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[How to] Create a club
« on: February 19, 2011, 15:59 »
New club can be created by any player who has completed at least 100 truck loads. Creating a club costs $100,000, maintaining it is free.

To register a new club, go to a shop in-game and choose "Create club ($100,000)", and enter desired club name. New club will appear in the /clubs menu as soon as created. Club name must not be an already registered name (case insensitive) and each player can found only one club. As a leader of the club you will have access to all club options in the club menu.

Players can join (apply) to your club by going into /clubs menu, choosing your club and clicking 'apply'. All club applications must be confirmed by a club leader before 'applicants' become 'members'.

If you want your club to have own board on the Convoy Trucking forum, you need to gather a significant amount of members and preferably buy a club base. Once these requirements are met, you fill in a club board request forum at

When you gather a certain amount of players, you may want to buy a base for your club. You can pay for it yourself, collect donations from members or charge for membership. Once you buy a base, you will need to pay 10% of its value every month (option in club menu) to keep it.
If you don't pay for your base and your club gets evicted from it, all member's vehicles parked in the base will be clamped, so you should move them before base payment expires or you 'move out' from it.

Additional info:
  • Only 1 club can be founded per player.
  • Club name can be changed in 'club options' menu for a price
  • Each club can have only 1 base.
  • Leader can accept, reject and block club applications. Blocked players will no longer be able to join the club. They can be later unblocked in the 'Blacklist' menu.
It is NOT ALLOWED to advertise your club in game chat or private messages - if you do that, you will be banned and club will be deleted! The allowed ways to promote clubs are:
  • Create topic in clubs section - only 1 topic per club is allowed
  • Put advertisement in your /welcomemessage or rank
  • Rent a billboard
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