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Changelog Archive (2010)
« on: October 22, 2012, 18:21 »
26 November 2010
  • Added Wet County refinery for fuel delivery missions
  • Changed pay for airplane missions, depending on distance between airports
  • Improved weighting trucks

25 November 2010
  • Improved object streaming

23 November 2010
  • Improved routing for fuel missions
  • Added option to change menu key to use cellphone, start work or disable.
  • Added showing odometer in un-owned vehicles. It will show distance driven by player since connecting.

20 November 2010
  • Changed payment for fuel delivery missions. Pay will depend on distance between delivery points.

16 November 2010
  • NPC trains are re-added (4 trains)
  • Players who are inactive for 5 minutes while server is full will be kicked from server automatically.

11 November 2010
  • Re-added bank interest
  • Added bonus for own truck/van and own trailer
  • Added contacts option to /phone - allows to save and keep track of friends
  • Added achievements, each achievement unlocks after 1000 missions and rewards $1,000,000, additionally unlocks certain feature. Having unlocked all achievements allows to own unlimited number of vehicles
  • CB channel 9 has been made exclusively for police, also all cops will receive all messages on that channel.

05 November 2010
  • Added GPS. Available in menu and with command /gps. This function will navigate player to nearest gas station/shop/car park/ferry terminal/car dealer etc.
  • removed option to disable ferry missions. Players who can't use ferry can reach Wet County via recently added bridge.
  • Display mode (gps/odo) is added to /preferences menu and saves automatically

04 November 2010
  • Added bridge from Las Venturas to Wet County. Part of the bridge lifts up for the ferry boat.

26 October 2010
  • Maximum wanted level has been changed to 12 stars.
  • disabled bank interest due to abuse (money farming)
  • Added /view command to enable players to see interior of houses for sale

23 October 2010
  • Added cementary with graves of recently banned players (in Los Santos )
  • Added new vehicles to Special Vehicles dealer, enabled NewsVan for van missions
  • Updated fuel tanker missions; players who disabled ferry will not deliver to Wet county, players who do, will receive extra pay to refund the ferry tickets. Also pay for delivering fuel has been slightly increased and algorithm for it has been updated to make it impossible for 2 players to deliver to 1 station at the same time.
  • Ferry boat ticket prices have been lowered; ticket price depends on vehicle size. On-foot passengers travel for free.

20 October 2010
  • Added option to toggle distance and speed units to miles or kilometres. It can be toggled in /preferences
  • Added automatic renewal of car inurance when it runs out (toggleable)
  • Preferences will now save (units, ferry missions, auto-insurance, convoy settings, cruise control settings)
  • Trailers can now be clamped by admins

19 October 2010
  • Added police and pilot spawnpoints in Wet County
  • Added airplane missions to Wet County airport
  • Updated airplane missions to start from nearest airport, decreased pay for airplane missions.

16 October 2010
  • Lowered repair price in /assistance for owned vehicles
  • added time delay for /fuelcan command
  • Added VIP command /vipskin for donators to allow changing skin.
  • Added new gas station with shop in Whitewood Estates
  • Enhanced Fuel delivery missions to deliver fuel to gas station which are low on fuel as a priority.

15 October 2010
  • Lowered insurance prices; maximum insurance is $8,000 per week
  • Added Van dealer in San Fierro
  • Added Special Vehicles dealer
  • Limited number of some items per player: max 3 mountain bikes and dinghies, max 10 fuel cans

14 October 2010

13 October 2010
  • Players AFK will be automatically frozen. They cannot move until they type /8 or toggle AFK off in /preferences

7 October 2010
  • Expanded /preferences menu and added shortcut in main /menu
  • Added Buyable vehicle components to shops; nitrous, hydraulics and wheels can be bought for vehicles that cannot be tuned in transfender or any other shops. Trucks and police cars still cannot be tuned.
  • Upgraded toll booths, the toll is variable depending on vehicle class
  • Added option to disable ferry boat missions for players who with not to use it due to lags or poor performing pc. The option is available in /preferences or directly with /ferrymissions command
  • Lowered /assistance repair price
  • Cellphone is no longer a buyable item, it's available for all players.

5 October 2010
  • Added separate cells for each inmate in jail; each equipped with a TV and radio
  • Added information about fuel rate to gas stations

3 October 2010
  • Fuel prices will be variable in all gas stations, they depend on number of deliveries and range from 10% to 200%
  • Increased payment for truck and tow truck missions, decreased pay for van missions to compensate for shorter distance.

