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Author Topic: Buildable plots of land.  (Read 108 times)

Offline FizZ

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Buildable plots of land.
« on: February 01, 2019, 18:21 »
So, I'll get to the point.
Scattered all over the map (maybe some small islands made) would be plots of land, that you can buy. In them, you can build whatever you like. There would be made an interior shop. In it, you can buy walls, doors or any other furniture. Once bought, you can go to your plot and write the command /build (or something along those lines). It will show you a selection menu, where you can select the furniture you bought, that you want to place down. Once placed, there would be arrows, what you can drag and move the furniture around. Then you can click a Save button and it will place there. To reduce lag, so people don't lag out some other players, there would be a limit to plots. I think 500 furniture is plenty enough, maybe even 400.
Having a lot of furniture, also makes a problem. If you want to edit a piece of furniture, you would have to search the menu for it, select it and then edit it's position or rotation. To remove that problem, I suggest ading a command. It would be /showids. Once typed, in the chat would say: "Furniture ID's shown!", and near the furniture would appear text, with the furniture ID. The ID is made once you buy the furniture and when you bought it. Let's say, your first piece of furniture would be ID 1, since it's the first one, then, lets say the 56th piece of furniture would have the ID of 56, and so on. With them you can type /edit 56. It would show a menu. On it you can edit it's position, rotation and movement. (About movement I'll tell you now)
It would be possible to make a piece of furniture move. Lets say, you bought garage doors. Since they don't open when you walk into them, you can select their movement. Lets say, you garage door ID is 78. You would type /edit 78, then select "Edit movement". After that, it would look like you're just editing the furtnitures position, but no. You're showing the movements end position. Once done, you can press H near the furniture piece and it will go to the direction you designated. With this, it would be possible to make elevators, private doors, ect.
Bulding outside of your plot would be not allowed, so to show your plot barrier, I suggest adding yet an another command. /barrier, once typed in the chat will say: "Plot barriers shown!". Around your plot will appear a red lazer. You can't build out side of it.
Well, I think that's it :D
Waiting for your comments on this suggestion!  :)

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Re: Buildable plots of land.
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2019, 20:23 »
Creative idea, but it's not minecraft. Those constructions would lag server a lot, and it would give a messy look, because every player got his own ideas and creation style.
From me a -1 :(

Offline CarlJohnson

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Re: Buildable plots of land.
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2019, 04:25 »
There are no seperate objects for walls/houses/doors in SAMP (apart from some unique one's, which would look out of the place) and pretty much what Cezy said, this isn't building simulator.


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