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[Info] Packetloss
« on: August 15, 2013, 15:37 »
What are packets?

Packets, are bytes of data sent between you and the server. Each update, callback, command and function is executed more quicker with less packetloss. Think about it like a letter

What is packetloss

Packtloss (remember "Letter" i mentioned?) think of each "byte" of data (or letter) is sent to you bit by bit. Then, somewhere along the line. A bit of the "Letter" is lost. Thus, making you Desynced. Nothings sent properly, you experience chat lag, people appearing to teleport, false smokey bans(bad!).

Good things about a desync?

It gives smokey a reason to wanna bit your ass.

Bad things about a desync?

As mentioned. It gives smokey a reason to bit your ass, because you aren't in sync with the server. Thus, making admins have to stop what they're doing to make sure if it is/isnt a false ban or not. If you check /mypacketloss. I reccomend a relog, purely because:

A: Admins have more important things to do.
B: You dont want to get banned?
C: Im sick of seeing the typical "Lagggggggg" in chat.


Well short version,

packets == data.

packetloss == dataloss

data== data sent/recieved between client and server.

returns? missed/duplicate/bytes resent.

Hopefully this has explained it a bit more, and please stop stating the obvious. we know there's lag, and micks working to stop the lag. :)

Want more explaining? post + ill explain it.


command: mypacketloss

returns: green == good. Red == bad.

#define red RELOG
#define green SORT_NETWORK

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Re: [Info] Packetloss
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 16:07 »
Good tuto dobby, btw theres no Good things about a desync, if you desync you MUST rejoin before smokey bans you :P