2 October 2010
  • Lowered insurance prices
  • /phone can be now used also when driving a car or flying a plane
  • Rescripted petrol tanker missions; all gas stations will be served including the island gas station. Gas stations without public access have been removed (Upshift HQ gas station)

13 September 2010
  • Players with over 1000 points will be able to own 2 houses now
  • Added vehicle streamer, increased number of vehicles players can own

12 September 2010
  • Removed convoy limit
  • Set convoy bonus to 30% (fixed for any number of trucks in convoy)

11 September 2010
  • Increased /sellhouse pay to 75% of original price
  • Disabled trading houses and vehicles between players due to large amount of spam in chat
  • Maximum number of houses per player is set to 1

09 September 2010
  • Vehicles will no longer destroy when they fall into water unless they are on fire (owned vehicles)
  • Added option to respawn (restore) own vehicle - in cellphone
  • Added ability to call assistance from outside vehicle when vehicle is owned by player and is near the vehicle.
  • Increased delay for assistance (/flip and /fix). If vehicle is on fire it will not explode if assistance has been called (player waiting for assistance)

08 September 2010
  • Added ability to own multiple items of one kind. Players can now have more than 1 mtbike, dinghy, fuelcan etc.
  • Added cellphone to shop inventory. You can use it to call assistance, buy insurance, sell cars. You can no longer use /assistance if you don't have a cellphone. The cellphone comes with 100 credits (1 credit per call). If you run out of credits you need to buy another phone.
  • Drinks and smokes can be now ownable, players can buy as many of them as they want. Cigarettes will lower health, sprunk will replenish it. Beer and Wine will make player drunk.
  • Some items will disappear after use (spraycan, parachute), one spraycan can spray only 1 vehicle
  • Maximum number of players in convoy is set to 10 to decrease lag and traffic jams
  • Added 1 slot for registered players. This means that when server is full, registered players have priority to connect over unregistered players, but donators and admins still have priority over all players.
  • Added experimental command /preferences for setting some of the options. It will be expanded soon by new options and will be added to the menu.

03 September 2010
  • Added Los Santos Island and missions for Los Santos Island (truck, dumper, van and helicopter missions)
  • Added ferry boat service for Los Santos Island, journey costs $1000, ferry embarks from Los Santos Docks (anchor icon on map)
  • Added command /ferry to check ferry status

01 September 2010
  • Added function to repair vehicle when /fixcar animation is applied. You need to be under the vehicle, you can repair your cars for free.

28 August 2010
  • Added /togglepm command to enable/disable PM system. Players with disabled PM will be unable to send/receive any private messages

26 August 2010
  • added automatic cruise control disengage if player presses arrow down (decelerate)
  • Increased fuel capacity in all vehicles. Fuel will last longer but it will be more expensive too.
  • Cruise control is now toggleable with command /cc, cruise control key is L CTRL
  • Added: automatic toggling AFK for players who get fined while being in menu to avoid going to jail for unpaid tickets whine not ig

24 August 2010
  • Added GUI menu for /myhouses
  • Update to weather system: weather made more dynamic by making different weather in all counties of San Andreas, removed weather forecast
  • Automatic cruise control; press CTRL to turn on/off

22 August 2010
  • Updated server to 0.3b
  • Updated weather system: added weather forecast

21 August 2010
  • Changed warning system; player warnings will expire after 30 days.
  • Added house details that appear when player enters house pickup. Details include house address, price and number of vehicle slots. This should be helpful when trading houses to avoid scam.

18 August 2010
  • Added /forsale for houses, houses for sale can be bought with command /buyhouse, houses apear on map as green icons.

12 August 2010
  • Added option to locate vehicle in /mycars (with marker on map) to find own vehicles easily.
  • Players who use own trailer to haul goods won't fail mission if they leave vehicle for over 1 minute. Same applies to other vehicles like own limo, own flatbed, own van etc.
  • Removed 2 NPC helicopters to make 2 extra slots for staff members and donators. Server now has 50 free slots and 2 spare slots.
  • Added ON/OFF duty for admins, you can type /admins to see which admins are currently on duty
new update:
  • Removed own vehicle bonus for all classes, mission pay has been raised to compensate for this. This change is necessary to lower number of vehicles in server and make gameplay more fair = players without own vehicles won't be discriminated

