also in this video I can see in your chat that you and Spekter have something against RO and PL people, that says something to me.
Video 7: What's wrong here? What should I have done and I did not? There was no room for PIT manevuer or something simillar. He was going to unload anyway, so I went ahead to make sure I am in his range when he unloads. Trying to stop him was senseless.
Video 8: Check his speed on the tacho: He went faster than cop car can. What am I supposed to do? Hack so I can get in front of him? He didn't crash, he didn't brake for no reason rather than turning. On that chase I was keeping my W key pressed all the time. And before he unloads, he lagged on my screen, so I've did a hard hit on his rear. See my car gets damaged while his is still in perfect shape.
Video 9: Same as video 6.
Video 10: I was waiting for him to steal the car, please notice I tried to ram him when he left the SFPD yard but I've failed. Then he went to the toll, and again applies my kindness (seems like kindness is not allowed around here, only snaking, making fun of others, and insulting others) as on video 6 because it is the same chase as on video 9. His ESC behaviour is not my problem.
Video 11: He was escing alot on that way from FC to abandoned air, so I was losing speed because I was bumping into him, I couldnt keep up. Then on unloading site, I decided not to arrest him before unloading, because I knew that would piss him off, he would leave and my chances to gain this stupid cop achie will go back to zero. Playercount is so low that everyone is thinking they are touching Heaven when someone decides to go thief, so I didn't want to lose this opportunity.
Video 12: This has nothing to do with this ban appeal. Idk why it is here.

I know no one's gonna read all of this ^, because the point was to get me banned. If that's what they wanted, they've won against me. Playercount is going down everyday, and you know who is the reason of that, I don't want to discuss this thing because it's not the subject of this topic. I am now banned, and I may remain banned, as some people truly want, so I guess my effort is senseless.
And yes, Tyler, I've told you we are not friends anymore because I've tried to message you on 3 different ways, to tell you the exact same thing as I've said in my appeal (just above), but you've just seen my messages without any answer, then you go to Facebook and make fun with Euro and Spekter about my grave at Vinewood ( Again, that tells something to me, but I am not going to talk about it. I'm waiting on Carl or somebody else to decide what's going to happen with this subject.

Happy trucking and presents hunting to those who are still not banned for using the heli-cop and not arresting their friends. If heli-cop is such a farming tool, because you literally can't do anything to the suspect, rather than trying to ram him, with a less than 10 percent success rate, and then to arrest the suspect on unload because that's the best you can do,then I guess it should be removed.

Cordially yours,

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Re: Adan_Ranger ban appeal
« Reply #4 on: December 07, 2018, 14:49 »
Ban is fair, you should have stopped after your first ban, it's your fault for continuing when you were already banned for "helping and being kind" to thieves.
However 180 days are too much, ban lowered to 60 days instead.