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[HowTo] Post a tutorial
« on: November 30, 2010, 21:45 »
Hey guys, I appreciate you trying to help and creating tutorial posts, but they won't help much if you don't make them more use friendly. Instead of writing everything in one block of text do the following:

  • Before you start writing a tutorial topic, make sure it's necesery. There is no need to spam help board with unneeded topics.
  • Divide tutorial to steps required to complete whatever mission you are describing
  • Include a picture to each step. Visualisation helps a lot, especially if player knows english poorly. This is very important! You can add captions to image, but standard xfire screenshots should do the trick:

A picture is like 1000 words!
  • Skip the obvious part like controls, they should be known by player as they are the same on every server!
  • Use FORMATTING to stress more important parts of tutorial and make them easy to find.
  • Focus on the gamemode-exclusive features like gps, altimiter, convoy commands etc. and how to use them to make completing mission easier

In your tutorial title, use the prefix of [HowTo] in order to keep forum more organized.
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