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Hello guys, Loup Here!

I am back to post another tutorial, hope you like it. As the title says the tutorial is about how you can change wheels in your game, and also make your own custom collection by selecting your favorite wheels and adding them to your game. So, lets start!

I have separated this tutorial in 3 steps

How to Install wheel mod in your game
1. Simple Installation
2. Explanation
3. Select your favorite wheels and add them in game over what ever wheel you want

1. Simple Installation

Common File that you will find almost on all wheel pack mods are:

1. .Dff file (The Model)
2. .Txd file (Texture for the Model)
3. .IDE file (Informing the game which one is the model and which one is texture file)

Most and simple way to install a wheel pack is this:

1. Download SparkTool and start the program, and click File > Open and select "gta3.img" located at "GTA San Andreas\models"

2. Drag and drop the .dff and .txd files in gta3.img (which you just opened by SparkTool) and after its done click Save icon or click File > Save.

3. Copy and replace the "veh_mods.ide" file and paste in "GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods"

Thats all if you "just" want to install wheels pack.

Video demonstration for the above steps (1. Simple Installation)

2. Explanation

Most of the time you will have these following files in your wheel pack mods:
* .DFF
* .TXD
* .IDE

The .DFF file is the model itself. The .TXD file is the texture file (if you don't add this, it will be just white wheel no texture). And, the .IDE file which is used to tell the game what dff file will get which txd file.


1. DFF File:
There are 17 Wheels available in Gta Sa. Wheels have different name in game and different name in Gta3.img file. Like, Damaged Glendale is a name of vehicle in game, but in gta3.img it is named as "glenshit" and country rifle is known as "cuntgun", so these wheels also have different names in gta3.img files, lets see what they are.

Wheel Names
  • Gta3.IMG        =     In Game
  • wheel_lr1         =     Classic
  • wheel_lr2         =     Dollar
  • wheel_lr3         =     Twist
  • wheel_lr4         =     Wires
  • wheel_lr5         =     Trance
  • wheel_sr1        =     Cutter
  • wheel_sr2        =     Rimshine
  • wheel_sr3        =     Mega
  • wheel_sr4        =     Grove
  • wheel_sr5        =     Switch
  • wheel_sr6        =     Shadow
  • wheel_gn1       =     Import
  • wheel_gn2       =     Atomic
  • wheel_gn3       =     Ahab
  • wheel_gn4       =     Virtual
  • wheel_gn5       =     Access
  • wheel_or1        =     OffRoad

So, now you know what wheels in game represent what name in gta3.img, so if you want to change e.g. Offroad wheel you would replace wheel_or1 and then you will have new offroad wheel from the wheel pack mod.

2. TXD File:

Most of the time you see only 1 .txd file in wheel packs and all others are .dff files, it simply means that all wheels will get texture from one .txd file. In the above screenshot you can see there is only 1 TXD file named as "whels.txd" means all wheels will get texture from whels.txd file.

But yeah, sometimes there are more than 1 txd file, like this:

You can see the black line below the names of files, they all are .txd files, so there are so many .txd files, but don't worry, it's the same way you install cars in game like Infernus.dff has Infernus.txd file so if you see any .dff file has same name on .txd file means it will get texture from there. E.g. In the above screenshot you see there is wheel_lr1.dff and wheel_lr1.txd so it means wheel_lr1 will get texture from its same name .txd file.

And for those tho don't have same name txd file, then there is only 1 file that will give texture to all files, like in the above screenshot wheel_gn1 to wheel_gn5 there is no txd files for them, means they all will get texture from the first file named as "JimBlack_wheels.txd"

3. IDE File (Can be edited using a notepade):

IDE file is used to tell the game "Hey, I have wheel_or1 file and I want you to get its texture from this file: "JimBlack_wheels" so thats all it does. If wheel_or1 has same name .txd file then you type the same name if it has different .txd file then you type that name just like I did typed JimBlack_wheels.

Note: Sometimes you just get veh_mods.ide file already made in the wheel mod, so you just have to take that file and replace in your game folder "GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods" and its all done. BUT sometimes, you don't have ready-made veh_mods.ide file so you have to search for a notepad file in the mod maybe named as "Readme.txt" or "Installation.txt" and they will tell you to maunally edit your veh_mods.ide file and put these lines it them.

To understand it more better I will open the notepad file which is given in the wheel mod (because this wheel pack dont provide ready made veh_mods.ide so I have to open and reaplace lines by myself).
This is how it looks:

So this tells the game that wheel_sr6 will have JimBlack_WHEELS txd file.
And, wheel_sr3 will get same name txd file of wheel_sr3, and you can read others as well

This was the manual way to tell the game what dff file should use what txd file. Now let me show you my own veh_mods.ide file.

Now you can see I have  wheel_sr6 dff file and its txd file is named as JimBlack_WHEELS, and wheel_sr3 file has txd of Wheels, and Wheel_lr4 file has another file named whel. It is from 3 different wheel pack I have combined them, I hope you understand till here, because if you don't then next step will be confusing for you, so make sure you understand till here.

3. Select your favorite wheels and add them in game over what ever wheel you want

Now, lets suppose you love Atomic wheel from wheel pack1, and Classic wheel from wheel pack2, and Switch wheels from wheel pack3 (Just like I did combining different wheels from different wheel packs into my game).

Lets suppose, you want to have Atomic wheel (From wheel pack 1) and want to put them in your game as Offroad wheels.
And want to get Classic wheels (From wheel pack 2) and put them in your game as Switch wheels. What would you do?

You want to have this:

   Atomic         as   Offroad
(wheel_gn2) as (wheel_or1) (List is available above for these names)

  Classic         as    Switch
(wheel_lr1) as (wheel_sr5)

NOTE: If you are changing and combining wheels NEVER do them together, do 1 wheel at a time or you will mess up and will crash your game.

Make a folder on desktop named as OFFROAD (so that you know this wheel will be changed to offroad wheel) and just take atomic wheel (wheel_gn2) from one wheel pack and its .txd file also (it might have same name like wheel_gn2.txd or might have different name like Tuning.txd or Wheels.txd or whel.txd or JimBlack_Wheels, depending on what the mod owner put name) so put .dff and .txd file in that folder at desktop (Like this).

And now change the name of .dff file [Don't change .txd just change .dff] (You want Atomic wheel to be offroad so change atomic wheel name from "wheel_gn2" into offroad wheel which is "wheel_or1") Just like I did.

And now you import these 2 files in your gta3.img using Sparktool (How? Check above step: 1. Simple Installation), So now we have new wheel model .dff file and new texture .txd file, but we now need to tell the game about this new changing, how? just like the same way "Hey, This is dff file and this is txd file" by editing veh_mods.ide file Located at "GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods\veh_mods.ide".

Now we have a new offroad wheel (named as wheel_or1) so lets open veh_mods.ide and search for "wheel_or1" and you will find this line:

Now the DFF file name is correct wheel_or1, so just change the txd file which was "JimBlack_Wheels" so after you change the txd file name it will look like this:

Nice we just told the game for correct txd file, its all done just save it and enjoy the new wheel, we just changed Atomic wheel and put them as Offroad wheel in our game. So, by using this technique you can take any wheel and put in your game as any wheel you want, but as I warned you about never do it all at once, you do it one by one so that you dont get confuse and mess everything up, so change the wheels one by one. So we just removed the ugly wheel of OFFROAD and put our loved one Atomic wheel as Offroad wheel, using same technique you can remove ugly wheels and add your loved ones only, and make your own collection!

Video demonstration for the above steps (3. Select your favorite wheels and add them in game over what ever wheel you want)

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