Author Topic: Basic guidelines/requirements to become staff.  (Read 2951 times)

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Basic guidelines/requirements to become staff.
« on: December 25, 2012, 12:10 »
Alot of players asked me what the requirements to become staff on this server are.
Thats why i decided to make a topic.

Staff Selection process:

Admins select new staff members, based on criteria/thresholds. When players meet these requirements they will be put on a list with names of possible moderator candidates. Each list will contain info about you as player (stats etc) and opinions from the Admins about a certain player.

Every admin has to be in favor for promoting that specific player. If a player has some warns, they have to be approved by mick to.

Staff requirements: ( *** = High priority  ** = medium priority  *=  low priority)
  • **Player must have been playing on this server for 6 months or longer, this so that only applications will be posted from players that are familiar with all the rules, and have a decent amount of game experience and knowledge about how things work ingame.
  • ***Clean profile: If you have been warned to much or banned to much in your CT career, you cannot become a moderator. How can we expect you to be an example, if you cant follow rules in the first place. Note: We admins do take into consideration what for warns you have, and we understand that not all warns might have been fair always due to gamemode changes/ different view on punishing players.
  • *Decent score: Score does not mean much to my opinion, but having a staff member with 500 score makes things complicated. I think everything above 1500 score is decent enough to apply for moderator.
  • ***Known for good behaviour/helping attitude: It helps alot, if you are a known player that helps players with questions or with anything you can help them out. If we see you are capable of solving arguements without commands, you are probably great moderator potential.
  • ***Timezone/Location: Your timezone/ location is a factor that is important enough to make certain decisions as in yes or no:D, for example, the majority of this server comes from Europa, that is why unless that changes, more staff from Europe will be needed, than staff for USA or other nations.
  • *Languages you can speak: It is helpfull if you speak more than one language, but this is not a must have offcourse, alot depends on your attitude and known reputation among staff.
Staff selection progress #2

If you think you meet the requirements posted above , feel free to fill in an application for moderator : [Click for moderator form]
Admins will sort applications and judge them based on the requirements stated above. You will NOT be contacted about your moderator applications, unless you will be promoted to moderator. If your moderator application is LOCKED, Admins may share this with you, but they cannot share information why its locked.

Basic guidelines to have a chance to become staff:
  • Meet the requirements stated above.
  • Be a helpfull/known player.
  • Write a very good application
  • A server staff position should be available for that timezone ( IMPORTANT!!! )
  • Be active as player InGame and on forum too if possible, it shows us how you think and handle situations.
That is it for now, other admins are free to correct where needed, or add stuff. I dont think i let anything out of it but if something is missing feel free to add.


If there are questions, you can reply below or make a help topic in help section of the forum

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Admins are helpers, not monsters.
And i just want to take this moment that i have to thank you SO much for giving me the chance to be a moderator. I really enjoyed it, and although I made bad decisions (like playing MW3 too much haha xD), I really really did enjoy helping players like never before. You were my role model, you were the best admin I had seen in years, and there will never be another one like you.

It will take another to replace me, but I dont think CT can recover if they lose you bro, I wish you the best.

(Pretty sure you hear stuff like this every day XD You're like Chuck norris)
It's unfair that admins can teleport to buy house, and reset their own camping score, but we have to trust that they won't abuse it. We have to trust them anyway, because the server is in their hands. Without admins server is nothing.

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Re: Basic guidelines/requirements to become staff.
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 19:35 »
You should add behavior. In my opinion a player who acts like an asshole (with no warnings/bans) but sometimes helps on others should have big chance.
Yes, sometimes players can be really often assholes but not to have warns, since they use, "noob" "fuck you" which is not warnable if used only once.

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Re: Basic guidelines/requirements to become staff.
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2015, 12:25 »
In addition to what's stated here, we suggest that staff candidates submit a new application every 3 months as applications older than 6 months are now considered old (we won't look at them).

If you haven't applied this year / December, then it's probably a good idea to submit a new application.

Also, if while we are checking your application we see that you were last in-game more than 14 days ago, it's probably safe to assume your application has been dismissed.
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