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Changelog Archive (2011)
« on: October 09, 2012, 16:19 »

29 December 2011 2.4 RC 14
  • Fixed picking up the last christmas present for players who don't have free vehicle slots.
  • Enabled radio in jail.
  • RC vehicles can no longer be used in jail.
28 December 2011 2.4 RC 13
  • RC vehicles converted to items
  • Maximum number of wanted stars reduced to 6. Jail time served: 1 min for 1 star, 2 min for 2 stars, 4 min for 3 stars, 8 min for 4 stars etc.
  • Reward for police is 1500 per star (1000 if non-police car is used)
  • removed "x bought vehicle" announcement
  • fixed noticeboard bug - when message is too long. Messages with over 4000 characters will not be visible in-game.
23 December 2011 2.4 RC 12
  • Added /whois command, shows previous names of selected players.
  • Added more dance styles to /dance command (/dance [0-12])
  • Added "How to buy vehicles and house" in /help command.
18 December 2011 2.4 RC 11
  • Added "Locate" button in /myhouse menu - places navigates to house
  • Default parking mode for new players is set to "manual", vehicles will not park automatically when player exits except for new vehicles that haven't been parked yet.
  • Added: cime report sound for cops whenever a player becomes wanted.
  • Increased house limit to 1100
18 December 2011 2.4 RC 10
  • Airports added to /gps menu instead of "My house"
  • Updated object streamer
17 December 2011 2.4 RC 9
  • Added: new VIP commands: /vipradio and /removeradio - VIPs can add/remove private custom radio stations
  • Added: House radio - players can set radio station for their house, all visitors will hear the same radio station even if it's a custom VIP radio. House radiostation can be set by typing /radio inside house.
  • Redone /work menu, full destination location now shows before each mission
  • Houses will not become suddently available for sale after each restart, the house timers save now!
11 December 2011 2.4 RC 8
  • Added: key Y (default for YES) opens radio station menu
  • Added: key N (default for NO) opens Convoy Trucking main menu
  • Rescripted radio; radiostations have been moved to database and radio selection menu is now arranged alphabetically.
3 December 2011 2.4 RC 3-4
  • Added destination location in main chat when player starts mission or loads goods.
  • Fixed bug allowing to fuel anywhere if player /kill-ed at gas station (streamer bug)
3 December 2011 2.4 RC 2
  • Removed more fences and gates in Las Venturas area.
  • Added ability for convoy leaders to set GPS checkpoint for entire convoy by clicking on map (not fully tested)
  • /radio can be now used outside vehicle, but music will not play until player enters a vehicle.
  • Toll barriers have been optimized and their movement is now much smoother.
2 December 2011 2.4 RC 1
  • Server SA-MP version updated to 0.3d
  • Login and register dialogs now mask entered password.
  • Added internet radio that can be listened to instead of standard gta radio - only in vehicle. /radio command allows changing radio stations, also added to /menu. Selected radio stations are saved.
    Some radio stations display text on the bottom of the screen that overlays mission bar, this can't be fixed now.
  • Changes for RC vehicles: vehicle owner label stays on when vehicle is controlled by player. "restore vehicle" dialog closes when players spawns an RC vehicle.
  • Removed some objects from default sa-mp map: gates from KACC, blackfield truck parking, turning tricks SF and other places.
  • Gas station added in Fort Carson (Bone County)
24 November 2011
  • Number of free slots for all players increased to 90
  • VIP and staff slots doubled to 4
26 August 2011 2.3 R7
  • Minimum number of completed truck loads to buy a house is set to 100
  • Time to /pay fines has been shortened to 30 sec.
  • Increased default house prices
  • House sale pay-out is lowered to 50%
  • Main timer has been optimized. Some things may be delayed, like altimiter and cruise control indicatior, but general responsiveness of server should be improved greatly.
19 August 2011 2.3 R6
  • Added: /restoreall to respawn all owned vehicles
  • Added dirtring (racetrack) to GPS and /loc when player is inside.
