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Changelog Archive (2012)
« on: November 25, 2010, 22:10 »
21 October 2012 2.6 (Beta)
  • Added ability for club leaders to buy vehicles with club funds - vehicle belongs to the leader, but it's automatically shared with the club.
  • Added dialog showing when player is fined while AFK

9 October 2012 2.5 R1 (Beta)
  • Fixed bug allowing to spawn multiple RC cars while /pee-ing
  • Added /breathalyzer item in shop
  • Trailer will no longer forcepark when vehicle it is attached to is parked (to prevent parking too many vehicles at house)
  • Fixed bug: ability to do airplane mission as thief
  • Fixed spelling of /unsharevehicle command in /cmds

18 July 2012 2.5
  • Armored van (Securicar) mission class added: possible to do in convoy. 500 completed missions increases interest rate to 12%. Armored vans can be hijached by thieves.
  • Garbage truck (trashmaster) missions added: count towards truck missions. 500 completed missions unlock vehicle: sweeper
  • Burglary missions (Boxville, Boxburg, Yankee) added for thieves: bonus for own vehicle, 500 completed missions unlock breaking into houses.
  • Heist missions (Securicar) added for thieves - hijacking armored vans transporting money. 500 completed missions gives free RC tiger
  • Improved algorithm for selecting mission destination (hideout) for thieves, variable, depending on mission type.
  • Club vehicles dialog is now divided into pages of 30
  • Added: sharing player vehicles with club members: command /sharevehicle. Allows club members access the vehicle without password
  • Added: club leaders can now specify if members are allowed to park any vehicle in club base, or only shared vehicles.
  • Added: announcement for all players when  event starts
  • Limo achievement renamed to "Driving Miss Daisy"

11 July 2012 2.4 R6
  • Added:/showtd command - restores bottom textdraw
  • Interest in bank is now paid monthly, like in real life (12h gameplay).
  • Added "Interest" stat - saves total amount of money received from interest.
  • Added ability for mappers to create roadsigns with text on them.

4 June 2012 2.4 R5
  • Added:/hidetd command - temporarily hides textdraws
  • Added: /heal command - heals player when used inside ambulance
  • Vehicle will flip automatically when assistance is called for repair, and vehicle is upside-down
  • Reduced price of "Flip" assistance to $100
  • Reward for stolen vehicles is now constant for all vehicles - $5000 in "perfect" state

21 May 2012 2.4 R4
  • /rescue will not spawn player in the last spawnpoint (house, club base, or depot)
  • N key will always show menu, regardless of submission key setting
  • Upcoming events will be announced every 30 min (only for events within 3 hours, if any)
  • Vehicle name added to speedometer

23 April 2012 2.4 R2
  • Added /events command and events menu in clubs. (events can be added bu leaders via clubs website). There are 2 types of events: Public (for all players in server) and Private(for club members only)
  • Added vehicles sub-menu in clubs, lists vehicles parked in club base, allows club leaders and members to manage spawn and manage vehicles.
  • Added house menu, opened by pressing ENTER in house entrance.
  • Added ability to see previous house owners and visitors in house menu
  • When leader leaves the convoy, the leadership will be automatically transferred to player in that convoy who has the highest Convoy Score
  • Improved /mycars command; vehicles that are not spawned will appear in grey, vehicle health is displayed as "State" (Perfect, fair, etc.) and fuel is displayed as fuel bars.

27 March 2012 2.4 R2
  • Number of warnings decreased: 7 days ban after 3 warns, 30 days ban for 4 warns within a month
  • Improved ferry, players with slower computers will hopefully no longer fall off.
  • Laptimes in racetrack are now logged (there's no way of displaying best times yet, but should be added soon)
  • Added "Convoy Score" - increases by 1 for every player in convoy after completing mission. The more players in convoy, the more it increases. It's just a stat and there are no rewards for it yet. (This is for trucks only)
  • Added /destination command for other truck, van and coach missions.

21 February 2012 2.4 RC 28
  • Extended vehicle model information in Dealer dialog
16 February 2012 2.4 RC 26
  • Added bonus for owned vehicle in chauffeur missions
  • Added new trucker spawn in Vice City
  • Added new destinations for Limo and Thief missions in Vice City
9 February 2012 2.4 RC 24
  • Clubs can be created in shop menu only
  • Added thief spawn in Los Santos
27 January 2012 2.4 RC 21
  • Reduced penalty for failed limo mission to $1000
  • Limo mission can now be done using saloon cars (premier, elegant, emperor, merit, taxi and cab). Vehicles other than Stretch will pay less by 50% but will not fail mission when damaged.
17 January 2012 2.4 RC 18
  • Own vehicle bonus increased to 20% and 10% for own trailer, including rented vehicles.
  • Club founders are required to pay $1mil towards the club when they create it. The $1m will be available in form of club funds.
16 January 2012 2.4 RC 17
  • Added: ability to rent vehicle from car dealers and viewing vehicle info (vehicle info dialog is not complete yet)
  • /breakout command will not extend jail time when player fails to escape
  • Added: /bailout command pay $1000 for each minute of jail remaining to get out of jail/
  • Cruise control will automatically disengage when vehicle gets damaged
  • Fixed: RC toys cannot be used in water
  • Added: ability for club leaders to send messages to all club members, price $50 per recipient.
  • Vehicles borrowed from other players cannot be /park-ed
  • Added: Ability for admins to temporarilt disable airports for events. Admins will disable airports only for big, official events!
  • Revised jail time for arrested players: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 mins for 1-6 stars.
  • Added: Ability for club leaders to send notifications about new memos on club noticeboard - for free
  • Increased number of slots to 100 (96 free and 4 VIP/staff slots)
5 January 2012 2.4 RC 16
  • Removed the ability for cops to collect fines from civillian vehicles (voted by players)
  • Added /VipSay command for VIP players - allows them the speak singleplayer dialogue lines. The list of lines will be extended.
3 January 2012 2.4 RC 15
  • Autoinsure option will always insure vehicle whenever the owner is online. Even if vehicle is not in use.
  • Cops can now use non-police vehicles to collect fines, but will receive only half of the fines as payment.
  • Changed achievement vehicles for professional trucker (Duneride), Cement (Dozer).
  • Unlocking achievement will unlock ability to buy special vehicle for $500k but will not give it for free (Duneride, Dumper, Dozer). These vehicle can be bought in Special Vehicles in Blueberry.
  • Ship in LS docks will now move around the south of Los Santos.
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