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Vortex Event 2024

Started by Nerko, July 07, 2024, 23:57


The goal of the event is to fly with a vortex from the mountain to the farthest possible point you can reach (Landing on water is not allowed!)

It is necessary to record the entire flight from the mountain, then post the video here. (the minimap should be visible in the video)

If you finish the flight and post a video and you think you can have a better result, you can repeat, but NOT TWICE IN A ROW, but wait for someone else to finish and post.

The winner is the player who gets the farthest
Reward for winner is: $1,000,000 and a mystery car
The prize award for the winner is October 1, 2024

Event started: Now
Event end: 1/October/2024/00:00h

Go go go!


:like: I will be in and I feel  enthousiastic to that !  :like:
Pepitoooooo Pepitiiiiii Pepitaaaaaa