Author Topic: Artic Challenge Today 9pm GMT ...Your have an appointment !  (Read 513 times)


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- "Today is Friday, Watch your clock,
- You are appointed at 9 pm GMT.
- Where ? : SNAKE FARM
- Where the hell is that ? :  please type /loc CVTM then and /join CVTM
- a special challenge with RoadTrain attached to an Artic Trailer
- Award :  20 jobs for each First unloader will give 19.999 on top of his money.
- The First unloader only will received 19.999 for each job.
- Server rules apply, even more restricted = the first Unloader will have to refund ONE dollars to each challenger IF HE IS PROVED AS RAMMER.
- After 3 deliberate rammings any challenger cannot participate.
- NO TOLLGATE can be pre-open under NO circumstance.
- SPECIAL AWARD = a 3 consecutive jobs Unloader will be awarded 29.999
  on top of his previous awards ( e.g: I am the first x 3 jobs = 19.999 now
  then + 29.999 ending the 3nd job ).