Author Topic: [IT]Squadra_Speciale ban appeal  (Read 401 times)

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[IT]Squadra_Speciale ban appeal
« on: June 28, 2018, 12:25 »
Player name: [IT]Squadra_Speciale  
Ban ID: #33370  
Time and date of ban: 2018-06-28 12:17:20
Reason of ban: Speed Hack
Ban was unfair? Yes
I was banned by: Smokey (anti-cheat)

What actually was happening:
I was working with Shamal and i was going from LV Island to SF Island when Smokey banned me for Speed Hack.



I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.

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Re: [IT]Squadra_Speciale ban appeal
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dont use cc in planes

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