  • Fixed: when player in a vehicle enters dirtring, the passengers will stay outside
  • Changed: jailtime will no longer double when player quits server.
  • Added: Unspawned vehicles can be now located, it will spawn when player tries to locate it.
  • Optimised unspawning old vehicles: only vehicles unused for very long time will unspawn.
  • Changed: spawning unparked vehicle now costs $15,000 - there are over 40 unparked vehicles on server.
  • Added: /startconvoy now works also for coach/bus convoy
  • Houses that are currently auctioned will not show in /forsale
6 August 2011 2.3 R5
  • The Racetrack (dirtring) has been open to public. Players can enter it by typing /racetrack while at the entrance. Players with vehicles will be ported to the track, those on foot will be ported to the spectating area. Players can type /racetrack [id] to teleport to specific racetrack, that allows multiple events and test runs at the same time without interfering (default track is 0). Police, suspects and fined players are not allowed to the area, but police is allowed to stay outside racetrack during events to collect fines.
  • Added: /at400 command - helps enter AT-400 without ramp. Player needs to stand under it to use this command.
  • Added: vehicle engine will stop during refueling. Pro tip: do not refuel helicopters in mid-air.
  • Added: message box will show to players who receive warning from admin. Message box shows current number of warns, reason of warn and short information about warn system.
  • Players who camp by house will be auto-kicked instead of house countdown being reset.
1 August 2011 2.3 R4
  • Updated: SA-MP server updated to 0.3c R5 - no client update necessary.
  • Added: Each time club leader changes score threshold, players with lower than minimum score get automatically kicked from the club.
  • Added: All pending applications get automatically accepted when club leader enables auto-accept. Therefore 'Applications' disappear from club menu when auto-accept is enabled.
  • Fixed: When police reclasses while in cb 9 they will be transferred automatically to cb channel 19.
26 July 2011 2.3 R3
  • Changed: Club messageboard messages will be deleted after 60 days instead 14.
23 July 2011 2.3 R2
  • Added: each time a player is banned by anticheat, a messages will show to all players telling how many players have been banned by smokey.
  • Added: current vehicle next to player's name in /near dialog
  • Changed: Minimum transfer amount for offline transfers has been set to $1,000 to prevent spamming transfers.
  • Fixed: When a police player disconnects and somone else connects with the same ID, any fines paid to the police will not be transferred to the new player.
03 July 2011 2.3 R1
  • Added: Option for club staff to respawn (restore) club vehicles parked in the base.
  • Added: Houses will not become buyable if someone is camping near them
  • Added: San Fierro Island by droctogonapus and Ethan with working airport (for airplane missions) and helipad for helicopter mission.
  • Added: 4 new club bases in Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro by droctogonapus and Ethan
  • Added: "landmarks" option in /gps showing islands and other POI in server.
  • Fixed: players who unlocked "Fuel Hauler" achievement can fuel their aircraft at lowest price.
26 June 2011
  • Number of player slots increased to 80 + 2 VIP/staff slots. This change may be reverted after summer holidays if problems arise.
30 May 2011 2.2 R5 / 2.3
  • Added: Players can enter friends' houses and vehicles by pressing enter and typing password in dialog box. Command /enter is now deprecated and removed from /cmds, but will still work.
  • Added: Players can buy house by pressing enter and confirming purchase in the dialog box without typing any commands. Command /buyhouse will still work too.
  • Changed: color of the announcements shown to all players when player unlocks achievement or advances in rank.
  • Changed: /breakout command (after thief achievement) will not work within 5 minutes of joining the server to prevent abusing it by reconnecting.
  • Fixed: coordinates of 1 of the Pay'n'Spray Shops in Los Santos
  • Changed: Jail time will pause when player pauses game (by entering menu or minimising game). I know this one is going to be hated, but "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime".
