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Changelog Archive (2016)
« on: May 15, 2016, 14:02 »
1 December 2016 2.22
  • Enabled Christmas presents script
  • Added Christmas decoration at server
  • Fixed text cut-off in server info dialog
  • Updated streamer plugin to v2.8.2
  • Cops can now send messages directly by using ^ (CarlJohnson)
  • Added Roadwork by Benny at Las Venturas and at Las Payasadas

19 November 2016 2.21.1
  • Increased load capacity of Duneride and Big dumper (Sjomp)
  • Fixed LS racetrack bug (Sjomp)
  • Fixed bug that displayed wrong vehicle name while unloading plane (Sjomp)
  • Added Locate button to club vehicle dialog and check if vehicle is spawned (Sjomp)
  • Removed roadwork at Red County

29 October 2016 2.20
  • Decreased billboard prices (Sjomp)
  • Added admin event system (Sjomp)
  • Added the eight-track in the Los Santos Stadium (Sjomp & CarlJohnson)

23 October 2016 2.19.1
  • Updated credits (CarlJohnson)
  • New skins for drivers and chauffeurs (CarlJohnson)
  • Updated Desert map (Sjomp)
  • Added fuel load point at The Unresting Desert (CarlJohnson)

12 September 2016 2.19
  • Updated Alcatraz Island (CarlJohnson & Ethan)

27 August 2016 2.19
  • Added coach missions to Bone County (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed police spawn point in Milestone County (CarlJohnson)
  • Added helicopter missions to Spiritual Island (CarlJohnson)
  • Added missions, minimap, speedtraps and gps areas to Olafsvik (CarlJohnson)
  • Desert and Narwick now have their own weather zones (Sjomp)
  • Fixed Racetrack incorrectly recording time under 1 second (Sjomp)
  • Fixed speeding fine exploit (Sjomp)
  • Updated Las Venturas Airport Island (TheGame and CarlJohnson)
  • Added Narwick City map (Sjomp)
  • Fixed the tunnel in Los Santos (Sjomp)
  • Added 2 new roadworks in Ridgecrest and Palomino Creek (Sjomp)
  • Moved hot airballoons from Red County to Flint County (Sjomp)
  • Expanded Olafsvik Island (TheGame)

26 June 2016 2.18
  • Added missions to Alcatraz (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed spawn points in Vice City, Sandus Keys, Milestone (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed refueling at Narwick Airport (CarlJohnson)
  • Added interest information to /help command and in random messages (CarlJohnson)
  • Changed low fuel warning threshold to show earlier (CarlJohnson)
  • Added Speedtraps around Desert and Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Added wrong side fine around Desert and Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Added roadwork in Red County by CarlJohnson
  • Removed roadworks from Los Santos, Eyre and Las Venturas

21 May 2016 2.17
  • /sharevehicle command is once again available to players allowing them to share their private vehicle with a club (by CarlJohnson & Joshy)
  • Updated Narwick map (by Sjomp)
  • Added missions to Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Narwick Airport Functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Gas Stations at Narwick and Desert functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Added GPS zones at Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed GPS zones at Unresting Desert
  • /mycars now displays whether vehicle is owned by club or by player, vehicle owned by club (bought from club funds) will be displayed with a [club] tag (CarlJohnson)

15 May 2016 2.16
  • Added missions and GPS zone areas to Unresting Desert (Tyler)
  • Added new maps: Eyre roadworks, LS lightworks, maintenance, SF waterbreak, waterworks, vegas motorworks (by Ethan)

07 May 2016 2.15
  • Increase the number of missions to 6 in /work dialog (Carl)
  • Display Actual Rate on gas stations for those with fuel achievements (Carl)
  • Fixed bug where club names wouldn't appear after the list's string limit is reached (Carl)
  • Shortened /countdown to /cd (Carl)
  • Added new island - DeadMen's End (TheGame)

26 April 2016 2.14
  • Updated /commands dialog
  • Grammar fixes
  • Update Server credits (/credits)
  • Fix a bug where helicopter convoy/formation leader wouldn't get convoy/formation bonus (Carl)
  • Players now require at least 50 Truck Loads (100 earlier) to buy a house

14 March 2016
  • Website now displays Last Mission Completed on (Carl)
  • Fixed table layout and word wrapping on website (Carl)
  • Fixed Name bug on website (Carl)

20 January 2016 2.13
  • Removed presents and Christmas maps
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