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Report Players / StarFi$h (insulting / disrespect / threats)
« on: July 13, 2017, 16:02 »
Player reported: StarFi$h

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: 13/07/2017 15:25


It's very clear StarFi$h is done with the server and is on a downward spiral wrecking his own imago and trying to insult others whilst in this downward spiral.

Suggestions / [Website] Confirm action
« on: July 21, 2016, 22:08 »
Hi, I am quotary and my suggestion is to add a confirmation when clicking "Remove" in "Manage members" menu in club navigation.
I removed Tyler on accident the other day because it didn't ask for a confirmation and I misclicked.

Compliments / Cezy & Dr.$chiewago
« on: June 22, 2016, 00:50 »
Dear Cezy and Dr.$chiewago,

I, personally, want to thank you for your duties and all the free time you guys have spent in the server to make it a better experience for the players.

It's too bad that you both have been demoted because of abuse, but I can't blame them for doing so, as it was abuse and not a regular joke, you did it on the wrong person and in the wrong ways.

Thanks guys, I love you both, but not equally.

Locked & Closed Suggestions / Quality of Life updates
« on: May 07, 2016, 14:02 »
Quality of Life updates are updates to make the server look more appealing and professional, the main focus of these updates are improving the little mistakes that there are, like little grammar errors and ideas on how to fix dead content.

These updates aren't mandatory, they can be ignored but most of the time they're an one minute fix so it would be nice to fix them.

You are more than welcome to suggest your spotted mistakes so I can add them!

Narwick militairy base > Narwick military base

The Unresting Desert and Narwick
On 31 August 2015 was version 2.10 released which added The Unresting Desert made by Sjomp, since then there hasn't been any updates adding missions, petrol stations or gps there even though there were plans for it. If these get added the island would get more traffic and wouldn't be classed as dead content anymore, it's a shame to see all the hard work Sjomp put in the island go to dust because we're 9 months further and there's still no basic functionality.
This is also the case with Narwick. (not sure if this is intended to have missions, but the petrol stations and gps are missing)

Please keep it on-topic in the replies and substantiate your argument. I don't want this topic to get messy.
(this topic isn't a single suggestion and would be long term, it's not really meant to be in this suggestion board as it's layout is rather development board styled but I have no access to that board anymore so this'll do)

Grand Theft Auto V / [PC] Heist Crew
« on: September 22, 2015, 19:17 »
Hello cunts and faggots of Convoy Fucking.

I would like to get a Heist Crew together, so that we can get heists done without the hours of waiting in a waiting screen for a crew that leaves most of the time.

I'm looking for players that are willing to do all heists in order and on hard difficulty, as I'm focusing on achieving the All-In-Order challenge ($1m), Loyalty challenge ($1m), and if we manage to do it, the Criminal Mastermind challenge ($10m).
The Criminal Mastermind challenge will be a b*$#ch so I'm not too focused on it, but if we can achieve it, why not.
There's also the Another Perspective challenge, in which we have to do all setups and heists in First Person locked mode, and if we all agree we could do that one too.

If you want to join, please leave a reply or send me a PM with the following information:
Link to Social Club*:
Skype username:
Any other way of communicating if above isn't applicable:

I do / don't want to be the heist leader, thus paying for the heists.
I can / can't voicechat using TS3 / Skype / both*

Please explain on which hours you can play for each day*:
monday  6pm-9pm
tuesday 6pm-9pm break at 8 for masturbation
wednesday 6pm-9pm
thursday 6pm-9pm break at 7 for dinner
friday 6pm-9pm
saturday 6pm-11pm break at 10 for inserting ticket into girlfriends ticketslot
sunday 6pm-9pm

Anything else that I should note:

* = required information
a/b/c = leave the correct choice

I'm not too worried about voicechat, but if you can, please use it.
I will try my best to make the times fit for all four of us.

The leader will always put the payout percentages referencing this: click, so that we all get paid fair.
Every member must have a saved outfit with the outfit for minimum damage. Reference this for information:
Anyone that wants to join the heists should have heist armor as a saved outfit (see images below) as i'll be using player saved outfits. This will give you much more resistance to bullets.

Any clothes shop, then head to the front desk. Look in Heist: Heavy Combat

Wear a helmet too!

Once you've done this and got a heavy combat with helmet to go with it (make sure its one of the ones I've bought!) head to a shop again and go to the front desk;

Hit spacebar to edit saved outfits and save it as one!

*picture is outdated: mask needs to be helm

Just planning ahead so we aren't all likely to die doing this.

If you found a mistake in this post, please tell me so I can fix it.

Report Players / lvor (insulting / disrespect / threats)
« on: September 15, 2015, 13:20 »
Player reported: lvor

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: 13 sept 2015 15:14


Translation: Hold on.. I will ruin your account.

This is a threat made in Messages after I exposed his forging of evidence in his ban appeal.
I hereby report him for threatening me to do something to my account, as I think we don't need Ivor in this community, he had enough chances and kept screwing them up.