  • Added: /give command (/give [player] [item_name] (amount=1)) allowing players to swap/trade items between each other. Items can be given only to players in close proximity. Any items from /items menu can be given in any amount (default amount is 1)
  • Changed: maximum amount of mtbikes and dinghies that can be owned by a player is 1(1 mtbike+1 dinghy). If player owns more than 1 mtbike, he will be unable to retrieve it back to inventory.
  • Added: graveyard has been added to /gps menu
  • Added: Clubs can be now transferred, transfer costs minimum 1 mil, depending on club base price (if any). Club founder can transfer the club to a player who is a club leader and does not have any club.
  • Added:Club founders can rename clubs for the same price as club transfer (above)
  • Added: /achievements menu will show details of achievement when clicked.
24 May 2011 2.2 R4
  • Added: in-game clock showing current time. Players can set their timezone and enable clock in /preferences. Type /time to display clock for few seconds
  • Added: ability to send short codes to channel 19 by putting * before code (*/4 for "10-4" or */fm for "follow me" etc.). This will work with any command and will change CB channel temporarily while executing it, but only short-code commands will be affected.
  • Added: /clearmychat command - clears visible portion of chat window (also /empty or /emptychat)
  • Added: command /x will spawn a mtbike or dinghy depending if player is in water or on land.
14 May 2011 2.2 R3
  • Added: /pclubs command, shows player's clubs
  • Updated: Players can check their fines with /fines or /pay command without stopping the vehicle.
  • Added Blueberry Truckstop by Earthquake
  • Update: AFK system will show reason (if any) under player nametag.
  • Added: Players with high ping will receive ping warning before they are kicked to allow them to lower their ping.
09 May 2011 2.2 R2
  • Muted players will not be able to buy announcement in shop
  • Pay'N'Spray locations added to /gps
  • updated /admin command
  • /email command will now add email address only if there is no address assigned to the account yet. Current email addresses can be checked using the "/myemail" command. Players who want to change their email address will need to contact an admin.
05 May 2011 2.2 R1
  • Added /suspects command for police (police vehicles) - displays details about current suspects and fines. /info [player] will show details about player right away
  • Added barriers to Wet County truck parking
  • House owners will be logged into database
16 April 2011 2.2
  • Added: Club message board (need to be turned on in club options) - allows club members to comunicate within club menu. It works in similar way as noticeboard, but all members can post in it, messages can be only 128 characters long (single line) and are deleted automatically after 14 days.
  • Added: Registration is now required for all players
  • Added: ability to view own money transfer logs via /transferlog command or in /cellphone menu ('money transfers' option).
  • Update: advertising billboards are cheaper and possible to rent from 1 day ($75k) to 14 days
  • /TakeOff command now has a shorter version /to
  • Update: Club names are restricted to letters and numbers plus some special characters like . - & and space
  • Added: Players whose name has been changed but joined server with their previous name will be automatically reconnected with new name.
  • Update: all money transfers from $10k now require a comment
  • Update: Fir Island buildings are now outlined on radar map
  • Added: new help topics in /help dialog
  • Added: vacant billboards will display random tips.
05 April 2011 2.1 R5
  • Added: Turning signals can be enabled or disabled in /preferences and will save.
  • Added: New topics in /help for Turning signals and Cruise control
03 April 2011 2.1 R4
  • Updated: when player receives a bonus vehicle for unlocking new achievement and doesn't have any vehicle slots, the vehicle will be sold automatically.
  • Added: Clubs can now disable donations if they are not interested in getting a base (donations are disabled by default!)
  • Added: option to auto-renew club base (disabled by default)
  • Added: auto-accept for club applications (disabled by default). Clubs can enable this to automatically accept new members.
  • Added: clubs can set score threshold for new members (0 is default)
30 March 2011 2.1 R3
  • Added: visual countdown when player loses load (60 seconds)
  • Added: Nickname changes will be logged separately and old names will be unusable for 30 days
  • Added: Fir Island by mick88 (in Wet County)
29 March 2011 2.1 R2
  • Added: Information for all players when player advances in rank or unlocks new achievement
  • Added: Players banned by Smokey will receive a message instructing them to take screenshot and where to appeal ban if detection was wrong.
