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Changelog Archive (2014)
« on: January 21, 2014, 20:47 »
26 December 2014 2.8.6
  • Fixes to present script

17 December 2014 2.8.5
  • Updated LV Island
  • Removed 3x roadworks from Tierra Robada

8 December 2014 2.8.5
  • Added Christmas presents!
  • Added Sandus Key as a police spawn
  • Added more commands for test server users
  • Fixed monster being able to be tuned
  • Fixed towtruck / tractor being able to get hydraulics from shop
  • Fixed club vehicle refund not going to club when player is evicted for inactivity
  • Fixed limo mission being failed when passenger exits vehicle
  • Fixed /t not working in test server
  • Updated streamer
  • Updated crashdetect

3 December 2014 2.8.4
  • Added LS train crash by Sjomp

1 December 2014 2.8.4
  • Added Christmas maps to mainland and islands

23 November 2014 2.8.4
  • Updated Droctogonapus's truck park
  • Updated Vice City Island
  • Updated Redstone
  • Updated Blackfield houses
  • Added Los Santos Base

15 November 2014 2.8.4
  • Updated more fuel pumps so they will not explode on collision (thanks to Benny)

14 November 2014 2.8.4
  • Updated Blackfield houses
  • Updated various fuel pumps so they will not explode on collision

2 November 2014 2.8.4
  • Removed Hunter Quarry roadworks
  • Added vehicles to Sandus cop shop
  • Added El Quebrados roadworks
  • Added houses Whitewood Estates
  • Added small carparking to corner of Fort Carson truckpark
  • Bug fixes in Sandus
  • Bug fixes in LV intersection tunnel
  • Updated Tierra Robada roadworks

28 September 2014 2.8.2
  • Updated server to 0.3z R4
  • Fixed bug where cops could arrest players in spawn selection menu
  • Improved weapon hack detection
  • Players cannot damage each other anymore (however deathmatching is still not allowed)
  • Fixed bug where some club vehicles would not be deleted from server when club is removed
  • Improved functionality of staff command /summonrig (/srig)
  • Changed the way /admin command works for sending messages to staff
  • Added Alcatraz island
  • New missions to Sandus and Alcatraz
  • Added custom weather to Sandus
  • Updated vehicle respawning code for consistency

27 July 2014 2.8
  • Server updated to 0.3z R3
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Adjusted penalty for failed helicopter mission
  • Added LS truck depot as spawn point
  • Added /serverinfo command
  • Add LS/Sandus fuel load points
  • Update burglar missions to give bonus for club-owned vehicles.
  • Added /mapinfo command - shows info about maps in server. Only includes maps that have metadata file. Shows map location and allows navigating to mapped objects.
  • Fixed CC in Sandus/WhetstoneQuarry
  • Updated streamer to 2.7.2
  • Add a dialog to confirm that a player wants to sell an owned vehicle.
  • Allow club vehicles list to work without club base
  • Added a new roadwork to Hunter Quarry area
  • Added new vehicles to dealers: Mule, Sparrow, VCN Maverick, Cropduster and Tug
  • Updated Sandus Keys GPS names
  • Added shop to south Redstone
  • Changed Milestone County Docks to be called Havenport

1 March 2014 2.7.3:
  • Updated the streamer to latest version 2.7
  • Converted mapicons and locations to use streamer
  • Optimized /fixcar and (re)spawning player vehicles
  • Fixed 'vehicle info' option in club vehicles menu - it will now display basic information about vehicle
  • Fixed club vehicles being shared to random club when club is deleted - vehicles will now be removed from server
  • Fixed bug where SWAT tank could not fine/weigh players
  • Fixed bug where name wouldn't update on house/vehicle labels when name was changed
  • Fixed bug which allowed player to bypass thief limits
  • Fixed bug which allowed player to hijack securicar and only obtain 1 wanted star
  • Fixed stray object over LV intersection

15 February 2014 2.7.2:
  • Fixed club transfer bug (by Joshy)

08 February 2014 2.7.1:
  • Convoy bonus is now calculated based on number of participants (20% upwards). by Joshy
  • Fixed /reclass command
  • Fixed events dialog: long event descriptions will be broken into multiple lines

21 January 2014 2.7:
  • Added camera transition script by mick88
  • Added support for 0.3x colours in spraycan (by Joshy)
  • /myclub now shows the club you have founded (if any) (by Joshy)
  • Change /clubs [club name] to go to club menu if 1 result found (by Matias & Joshy)
  • Add /[club name] (by Joshy)
  • /myclubs sorts player clubs by rank held (by Joshy)
  • Added club funding history and per-player summary (by Joshy)
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