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--- Quote from: mick88 on November 25, 2010, 22:35 ---15) Players can contest server staff decisions in forum within appropriate board. Proof is required along with full and accurate description of the incident and explanation why admin/moderator's action was not fair (staff member name is not necessary). Posting appeal/complaint with false information, or withholding important piece of information is not allowed.

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--- Quote from: mick88 on November 25, 2010, 22:29 ---1) Respect other users. Disrespectful behavior, threats and insults are not allowed.
 - do not accuse any players or staff members of anything without providing proof.

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All accusations of abuse/dictatorship etc must be within one of the following boards;

* problems & complaints
* admin inbox
* admin board / server staff boardwhere it will be reviewed by at least 2 admins (excluding the accused staff member) from now on unless it was a mistake/misunderstanding in which case a single admin may conclude the complaint. Players accusing staff of abuse found outside of these boards will be advised to go to forum, if players ignore this request they will be punished accordingly. Until admins say the accusation is true, it remains an accusation and is subject to the 2 rules listed above.

Some past incidents of unprofessional behavior by staff have been ignored / hidden, and it is understood that a lot of you in this topic are mentioning this. From now on, given that a complaint is received in the appropriate board, this will not happen again. Verdicts will be made in public if the complaint is in a publicly visible board, whether the staff member is cleared of abuse or not, similar to 'report players' board, hereby eliminating "handled internally" situations. We're going to leave past incidents in the past in the hope that the staff members has been changed since then, so I'm going to ask you nicely to stop attacking Ethan and other staff members. Attacking staff members by using their previous fuckups is just disrespectful and it will not be tolerated anymore.

Staff must provide proof when requested in a complaint about one of their actions against a player, otherwise player's punishment will be reversed and staff member will be punished accordingly. Requests must be reasonable however, for example video evidence can take up a lot of hard disk space so staff may delete videos after 7 days, this means it is expected of you to appeal within 7 days otherwise your complaint may not be successful.

As for this "list", please feel free to PM me (even post a complaint if you want) whatever details you know about it. Otherwise it is considered an accusation of abuse. Same with "asskissing/asslicking to not be targeted/banned/become mod" - this is considered an accusation of abuse.
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This is and has been in effect since before the loss from March. It is still in effect now.


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