  • Fixed: billboards bug, displaying advertisement for longer than it was paid for.
22 March 2011
  • Added: ability to add club description to club by club leader
  • Added: more detailed info about ferry in /ferry command and ferry info 3d text in ferry docks (LS island and LS docks). Info shows estimated time to arrival.
  • Added: ability to rent billboards to advertise server clubs and events. Billboards can be paid with player's money (via shop) or from club funds(via club menu). Billboards support color coding (ex. {FF0000} for red, {00FF00} for green etc). Over 20 billboards are available on the map, players can choose specific billboard (and wait longer if it's already rented out) or choose 'any' available billboard
  • improved: /near command will show nearest player outside range if there are no players in range
  • Update: players who are no longer VIP will be still able to use VIP commads (ONLY in-game vip commands)
  • Update: thieves who manage to steal vehicle when police is near them, will have lower wanted level by half.
  • Update: commands /cancelhouse and /sethouse will open spawning options dialog.
11 March 2011
  • Improved navigation in /clubs, club memberlist and /contacts
  • Rescripted loading/unloading - players now need to position their trailer in the unloading point instead of truck cab, and stop for unload. (for truck, bus and helicopter missions)
  • Added /forsale command - shows list of houses currently for sale (houses in red will be available within 24 hours)
  • CB channel 7 is now official VIP channel (VIP only)
  • fixed /locate bug
  • /msg is new shortcut for /messages (receive messages) and /dst for /destionations (tanker missions)
8 March 2011
  • Money transfer limit has been removed. Players will take responsibility for any loss sustained from breaking into their account and scams. Trading houses and club bases is not allowed.
  • Any sold houses will be unavailable for purchase for random amount of time up to 24 hours.
6 March 2011
  • Police vehicles are now more durable than any other vehicles to give advantage in pursuits. Police cars will be 'wrecked' at 300hp instead of 500 ('poor' condition starts at 500 instead 700hp)
  • Rearranged /cellphone menu; vehicle services and assistance are moved to 'services' submenu, added option to view previously received messages
  • fixed: convoy password will now save when set by /setconvoypass
  • Applicants for clubs will now receive messages when their application is rejected.
  • Maximum jail time has been set to 60 min.
  • Added: extended club log. Grey-colored entries show activity of club staff and are visible only for leaders. All actions are logged from accepting and rejecting applications to clamping vehicles in club base.
4 March 2011
  • Added: Club funds - club members can donate money to club, the leaders can use money to pay for club base. Money cannot be withdrawn from the fund!
3 March 2011
  • Added: /help menu with information how to earn money, get police badge etc. More help topics may be added soon.
  • Added: options to see player's statistics or add to contacts (in club members menu)
  • Added: ability to add more lines of text in club noticeboard.
  • Fixed: New players will receive $3000 as initial money (wasn't working before and wasn't reported)
  • Added: Players who try to skip the 'rules' dialog by typing commands will be kicked from server.
  • Changed: /assistance waiting time is now 10s (for /flip) and 15s (for other services). Assistance will be cancelled when player drives away.
2 March 2011
  • Ping limit set to 500, added tolerance for ping spikes to 5-10s (depending on average value)
  • Added: ability to sell house via /cellphone or in shop.
  • Players who have completed 1000 truck missions can now own 2x more vehicles.
28 February 2011
  • Redesigned /cmds menu; command lists are divided into dialogs.
  • Added: club noticeboard in club menu. All club members will see posts on noticeboard, only club leaders can create/remove posts
  • Added: confirmation dialog before renewing club base and quitting club.
  • Club logs are now divided into pages. Date and timestamp are added to logs.