9 August 2010
  • Added limousine missions; Bus driver skin and minimum 25 points is required to drive limos. No extra bonus for own vehicle; Limo mission will be failed if player damages vehicle; Missions go from players' houses to airports, and leisure spots; problems may occur with houses that have password-protected gates
  • Own truck bonus and overload bonus (+overload fine) have been lowered.
  • Truck and van mission pay has been raised to recompensate for lower bonuses.
  • Removed some unnecessary gates and barriers to improve performance (Police departments, truck depots)
  • Extended variety of vehicles that can be stolen in car theft missions (eg. Trucks)

7 August 2010
  • Added fuel can to shop items. /fuelcan fills tank by half. Only one fuel can can be owner, item will disappear after using.
  • Mountain bike and dinghy have to be collected after spawning by player (/getbike /getdinghy) to keep it. This is to keep server free from abandoned bikes and make it more life-like. Lost bike/dinghy can be bought again.
  • /menu has been binded to submission key (2)/Look behind key on foot. You can start work through that menu. This doesn't work for cops, they can still arrest suspects with '2' key.

5 August 2010
  • New command /vinfo shows vehicle details like mileage, insurance price before you /buycar
  • Added 'Time spent in-game' (online) to statistics

3 August 2010
  • Commands /fix /flip and /fuel will call required service instead of showing assistance dialog
  • WANG cars parking is now only available to cars /forsale other cars will not save there.

2 August 2010
  • Cops can no longer fine with police maverick, only police car or police bike. Polmav can be still used to arrest suspects.
  • Full GUI added to /mycars, vehicle details appear in dialog box

1 August 2010
  • added /r command to quickly reply to last PM. You can type /r [text] or /r and enter the message in dialog box same as /pm
  • Added /stats and /items dialogs
  • Added /menu command (short /m) which gives access to other commands.
  • Added new shops
  • Parachute is available again in shop

31 July 2010
  • Reorganised shop menu, items divided into groups
  • Added 'police badge' required to work as a police officer - available for $50,000 in shop (minimum 50 points score is required). Badge may be revoked by admin if player doesn't follow rules (ramming etc)
  • Pilot license price changed to $50,000, score threshold changed to 50, pilot license may be revoked by admin if player is dangerous to others (crashing planes, ramming, heli-kill etc)
  • Shop items prices have been changed
  • Removed some vehicle commands (/nos /hydraulics /insurance /sellcar /sellmods), vehicles and vehicle mods can be sold to shop, insurance can be purchased in shop as well, mods can be bought in tune shops - transfenders etc
  • Vehicle sale price has been changed, vehicle with little mileage can be sold for price close to dealer price, vehicles with high mileage will will be sold much cheaper
  • Vehicle insurance can be purchased for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days (discounts for longer insurance period)
  • added dialog box in /mycar

30 July 2010
  • All speedtraps have been relocated

29 July 2010
  • Limit of owned houses has been set to 3

27 July 2010
  • Cops can now see potentially overloaded trucks in green
  • Timer added to weight checking - 3 sec

26 July 2010 - second update
  • All trucking missions will now start from near player (same county/city) and therefore players won't drive empty trucks across San Andreas to the loading point.
  • To compensate for shorted missions, pay has been lowered by about 10% and bonus for overloaded truck changed to 20%
  • Cops can weight trucks every 30 seconds instead of 60.

26 July 2010
  • Added option to /overload truck. Overloaded rigs add +30% to pay but you risk getting caught by cops during inspections. There is $2000 fine for overloaded truck
  • Cops can weight trucks by pulling behind them and pressing submission key '2'. Each cop can pull only 1 rig every 60 seconds.
  • Collecting fines by cops will be only possible if cop drives in the same direction as player and with similar speed.

*** New functions may be bugged, please report any bugs found

24 July 2010
  • Police can now issue tickets only from cop cars. If you drive different type of car, you need to get out of it. Arrests can be still made with any car.

