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Changelog Archive (2015)
« on: January 10, 2015, 16:00 »
22 December 2015 2.12
  • Server upgraded to SA-MP 0.3.7-R2

22 December 2015 2.11
  • Added new cop skins
  • Added Milestone County Desert road map script
  • /vipsay command can now be filtered: /vipsay (filter) - new vipsays to be added soon!

31 August 2015 2.10
  • Added The Unresting Desert map near Bayside by Sjomp
  • Construction site in Rockshore East, Las Venturas has been made interactive by Sjomp

26 August 2015 2.9.13
  • Inactive accounts will be locked (instead of deleted) after 180 days - this fixes issue with database consistency and makes old accounts recoverable as long as account was not banned for 180 days or more.

21 August 2015 2.9.12
  • Fixed issue with welcome message breaking /preferences dialog if full available length was used.

7 August 2015 2.9.11
  • Fixed loading maps with long file names
  • Fixed money statistics in /stats

6 August 2015 2.9.10
  • Upgrade database schema in preparation for the new website
  • Added database schema version to /serverinfo dialog

27 July 2015 2.9.9
  • Added map api allowing mappers to script interactive maps - gives filterscripts access to maps loaded on server. More details in mappers board
  • House and vehicle guest password entry dialogs are now proper password dialogs

1 May 2015 2.9.8
  • Fixed renaming club (update base icon text)
  • Upgrade SA-MP to version 0.3.7

2 April 2015 2.9.7
  • Fixed /radio command not working for some players
  • Added logging of gamemode version to database query error log

1 April 2015 2.9.6
  • Fixed issue with false positives in spam detection script (Tyler)
  • Refactored database schema for better data consistency (mick88)
  • Database errors will now log automatically (mick88)

30 March 2015 2.9.5
  • Fixed spacing in ten-code commands: Link
  • Improved error handling of vehicle limit being reached

20 March 2015 2.9.4
  • Fixed issue with account log not being cleared when account is deleted
  • House objects are no longer implicitly static (some maps may need update)

7 March 2015 2.9.3
  • Fixed house exit menu for non-owners

2 March 2015 2.9.2
  • Added house menu to inside house
  • Added roof access to LS tower apartments
  • Added ability to exit the building directly from LS tower apartment
  • Reset elevator queue when lift is idle - should fix issues with elevator refusing to server certain floors

23 February 2015 2.9.1
  • Fixed issue with /mapinfo displaying description of wrong map (mick88)
  • Added descriptions to LS tower elevator floors (mick88)

20 February 2015 2.9
  • Added vehicle trading (by Joshy)
  • Added more detail to error message when trying to park vehicle at house while parking is full (Joshy)
  • Added optional (slots) parameter to the /forsale command (Joshy)

31 January 2015 2.8.9
  • Added kart track to /gps landmarks menu
  • "Navigate" option in /mapinfo will only show for maps that have GPS coordinates
  • Map description in /mapinfo can now have multiple lines (by Tyler)
  • Fixed spacing in /serverinfo

23 January 2015 2.8.8
  • Updated map loading script - allows mappers to have multiple map files per project
  • Added script to download maps directly from version control.

10 January 2015 2.8.7
  • Add a member and applicant count to club information dialog (Tyler)
  • Add a 'Navigate to base' option on club menus (Tyler)
  • Fix a bug where club members can't access cop cars (Tyler)
  • Improve /near menu to show player work type, fines/wanted, mission state (Joshy)

        This changes color of players in /n as appropriate for cop
        (red/orange/green), thief (red) and convoy members (red/orange). It also
        displays work type of non-thieves/non-cops to everyone, and thief work
        type to cops only if they are wanted. Cops can see wanted level and fines
        for other players too.
        Convoys can check who has loaded, has not loaded and who is still doing a
        previous mission.
        Thieves appear as off-duty at all times UNLESS player doing /near is cop
        and thief is wanted, in which case it will show whether they are stealing
        car, robbing house or armored van.
        Suggestion topic:
  • Fixed convoy bugs when leader disconnects or players leave convoy(Joshy)
  • Updated house pricing algorithm - lower price for houses with gate and/or helipad (mick88)
  • Removed presets
  • Add more info to /serverinfo - build variant name, exact revision (mick88)
  • Fix a bug where you could cancel a trash mission with no charge after loading (Tyler)
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