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Lagging [Reasons + Fix]
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:14 »
I'll be showing you a tutorial that will fix lag related to the much methods of lag happening or on the methods you can fix them . Even if i am not an staff member so i have permission to do this , i am trying to help members who have lag , so please don't delete it . Let's start :

Lagging [Reasons+Fix]

Many people have lag when playing on server .
The lag can be causing health hack and hard moving on server .

Reasons :

1 The lag can be caused by the low memory of your PC
Let me introduce you with this problem :

There are some specific requirements that your PC shall have .
Not all the requirements are the same for all PC's . You maybe
have some of the requirements but it is more based on the memory of your PC ( Space of it )
Usually the requirements are :
Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)
16x Speed DVD Drive
4.7GB Hard Drive Space
128MB Video Card

WARN : The hard drive space is based on the memory that GTA SA usually get's after installing . This means that it is only the requirement to install the game .
The memory required to run it properly is about 8GB free .

The memory that an PC requires to run properly is 10GB+ witch is the main reason that some of the downloads of Torrentz get stopped .

2 Another reason that causes lag on your game can be your mods .
More mods you install , more the lags are prepared . Usually you shall not install "cleo" or other mods like "s0beit" witch is the first one where you have to doubt if you are lagging in game .

To see the memory used by your mods , in-game you can press F5 and then see the line that says :

Streaming mem used :

Here are some screens so you can see and understand it better :

The example i gave is from my game and it is a memory used without mods , let's say it is like an just installed game .

Question about this : How can i fix this lag ?

Well , it is an easy question . You have to remove your mods . After you do this , restart your PC then reinstall your SA-MP .
But i suggest you never install them . This will cause crash in game .

3 Another way that you get lagged is because of much people in server .

That's the main reason why more slots are required and why donation system is required .

Questions : How to fix it ?

Ahahah , this is good question , to witch exist only 1 answer :

4 The fourth reason of lags is because of the DDoS attack

You maybe have seen CVT turn off much times , that's what DDoS attack means
It is hacking against server to turn server off .
Usually it get's off by the hosting company , witch helps against the lose of much datas .
There is no way to fix this lag , except turning server off , witch is based on Head Admins  or by CVT owner ( Mick )
Turning off the server doesen't mean that this attack ends .
They wait all the time till server get's on again so attack stats over .
Here are some proofs of the DDoS attack on CVT .

When you are lagging in server . Sometimes , you get dissconected from it . Here are some proofs of what happens :

5 Another reason is because of your location .
People that play CVT are found in diffrent locations around the world , witch are far from the Base Location [ Arizona ] . But this doesen't mean that even people that are near germany will not have lag . It depends on your internet connection and on your PC [ As i have specificed in the first mark ] . If you have a bad PC and cheapy internet connection the lag will be present in your game .

If you are asking your self where you have to get the information about your router , then there are some answers based on what information are you searching for .

I will stay IN-TOPIC so i'll just tell you how to see your internet connection information

For the internet connection information you can visit this web-site : ( NON ADVERTING )

And else , as i said before the mods/s0beit procure lag in your game

Removing them is a way to reduce it , but you can get some files to reduce it . Here are the download links based on the memory that your mods use . To see how much memory your mods use , watch this pic :

Now to reduce it go on these links :
512 MB
900 MB 
1500 MB

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Re: Lagging [Reasons + Fix]
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2012, 12:17 »
Moved to correct section.
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