20 July 2010
  • Auto login can now be enabled or disabled by player (/autologin). It will be disabled when someone else connects from your IP. - This is new safety feature to prevent unauthorised access to player accounts.
  • Vehicle limit system has been updated; initial limit for no house is 2 vehicles, but limit per-house depends on how many cars can be parked in the house. Default limit is 1, you can ask admin to change limit for your house.
  • Limit for owned houses is 5. It will be soon lowered to 3.
  • Players will have to be stopped to /pay their fines
  • Score threshold for cops has been changed to 50

19 July 2010
  • Speedometer and fuel system added to boats
  • Boats and floatplanes (skimmer) can be now fueled near shore
  • Helicopters can no longer be parked at home

10 July 2010
  • Free 1 day insurance will every new car
  • Added helicopter convoys - helicopter formations
  • disabled shares due to abuse (money farmins). You can sell your shares by typing /sellshares
  • Vehicles for sale are now listed in /GetPrice

05 July 2010
  • New command to check vehicle model price is /GetPrice.
  • You can now tag your car 'for sale' by typing /ForSale [price] . Anyone can buy the car by typing /BuyCar when near the car, money will be transferred when player spawns or connects to the server.

02 July 2010
  • Changed arresting system; all suspect will go directly to jail, cops will be refunded +25% if they arrest suspect with police vehicle or +50% if arrest suspect with own police vehicle
  • Changed fine system; cop will not receive ticket money until fined player types /pay

28 June 2010

27 June 2010
  • Added /givelead command for convoy leaders to transfer leadership to another player in convoy

25 June 2010
  • Added /ChangePassword command allowing players to change their account password.

23 June 2010
  • Further changes in insurance system; Insurance rate now depends only on vehicle price and number of owned cars. Insurance rate will not increase when vehicle is destroyed.

22 June 2010
  • Server version updated to R8
  • More pay for Fuel delivery missions. These missions are now more difficult as the trailer may blow up when player doesn't drive carefully.
  • Insurance price lowered for players who own less cars. Playerw with more cars will pay more for insurance.
  • Bank interest lowered to 0.1% to prevent money farming.

21 June 2010
  • Bank interest lowered to 0.3% every 24 in-game minutes
  • Players can now pay for house or car using their bank money (no need to use ATM). Payment from pocket money is default, if player doesn't have enough money, it will be charged from his bank account
  • /cbs command shows list of cb unoffial CB channel
  • /afk command is ported to /7 command
  • New anti-spam system - automatically bans players who spam chat.
  • Repairs of owned vehicles is now more expensive. Vehicles can be still repaired for free in Paint'N'Spray and when vehicle is insured. Insurance rate may go up when player calls insurance for vehicle repair.

18 June 2010
  • Renewed /convoy dialog, now shows current convoys with detalils: leader, number of players, type of convoy, location of current loading point.
  • You can now transfer money and leave message to players offline. Type /TransferMoney [playername] [amount] [comment] - player name needs to be full name and case sensitive. Message can be sent by using /SendMessage [playername] [message]
  • Private boats will no longer 'park' automatically. You need to /anchor your boat and it will always respawn in that place when you connect.
  • Formatted money displayed in messages, now easier to read.

15 June 2010
  • Upgraded gas stations - show total amount under fuel gauge
  • Added altitude warninigs to aircraft - when player is flying into a tall obstacle like building or mountain
  • Vehicle limit is back to 2 vehicles + 3 per house
  • Convoy rewards changed more info:,653.0.html
  • Convoy leader can now create password for convoy. To join passworded convoy type /convoy [player] [password]. Password can be created with command /SetConvoyPass

13 June 2010
  • Improved parking vehicles - everytime car is saved, you will be informed in chat window if its parked at home or in carpark or no message if car cannot be parked in current location
  • Added altimiter for arcraft - one for height above sea level and one for height above ground
  • Limit of vehicles is reduced to 2 vehicles per house + 1 (1 vehicle for players without house, 3 vehicles for player with 1 house etc.)
  • Improved toll gates (fixed SF )
  • Players who evade arrest/jail by exiting game will now find that their jailtime/wanted level increases after they reconnect. Jail time doubles, wanted leve increases by 1 star
  • Players who are fined while AFK have time to pay fines until they are back on air. You should type /pay before you type /8! If they disconnect without paying they will gain wanted level
  • Improved Cruise control to turn off automatically when vehicle gets off the ground and therefore will no longer worh with aircraft (helictopters)
  • Improved odometer now more accurate to 0.1km
  • All messages in CB channel 19 now appear as chat messages (in white)

07 June 2010
  • Players will now receive bonus for driving borrowed vehicles as their own (command /enter [pass] and /drive), also insurance on those vehicles will run when they are in use, but owner is offline. Note, that club vehicles don't need insurance, they always respawn.
  • New command /buycar - shows price and locations where car model can be bought (eg. /buycar elegy)

