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Changelog Archive (2013)
« on: January 24, 2013, 00:33 »
21 December 2013 2.6.6:
  • Helicopter missions re-scripted, added about 200 new missions. All missions have the same load now.
  • Improved weather streamer, Wet County, Milestone County have their own, independent weather areas now
  • Optimized map loader, eliminated object limit. Reloading maps will now cause old maps to disappear before loading new files to prevent game crashing.
  • "RANDOM" spawn option is renamed to "AUTO"
  • Added ability for admins to add/remove static vehicles
  • Removed instances of GetTickCount() and replaced with time() to prevent tick counter overflowing causingerrors if server is running over 24 days (Fixes /kill bug)
  • /changepass is now safer, passwords are entered in dialog box instead of chat box
  • minor optimizations
  • major optimizations
  • Added 2 new thief hideouts in Milestone County
  • Added a new car parking garage in Fort Carson
  • Added a new Club Base in LV
  • Server port changed to 8888

4 December 2013 2.6.5
  • Added randomly spawned presents.
  • Added christmas decorations
  • Added elevator to building in Los Santos
  • Increased maximum possible number of carparks
  • Added Vectoral plugin to optimize account lookup by name.

27 November 3 December 2013 2.6.4
  • Added ability to select bike type when buying in shop
  • Added milestone junkyard as a destination for garbage missions
  • Added Vectoral plugin to optimize account lookup by name. Plugin temporarily removed due to missing library file
  • Added ability for admins to add and modify carparks (club/public/truck parking etc)

25 November 2013 2.6.3 - map changes:

13 November 2013 2.6.3
  • Added ability for mappers to remove world objects with MTA editor
  • Added admin ability to ban players from getting a pilot license

12 November 2013 2.6.2
  • Added /fap command
  • Fixed pm spamming bug
  • Removed object blocking house parking at house ID854
  • Redstone and Milestone County Airport are now connected

1 November 2013 2.6.1 - map changes:
  • 8 new houses added in Whitewood, Las Venturas. Credits to: Benny.
  • Milestone County updated! - some small bug fixes only. Credits to: Benny.
  • Redstone update! - fixed most of the bugs, changed and added some stuff. Credits to: Benny.

31 October 2013 2.6.1 - map changes:

28 October 2013 2.6.1
  • Limited max visible objects to 300 to prevent crashing
  • Fixed thief bug
  • Fixed /[id] [message] spam bug.
  • Fixed bug allowing theives to steal a car inside of another (Ghosting)
  • Added /cbs command to a dialog
  • Removed IP address from ban notice.
  • Added cheering sound for when a player gets a rank up/acheivement. - This will show for a player who ranked up.

28 October 2013 2.6 - map changes:
  • 2 houses added in Blackfield, Las Venturas. Credits to: Benny.
  • 2 new roadworks added in LV and SF. Credits to: Benny and Konali

27 October 2013 2.6 - map changes:
  • Eyre Island and Fir Island have been updated/expanded. Credits to: mick88, Konali, Ethan, Enzo_Aiello and Benny.
  • New Truck Parking added in Las Barrancas. Credits to: Benny.
  • Roadwork in Tierra robada removed.

13 August 2013 2.6 - map changes:
  • New gas station in Bone County
  • 8 new houses
  • 2 new roadworks
  • Milestone County updated - Credits to Konali,Benny and Ethanol
  • Redstone added - Credits to Benny and Hobo

11 August 2013 2.6
  • Club vehicles will no longer be unshared when club member is removed
  • Object streaming distance changed to 250m for better stability
  • /MyPacketloss command added
  • Fixed mistake when using /smoke command in car
  • Fixed chat message when stealing a vehicle
  • Removed vip skin Biker 4
  • Fixed bug with /rescue at jail
  • Added interest earned to /stats
  • Edited max time to attach trailer to 90 seconds
  • Added 14 new skins for VIP
  • Added sounds when player buys a vehicle mod
  • Fixed bug not naming Helicopter as a vehicle
  • Deleted spawnpoints in ridgecrest

27 July 2013 2.6 (Beta3)
  • Added CruiseControl support to Milestone County
  • Temporarily increased number of slots to 100 - we'll see how this works out.

10 February 2013 2.6 (Beta3)
1 February 2013 2.6 (Beta3)
  • Server update to 0.3x. You will need to download the new 0.3x client
  • Club limit incresed to 700
  • /ShareVehicle and /UnshareVehicle commands have been removed. Club vehicles can be bought and sold by by clubs only.
  • Added ability for players to re-buy the house they sold. After selling house, you can re-buy it until you disconnect, other players still cannot buy the houes until certain random time.
  • Fixed bug allowing thieves to drive to Happyland with any car and then steal it. This should also fix previously reported bugs about vehicles they were stealing being in water or gone.
25 January 2013 2.6 (Beta2)
  • Fixed bug: clubs didn't get any money from mission or selling vehicle if their funds were lower than the amount.
24 January 2013 2.6 (Beta2) - This time I try to list more changes, as requested.
  • Vip objects can be now adjusted - rotate/shift/scale
  • /forsale house list is now ordered by number of slots
  • Own vehicle bonus for club vehicles will now go to club as a donation
  • Selling club vehicle will give money to the club instead of player
  • All club money is now logged in database - donations, all money spent, vehicle bonus etc. These logs will be accessible for members later on.
  • Map loader updated to support MTA 1.3.1 maps
  • Removed all floating objects reported to date.
  • Hax gas station fuel pumps replaced with non-explosive objects
  • Added "reply" option to received messages in /cellphone
  • Fixed: clubs dialog showing when player was shown a dialog message by admin
  • Fixed Ethan's house ground.
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