Author Topic: szlagcietrafi (farming)  (Read 66 times)

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szlagcietrafi (farming)
« on: June 11, 2019, 18:49 »
Player reported: szlagcietrafi

Rule broken: farming
Date and time: 8/6/2019

Farming as well as Abusing police powers.

These 2 players "szlagcietrafi" & "bozenkazklanu" farming and idling as cop and thief, both have cop license to help each other with jail and thief stealing. Preventing from others players to jail them as one goes cop and jails him at a specific place and farming as well staying at unload point so that one can simply easily catch and jail thief before anyone else reaches them.

I'm sick of these mummy daddy actions, as they are helping each other farming and idling whole time.

As can be seen I am cop and killed myself to spawn at bone county, and then his brother/sister/partner reclassed and spawned at his house and "bozenkazklanu" was waiting there in his house to get jailed by him. (they always do it, when ever other person goes cop, they help each other to jail before other person jails them, farming.)

sa-mp-059 & sa-mp-060
How they do it? one goes cop to let other be thief, then thief starts steeling (can be seen behind that boxburg goes driving "szlagcietrafi") while other goes off cop and gets a fast vehicle like infernus/nrg (as seen clearly "bozenkazklanu" for backup) so that when any other player goes cop he gives the fast vehicle to thief and he can run for his life, then the other partner goes cop and they plan a safe place to meet up and get jail from their partner. And after that thief starts to idle doing absolutely nothing, just roaming in infernus and other vehicles, while his partner is cop as long as the place is safe for thief to do his job.

sa-mp-032 & sa-mp-033
As can be seen, the thief and the cop are both with each other at their house and waiting for me to reclass and leave police class, and second picture shows who is cop and helping his partner to be jail and then idling whole time.

sa-mp-034 & sa-mp-035 & sa-mp-036
As can be seen he is again idling and waiting for me to either leave police class or waiting for his partner to be in police class to jail him.

Another day both in server helping each other, when they see me as cop I was taking fines at first, then "szlagcietrafi" goes to cop class so that he can jail his partner "bozenkazklanu" and farming and idling starts from here again.

And here the fake chat starts, "ty officer" oh my my very happy to be jailed by his partner, and when I said too much script, he said "this is my job" and the other says "yes", so basically they find their job when someone ELSE goes cop and then they know whats their job its to save each other from others and thats what they just did by jailing each other and idling and roaming around whole time and blocking the thief class as well.

As I said, they help each other and wait at unload point (before I reach) and jail their partner.

Thief is free roaming and doing nothing as can be seen easily in the infernus (that his partner just gave) and his partner being cop so that if he gets wanted he run away and meet his partner at a better and safe place to jail.

And after the previous screenshot, easily this can be seen that hes still in thief class and doing absolutely nothing, and just blocking thief class for others.

There ya go, other player goes cop, and here his partner goes cop to save the other thief partner for being jailed, and again the farming and idling starts.

And as said earlier, "helping" each other, luckily they didn't have time to reclass or run in fast vehicle so the other guy just starts to ram the cop to prevent it from jailing his partner, meanwhile his technique didn't worked well and he got jailed.

Again ramming and taking the frustration off. Ramming and saying "this is last time" then "sorry"

sa-mp-070 & sa-mp-071
This might help more. Who is id 0? same guy in earlier image.

In Cop Heli, running under a big tunnel, and waiting for other to go cop and arrest, while in other vehicles they run very far away from any police spawn point and sometimes taking heli/planes etc. to get away from cops, and planning a place to meet up and they jail each other then again farming and idling starts.

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Re: szlagcietrafi (farming)
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 08:36 »
They have did this to me also.
When i was chasing one guy with a heli, his fuel was finished so he crashed down and the other guy was waiting (in this case he was a thief and so i didnt care to report) with a car to pick him up.

In another scene, i was chasing with a dinghy the other guy was waiting to pick him up with a nrg.(In this case also, he was a trucker or thief so i didnt report.)

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Re: szlagcietrafi (farming)
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2019, 12:19 »
Yeah, in other cases its fine, they were doing in police and thief class which aint no fine and this had to be reported to make them stop.


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