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[How to] Become a Cop
« on: September 30, 2012, 15:15 »
Cop's duty is to collect fines from players and arrest suspects. In order to be able to play as a cop, you need to be a registered player with at least 100 completed truck loads and pass the Police Test.

  • Collecting fines:
    Players who have speeding tickets will be displayed on your minimap as orange markers. In order to collect money, you need to drive up to player with a police car or a police bike and press your submission key (default 2). If player doesn't /pay his fines in 30 seconds, he will become a suspect. You must not ram or block player even if he refuses to pay ticket. If player is AFK, he won't become wanted until he comes back.
  • arresting suspects:
    Red marker on your minimap indicates that player is wanted. In order to attempt arrest you need to approach suspect and ask them to stop by pressing the submission key (default '2'). If player doesn't stop, you may ram him off the road or block hi way to force him to stop and press 2 again to send them to jail. Your reward will depend on suspect's wanted level. His speeding tickets (fines) will also be automatically paid to you. You will get extra $500 per star if you use a police car or police bike to arrest suspect. You can arrest suspects while on foot, in any car, bike or police maverick.
  • Weight control
    Some players choose to overload their trucks to get higher reward for mission. Your job is to find overweight trucks and fine drivers. In order to pull over a truck for inspection, you need to drive with a police car or a police bike behind the truck/trailer and press the '2' key. Player has 15 seconds to stop or they will become wanted. Once they are stopped you need to press '2' again. When 'weighting' is completed and player was overweight, they will lose extra load and will be fined.  You can only weight loaded trucks, their color is GREEN.
YELLOW - Law abiding citizens, opaque yellow means player is off duty, solid color means player is doing work. Your job is to protect them!
GREEN - Loaded truck, potentially overloaded, stop them for control, do not ram.
ORANGE - Traffic rule breakers - you need to fine them, do not ram or attempt to stop, only approach and give ticket.
RED - Wanted suspects, stop them with any means neccessary and arrest.

  • All actions for police are binded to the submission key which is default key 2 above the 'W' key (LOOK BEHIND key while on foot)
  • To get your Police Badge, you need to log into, click 'Take police test' and answer all questions correctly. Click here if you are already logged in.
  • Once you passed the test you can purchase your Police Badge from any shop. You will have to pay $50,000 to get your badge and you have to buy it in 24 hours after passing the online test.
  • Remember that you should obey all Server Rules and driving rules even when you are a cop. The only case when you can ram any player is when player is a suspect. If player refuses to pay ticket, you need to wait for him to become wanted before you try to stop him. You must not drive on train tracks or on the wrong side of the road unless it's necessary to catch a suspect.
  • If you fail online test, you need to wait 12 hours before you can take it again. You don't need to pay to re-take the test.
  • An admin or moderator can revoke your police badge if you don't follow the rules. When your badge is revoked, you will have to pass the test again and buy your Police Badge again, this time for a increased cost of $200,000. If your badge is revoked permanently, you will never get it back.
  • You can use /suspects (/sus for short) and /info [id] in cop vehicles to give information on players who have fines and suspects.
  • You can't go to events as cop unless you have to fine or arrest someone there.
  • There is a CB set up for cops which is CB 9, this CB is accessible when cop only.
  • While on foot, use /fine or look behind key to fine players.
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