27 February 2011
  • Added trucker spawnpoint in Tierra Robada (mapped by droctogonapus)
  • Added: option to copy primary/secondary spraycolor in the spraycan menu
  • Added: club memberlist now shows which club members are online
  • Pay for fuel tanker missions has been increased (+$1000 extra per destination)
  • Easier sending PM: players can type receipient's name as a command followed by message text: /[playername] [text] - this will not work for some names if name is already a command (example: player with name 'menu' - intead of sending message, a menu will open)
23 February 2011
  • Rescripted /spraycolor command. Color can be picked from the list. Additionally if player is near or in a vehicle, he can choose one of the predefined colors (standard GTA colors) for that vehicle model or 'copy' colors from any vehicle. Quick versions of this command are: /color and /col. Color codes converted thanks to Whatcha (aka Hammy), mick88 and $nake.
  • new /ranks command - shows how many loads need to be completed for which rank
  • Bridge on Eyre island is set to open earlier for incoming land traffic.
  • Added secret /timelap command for the race track. Allows player to time his own lap times. /stoptimer stops the timing
  • added /destinations command for fuel delivery missions - displays dialog with remaining destinations
  • Fixed: Vehicle name will display when player enters any vehicle
19 February 2011
  • Added /clamp command for club staff incuding leaders. This command can be used to clamp vehicles parked in club base only.
  • Co-leaders can now manage club applications, members and pay for club base.
  • Added option to send message to club member in club menu.
  • New requirement for police badge is completion of 100 truck loads. Players who already have police badge, need to meet the new requirement before they can pawn as a cop.
  • Fee for revoked police badge is changed to $200k. New badge still costs $50k
15 February 2011
  • Added: new features for clubs: banning players from club, selecting club staff and co-leaders
13 February 2011
  • Club bases have been added. Clubs that already registered in-game, received their bases free of charge. They will have to pay the maintenance fee 10% of base price each month. Base prices may change. Report any problems with your bases in "Problems and compaints".
  • Added ability to set club base or house as default spawn point (/preferences -> [default spawn]).
11 February 2011
  • Added  speeding ticket textdraw when player gets fined by police. - Design by Haydz
  • Added clubs system. All club leaders are advised to enter their clubs to the new system (/createclub command) and have their members /apply. Club bases will be added in the next update in few days. Players can manage their clubs with /myclubs command and view all clubs by typing /clubs. Type /clubcmd for more commands.
    Players who are not club leaders and create club with name of already existing club will be banned for impersonating.
  • Fixed speedtrap bug
  • Cruise Control now works also in Tow Trucks
08 February 2011
  • Extended Eyre Island by adding Eyre Industrial Estate with new companies and new missions.
  • Part of Wet County Expressway has been closed due to crash, traffic is diverted through Eyre Islands
  • Fixed exploit allowing to join convoy or quitting game in mission selection dialog. Players who attempt it will be charged for failed mission.
07 February 2011
  • Fixed /changepassword bug
  • added /email command - allows registered players to save their email address in case password is lost.
06 February 2011
  • Players who have unlocked achievement (artic, dumper, van, cement, thief or coach) will be able to choose from 5 instead of 3 available loads.
  • Fixed shop bug (vehicle components dialog not showing)
05 February 2011
  • Added Eyre Island east to the gas station on Wet County Expressway. Mapped by mick88 with help from Haydz
    +added loads to the new island
02 February 2011
  • Added tuning shops (TransFender, WAA and Loco Low) to the GPS menu (Thanks to Supergooof)
  • Convoys will no longer be able to overload and won't be controlled by the police. Only players who work alone can overload.
  • Cruise Control now works in Wet County too.
  • /50 command (10-50 code) will show player's location if no parameter is given.
  • /startconvoy command has been added. Works the same way as /work, but sends message to everyone saying that player is starting a convoy.
  • Updated convoys: When leader delivers load, all players in convoy who haven't loaded yet, have their mission cancelled untill new mission starts.
01 February 2011
  • Players who have their police badges revoked will have to pay $100,000 for new one instead of $50,000.
  • Changed way owned vehicles spawn. When player leaves server, only vehicles parked at house or having password will remain spawned. This will hopefully restore space at public parkings and truck stops. Optionally all player's vehicles will unspawn when player leaves server (depending on admin's setting)
29 January 2011
  • Optimized gamemode, lags should be gone.
