I gona be goone forever and want acount deleted server and forum

Started by Senhor78, July 13, 2022, 09:47


Hello everyone and this is Senhor78 and i decided that i want my account in the server and forums both be deleted forever in this community.

Reason of this is cause of my pernonal things and stuff in real life i must take care of and i have no more time to spare

in this server anymore ,so i must apologize to everyone here,  my old friends admins Tyler Sjomp and everyone here you also know im old shool in samp and old player to since 2008 in many servers, so this is a quit thing in here cause of real life problems i have.

I will wish you all good luck and many happy things in real life to all of you and in game to.

Senhor78 and good things to you all