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[Info]Everything about Bases!
« on: February 07, 2020, 14:01 »
Hello Guys!

With another topic I came, hope you'll like it, its related to base, everything (I know) about bases will be shared here to share knowledge & to remove confusions.

Everything about club can be found here:

so lets start with the left over topic, base!

List of Things that will be covered

Requirement & Method to purchase a base
Base Information (All about Base options and features)
Base List & Location
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Requirement & Method to create club

A Club: You have to create a club only then you can buy a base (can't buy without club).
Enough funds to buy a base: Your club must have enough funds to buy a base, otherwise you won't be able to buy a base.

Stand on "i" icon (it is marked BS on map) then click Enter and select Buy base and hit Yes.
OR Simply type /buybase while standing on "i" icon of base.

Base Information (All about Base options and features)

After you buy a base, you will get 3 more options in your club menu /myclub.

1. Renew base by 30 days.
     • Allows you to renew the base rent for more 30 days.
2. Restore club vehicles.
     • Allows you to restore all vehicles that are parked in base. It will not respawn any vehicle just restore to its current parking place. You have to respawn a vehicle if its not visible in club base.
3. Navigate to club.
     • Add GPS to your club base location.

Base List & Location

There are total 32 bases available on server.

Distributed in following areas:
Los Santos: 6
Red County: 1
Whetstone: 1
San Fierro: 6
Bone County: 3
Las Venturas: 14
Wet County: 1

Main Land

Full Size HD Image:

Island Wet County (Eyre Island)

Table is sorted by base price.

Price          Rent          Location          ID         
$5,000,000                    $500,000                    El Corona, Los Santos                    12                   
$5,000,000                    $500,000                    El Corona, Los Santos                    13                   
$7,500,000                    $750,000                    Commerce, Los Santos                    8                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000                    Fort Carson, Bone County                    4                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000                    San Fierro                    9                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000          The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas                    31                   
$10,000,000                    $1,000,000          Whetstone                    14                   
$10,500,000                    $1,050,000          Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas                    27                   
$11,000,000                    $1,100,000          Financial, San Fierro                    16                   
$11,500,000                    $1,150,000          Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    5                   
$12,000,000                    $1,200,000          Easter Basin, San Fierro                    10                   
$12,000,000                    $1,200,000          Creek, Las Venturas                    11                   
$12,500,000                    $1,250,000          Las Venturas                    29                   
$13,000,000                    $1,300,000          Rodeo, Los Santos                    20                   
$12,500,000                    $1,250,000          Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    32                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Eyre Island, Wet County                    15                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Calton Heights, San Fierro                    22                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Market, Los Santos                    24                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Las Venturas                    28                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Verdant Bluffs, Los Santos                    30                   
$16,000,000                    $1,600,000                    Prickle Pine, Las Venturas                    25                   
$18,000,000                    $1,800,000                    Fort Carson, Bone County                    26                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Foster Valley, San Fierro                    1                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    6                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Prickle Pine, Las Venturas                    23                   
$24,000,000                    $2,400,000                    Lil’ Probe Inn, Bone County                    17                   
$24,500,000                    $2,450,000                    Las Venturas                    19                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Rockshore East, Las Venturas                    2                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Palisades, San Fierro                    3                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Creek, Las Venturas                    21                   
$26,000,000                    $2,600,000                    Red County                    18                   

Note: All bases are located by "BS" on map and it only shows the location of bases, does not shows if the base is for sale or already bought, you have to go in game and check if the base if for sale or bought already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to buy base from club funds?
A. Simply get enough money in your club funds and go to any base and buy it, or use /buybase on "i" icon of base.

Q. How to buy base from own money?
A. Nope, it will give you this message "There is not enough funds for this base. Use 'donate' option to lodge money in club."

Q. Can I buy base without club?
A. Nope.

Q. After I sell base will I get any funds?
A. No. You can't "sell" your base, you can only leave, and will not get any refund.

Q. What if I don't pay rent of base?
A. You lose base.

Q. If we lose base, what about vehicles?
A. If you don't pay for your base and your club gets evicted from it, all member's vehicles parked in the base will be clamped, so you should move them before base payment expires or you 'move out' from it.

Q. How many bases can I own?
A. Only 1 base, because, only 1 club can be founded per player so that's why each club can have only 1 base.

Q. What vehicles you can park there?
A. Any vehicle you want.

Q. How many vehicles you can park?
A. As much as your base have space.

Q. What if I leave the base, what about cars (personal cars shared with club)?
A. All members' vehicles need to be removed from base or they will be clamped.

Q. Do I have to buy base and then pay rent at same time?
A. When you buy a base for your club, the rent is paid for next 30 days automatically.

Q. Can I change club name after I get a base for my club?
A. Yes, but it will cost you the base price. If your base price is $8,000,000 then it will cost you $8,000,000 to change name.

Q. Can I transfer club to someone else after buying a base?
A. Yes, but it will cost you the base price (read above).

That's all I got, hope you guys like the information. Please let me know if there is anything to add/replace or any suggestion/advice or any compliment/comment, would love to hear that.

Also if there is anything related to this post:
You can reply about that here as well (as normal players can't reply in tutorials section) anything adding/replacing etc. Will move to Tutorials later. :)

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Re: [Info]Everything about Bases!
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 08:00 »
Very useful Loup. Pin this Admins.

Only Tyler can do this

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Re: [Info]Everything about Bases!
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2020, 09:03 »
Thank you NightFury, I'll move it to tutorials in a few days. Its here so that players can suggest any changes /addition by which there will be nothing left/missing in this post :).

EDIT: Thank you shen :)
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Re: [Info]Everything about Bases!
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2020, 00:23 »
Great job loup, keep it up to help people to be more informed  :3