  • Changed the way 'filter' option works in /contacts. Instead of searching by beggining of player name it will search for text in any part of player's name (typing 'hotdog' will show 'Dr_hotDog' if you have him in your contacts.)
  • Price for respawning unparked vehicle is changed to $10,000 due to some players abusing it.
26 January 2011
  • Fixed /warns command (shows current player warnings)
23 January 2011
  • Added ability to see other players' statistics in /contacts, player menu and /stats command
22 January 2011
  • Changed requirements for setting welcome message and custom rank to 100 and 1000 completed truck missions respectively. Number of truck missions is the sum of hauled artic, dumper, tanker and cement truck loads.
  • passworded convoys will be no longer enlisted in /convoy dialog
  • Number of player slots in server increased to 72.
16 January 2011
  • Added dialog for selecting load upon typing /work. The dialog will show 3 random missions starting in the current area for the following missions: artic truck, dumper truck, cement truck, van, coach, car theft missions.
  • Tankers will no longer blow up on impact due to a lot of ramming that has been happening. As a result, pay for tanker fuel hauling missions has been slightly decreased.
  • Time restriction for commands /kill and /stopwork has been changed. /stopwork can be used once every 3 minutes, /kill once every 1 minute.
  • Added registration dialog for new players after they accept rules. Registration is still not mandatory and can be cancelled.
  • Added houses to spawn dialog.
13 January 2011
  • Increased number of missions to ~1200 (from 220). 883 artic trailer missions, 150 van missions, 80 coach missions, 79 dumper trailer missions.
  • Added ability to choose spawn point manually (in /preferences).
9 January 2011
  • Added jail timer to statusbar (for jailed players)
  • Police is now allowed to enter house if house owner is wanted
  • mountain bike and dinghy can now be used insude houses.
  • /stopwork command has been limited to 1 use every 60 seconds
6 January 2011
  • Extended time for vehicle turning signals, the turning signals will stop when player turns in opposite direction or after time runs out.
  • Maximum amount of money players can send to each other is capped to $10,000 every 60 seconds. This will hopefully stop scams and stealing money from accounts. Anyone who needs to transfer a larger sum, can ask admin online for help. Use /admin to tell who you want to send money to and what for.
  • Increased initial amount of fuel for thief missions. Fuel will vary from half tank to full tank (random amount)
5 January 2011
  • Players who quit while being wanted will have their wanted level increase by 2. Player who quit while in jail, will have their jailtime doubled.
  • Added more thief mission dropoff points (16 altogether)
3 January 2011
  • Added option do display/hide some map icons like houses for sale and car parks. Off by default. Can be toggled in preferences/[map icons]
  • Changed reward for Travelin' man achievement to displaying speedtraps on map.
  • Reward for unlocking all achievement is changed to free insurance.
  • Removed NPC trains due to complaints about "Vehicle not deleted" bug
  • Expanded VIP/staff slots to 2 (62 slots + 2 extra)
2 January 2011
  • Rescripted engine system; if engine fails to start, the reason will appear on the screen. If vehicle is in poor condition it may fail to start randomly.
  • Changed vehicle behaviour when its state is "poor"; instead of being slower, vehicle may stall randomly from time to time or when player crashes.
  • Added short command /w for /work
  • Changed fuel achievement; instead of lower consumption, player with unlocked fuel hauler achievement can benefit from lowest fuel rate (1) at any gas station.
  • Reward for unlocking an achievement is changed to $500k
  • Added airbreak detection to the Smokey anticheat; false detections may accur as this is a new feature. If you get wrongly banned, please take screenshot right after you are banned and post in ban appeals to get unbanned.
  • Changed system of receiving messages - each message will be displayed in separate dialog. "Reply" button added.
  • Added feature preventing wanted players evade police by using ESC.
  • Stealing vehicles will add 2 stars to wanted level instead of 1.
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