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Improved Vanilla Vehicles

Started by j7n, April 28, 2023, 11:00


These are standard San Andreas vehicles with some improvements I have made.

Ambulance: additional working lights, wheels centered.
Benson: double rear wheels, position lights, full cargo bay with stuff, optional J&J Transport decal.
Bikes: working rear red lights and headlight.
Boxburg: some position lights.
Bus: glowing position lights and company logo signs.
DFT: box for cargo, rounder ligths, position lights, no missing wheel.
Dumper: recolorable.

Edited trailers: Straightened to be horizontal with respect to the ground. Several variants with position lights or not, dumper always full to avoid seeing the empty box, dumper with tarp covering. Dumper has been raised higher away from the truck and is stable on uneven ground now in combination with modded RDtrain. Artic has added specular reflectivity and removed advertising textures.

Enforcer: Some working emergency lights.
Fbitruck: Recolorable, exhaust.
Linerunner: narrower wheels to be used with a double rear wheels mod, slightly adjusted trailer coupling.
Patriot: recolorable.
Road train: some additional working lights, slightly adjusted trailer coupling.
Sandking: added specular reflectivity, visible aftermarket logos, bigger exhaust.
Securicar: some working lights.
Swat tank: recolorable, rounder lights.
Tow truck: recolorable main body.
Trashmaster: some position lights.
Utility van: logo on the door is round, rounder lights.
Voodoo: rounder rear lights.
Yosemite: straightened texture in the cargo compartment, darker internal surface of the wheels.

Other common fixes: moved exhaust smoke to match the pipe, high powered distant fog lights change texture when turned on, tires not reflective, removed seams between quadrants of the wheel hub, visible nos bottles somewhere near the driver, added license plates where missing or mirrored and some plates made 3D where visible from the front.

Credits: Andres01. Trailer suspension copied from another mod. Position lights mesh and layout on trailers. Dumper trailer with tarp covering. Help with teaching me Zmodeler.
Yankee box for the DFT-30 provided by the club Shady Industries, unknown author.

Z3D is a source project file for Zmodeler. It is not needed in game.
You can load only a few models that you want. Choose only one variant for the trailers.

I don't have the time to make screenshots now.