Report Players / Alice (insulting / disrespect / threats)
« on: July 30, 2015, 17:52 »
Player reported: Alice

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: 30/07/2015 - 07:37

Alice is insulting in the forum's chatbox.
This isn't the first time he/she did this, so that's why I'm reporting him/her right now.
david_soft01 [30 Jul 02:31]:   Hi All :( Guys Att DavidDRB
Hobo [30 Jul 05:34]:   Hi
Alice [30 Jul 07:37]:   Hi (sorry for bad english)
AMG [30 Jul 07:42]:   Can someone tell me how many days og ban i served? I forgot the day .was it 25th?
Alice [30 Jul 07:43]:   no one cares
Alice [30 Jul 07:43]:   enjoy your ban lel scrub
AMG [30 Jul 07:44]:   Pls Shockie . Tell me so i can lick u <3
[30 Jul 07:45]:   AMG feels proud
chosen_potato [30 Jul 07:57]:   amg i think you got banned at my b-day.. 25th gg
Alice [30 Jul 07:59]:   u got banned for what amg
Alice [30 Jul 07:59]:   ^?
chosen_potato [30 Jul 08:00]:
Alice [30 Jul 08:03]:   thats what they get for letting kids be mods
AMG [30 Jul 08:10]:   "kids" and he is younger than me . okno
Alice [30 Jul 08:10]:   no, you're probably a 12 yo
AMG [30 Jul 08:33]:   wow ,Syd?????, Alice = Mr.Gregi? xddd
Alice [30 Jul 09:55]:   ur mom is Mr.Gregi not me
Alice [30 Jul 09:56]:   never even heard of that guy
chosen_potato [30 Jul 10:31]:   "ur mom is Mr.Gregi not me" and you call other kids.. gg wp
Alice [30 Jul 11:12]:   no one talked to you go back to the shit hole you came fro
Alice [30 Jul 11:12]:   mm
Trux [30 Jul 11:21]:   gz
Mr.majmun [30 Jul 11:23]:   Alice isn't Mr.Gregi :D Trust me

Off Topic / Best signature
« on: July 23, 2015, 16:10 »
I have the best signature, beat it.

Off Topic / Annoyed
« on: May 27, 2015, 22:55 »
Yeah.. Not sure how to start this topic, so let's just dive into it..

I've been inactive on the server lately but I've been checking the forums at least every other day out of habit.

I've become annoyed with the fact that there are people who are desperately trying to become an administrator/moderator and even act like one even though they (and we..) know they aren't one.
This annoyance has driven me to write this topic but has also driven me to lose interest in CT, both of which I will probably regret on a later point.

It's hard not to give an example of this, so I will in this first version of this post. (if it will even exist to be eligible for revisions instead of getting deleted)
This does mean I need to directly blame a person, which isn't something I'm proud of doing and will probably hurt my "reputation".

CarlJohnson has made a topic about staff team inactivity in which he expresses his feelings about the staff team's inactivity.
To a certain extend he is right, the staff team is somewhat inactive, but the way the post is written it sounds like he's in charge. #1
He also replied to a moderator abuse report in a way that he sounds like an administrator. #2
Even though he keeps apologizing for posting, this doesn't make it right.

Not many responses and that pretty much explains what is going around, I'd like admins to kindly take measures to solve this problem.
i can feel the hate already, i didn't even post it yet
I really don't expect someone with 5 hours spent in game in last seven days to perfectly know what's going around at server!
People are coming back, server is gaining players day by day, not only in Euro Timezone but also in US Timezone.

I got distracted and didn't want to gather more "evidence",
I'm sure there are other people who are exactly like this, but I just had to point it out and share it before I suppress the thoughts and express it in another way which would probably end worse.

TL;DR: I'm a dick and hereby share my thoughts (which are probably "wrong" as in not shared by most people).

Real TL;DR: I think people need to know their rank.
In this case: development team =/= moderator/administrator

Ban Appeals / Quotary ban appeal
« on: February 25, 2015, 01:10 »
Player name: Quotary  
Ban ID: #29209  
Time and date of ban: 25/02/2015 02:05
Reason of ban: speed hack
Ban was unfair? Yes
I was banned by: Smokey (anti-cheat)

What actually was happening:
Mr. Anonymous as he keeps joining the server under different nicknames, because he keeps getting banned but has VPNs, used his cleo scripts (he told me that) to fling me up in the air, and I am not the only one because the whole forum is full with ban appeals. He told me the reason he does this is to make a statement: he wants Smokey to be altered and made better, because the system can be abused right now. He probably doesn't know how much work is in Smokey and a robot can't detect anything.

I am fairly sure I do not have to give this, as it's very clear this isn't my fault. (not being rude)

I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.

Ban Appeals / Quotary ban appeal
« on: November 14, 2014, 19:34 »
Player name: Quotary  
Ban ID: #28267  
Time and date of ban: 14-11-2014
Reason of ban: Speedhack
Ban was unfair? Yes
I was banned by: Smokey (anti-cheat)

What actually was happening:
NRG, speeding, 'nuff said.


I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.

Off Topic / Chrome Forum Font
« on: September 12, 2014, 20:06 »
Not sure if anyone using Google Chrome noticed that since the 37 update DirectWrite got enabled. (that's been a couple of weeks now)
I've got really annoyed by it, it became very uncomfortable browsing the forums because the font was so messed up, so I searched for a solution. (wasn't too hard with a good choice of keywords)

Here is a comparison between DirectWrite on and off, the difference is noticeable in the a in today,
DirectWrite on:

DirectWrite off:

You can turn it off by going to
Code: [Select]
chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write and enable the "Disable DirectWrite" option.


Off Topic / hey boys
« on: August 27, 2014, 23:37 »
You might enjoy this. (or not)

Please skip to 5:00, there's where the fun happens.

noticing it? ;)

This has been brought to you by: Quotary (and Tyler because I want to mention him, but it was all me)

To clarify: Ariana Grande is property of Quotary and Tyler.
You guys may keep Tyler Swift and Emma 16Stones

Screenshots and Videos / Dobby's account has been broken into
« on: August 23, 2014, 18:22 »

being rude to me aye?

this took under 2 minutes to make, i barely passed 1 minute. imagination is bad yes

Off Topic / Query
« on: August 14, 2014, 16:19 »
Dear Friends Of CVT,
I Am Getting Dehydrated,
I Am In The Proximity Of A Glass Full Of Water,
Should I Attempt To Drink It?

Someone, Not Quotary, Obviously

this is ofcourse a massive troll, i dont even like people who type like this

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