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Hi guys :D over the past couple of days, ive been testing out this insanely massive map, mostly in Russia, but with extreme roads, tricky stuff that (im guessing) Russian truck drivers deal with alot.

Anyway, heres most of my screens from it. :)
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Download: http://ets2mods.org/2014/01/truckers-map-1-8-2-5/

Mod creators video:

Scania/Iveco big wheels mod:

Really nice! Crazy Russian things!
I wish a better PC for ETS 2 :(

Does this work with TSM?
Nice mod to try but I want to keep TSM.

You should use a russian truck or atleast something bigger and stronger so it would handle those roads xD


--- Quote from: TheGame on January 30, 2014, 18:59 ---Does this work with TSM?
Nice mod to try but I want to keep TSM.

--- End quote ---
For like 10th time.. Most maps do NOT mix well together..

Also How the hell does that Man have any traction in the snow?.
This is my attempt earlier in 1.6 i think.
I think i'll give this new try with 6x6 Kraz or something


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