Author Topic: Why was your topic deleted/locked  (Read 1524 times)

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Why was your topic deleted/locked
« on: August 16, 2012, 01:56 »
First of all: was your topic deleted or just moved to another board?
If you posted in wrong section, your topic may be moved to the correct one. You should be able to find it in your last posts in your forum profile. If it's still there, you can see where it was moved.

Reasons why topics (or posts) are deleted:
  • Your post violates forum rules - this is the most likely reason. If your post insults anyone, you use CAPS LOCK excessively, or you broke any other of the rules, your post is deleted. If you didn't get a warning along with it, consider yourself lucky.
  • Your post didn't bring anything new to the subject - some topics, mostly within "reports" section are cleared by admin from unnecessary comments. You shouldn't post there if not needed!
  • Your "report" concerned something that was already reported and dealt with, or replied to by admin.
  • Your report couldn't be understood by admin - the rule of thumb is, if you are not competent enough to make a report that can be understood in few seconds, you are probably not competent enough to report a bug/player.
  • Your post didn't follow guidelines in the specific board/topic. This is very important, because some users don't include description in the report. "Just look: [video]" is not a proper bug description. Video/image is supposed to prove that your report is not made up. No admin will waste time to inspect your video/screenshot wondering what you are trying to report.
  • Topic was not posted in for long time - topics may be deleted if nobody posts in it for extended period of time. Locked topics (handled reports, etc.) may be deleted earlier.
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