06 June 2010
  • Added /colorid command to find out id of color (eg. /colorid red) - you can use the color ids for /spraycolor
  • Added /SetHouse command - allows to set your spawn house
  • Improved managing owned cars. You can see details of your car by typing model name or it's part in /mycar command (eg. /MyCar premier will display details of your premier)
  • Added saving damages of private vehicles

05 June 2010
  • Insurance system changed to respawn vehicles instead refunding (Poll:,487.0.html)
  • Added vehicle/house password system allowing to share properties with other players (commands: /SetVehiclePass /SetHousePass /enter [pass]
  • new /eject command - ejects everyone from your car
  • Random direction checks fine players who drive on wrong side of the road. Players who can't afford fine will find their tires popped.

03 June 2010
  • Enabled trailer insurance - trailers can be now insured
  • Cars parked illegally will respawn at last legal parking spot, police will no longer clamp cars, only admins will.

26 May 2010
  • Added vehicle model name appear in private vehicle label
  • Fixed AFK bug - players who timeout when AFK will login automatically and still have AFK status
  • Money from shares is now transferred to bank account rather than player money.

25 May 2010
  • Added shops in every town

23 May 2010
  • Added npc heli going to Angel Pine and Doherty, San Fierro
  • Set /GiveMoney limit to give money only to players near.
  • Added /TransferMoney command to transfer money to other players bank account
  • Added /countdown command - shows countdown for players in convoy (for racing)

22 May 2010
  • Added ATM in 24/7 shops. You can deposit your money to get interest. You can withdraw money any time. Interest is added to your bank account every 24 in-game hours
  • Upshift Race club hangout added in SF, added missions for truck, van and helicopter to deliver to the clubhouse.

20 May 2010
  • Maximum owned shares changed from 10 to 50
  • added Blista Compact and Premier to car dealers (Wang and Grotti)
  • Added functionality preventing spontanious detaching of trailers (samp bug)

14 May 2010
  • Added helicopter NPCs flying to Bayside and Dr_Hax's skyscraper
  • Added /lead command for convoy leaders; it disables other players in convoy to load/unload before the leader does
  • Added $ icons on map; shows shares owned by player

    10 May 2010
    • Added buyable business shares (in shop)

    09 May 2010
    • added [reason] parameter to /remove command (/remove [player] [reason] - removes prayer from convoy)
    • fixed LV island airport - only smaller airplanes will fly to the island now.
    • added [comment] parameter to /givemoney command
    • updated in-game rules
    • added auto-kick for players who minimize game or go to menu for longer than 1 min

    06 May 2010
    • Some vehicle prices have been reverted back
    • Insurance rates decresed
    • Truckstop in Naval Base opened for players from 100 score (before it was 250)
    • You can now see which of the players in your convoy picked up their load already. You will see [loaded] next to their location in /myconvoy

    05 May 2010
    • added command /remove to remove player from convoy - only for convoy leader
    • Trailers can be now sold using /SellCar [index] - index is the number of your car in /MyCars (same as /insure)
    • Added new helicopter missions (thanks to Drew, our avionics specialist)
    • House prices up by 50%
    • Vehicle prices up by about $100k - this also means that insurance will be more expensive. Vehicle prices may be lowered later.
    • Cops can no longer make arrests or fine players from aircraft (except police maverick)
    • Lower fuel prices for airplanes and helicopters, also lowered fuel consumption
    • Players can now check their insurance rate in vehicle details (/mycar). Default rate is 10, minimum 1. Your insurance rate depends on this value.
    • Lowered pay for towtruck missions ($500 for rented towtruck, $1000 if owned towtruck)

    03 May 2010
    • Increased number of trains, they will stop on stations every hour. This means they will pass more often and you have to be more careful when you cross railroad.
    • You can now check your house id by typing /myhouse. You should use it when you request new gate or interior for your house.
    • Gas station added in Bayside, working
    • New train station in Bone County
    • Airplane missions added for Las Venturas Island. Be careful when you fly there get smaller plane than AT-400

    27 April 2010
    • /nos command will now refill your NOS if already installed ($500)
    • changes in thief missions: $300 charge for failed mission.
    • Trailers will be now automatically parked together with truck
    • Added truck carpark in Las Venturas at Dirt Ring

    23 April 2010
    • Added trains. They stop at each station and you can ride them for free. They go quite frequently so be careful at level crossings!
    • Added some missions for trucks, dumpers and vans