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Allowed modifications
« on: December 06, 2010, 06:43 »
This is list of features that are not allowed in server. Any mod that has any of these features is not allowed in server:

  • Vehicle health or repair modifications, altering vehicle damages or components like nos, also infinite nitrous, infinite health, teleporting or spawning vehicles.
  • Speed/handling modification (ie. speedhack, drift lines, 'winter mod' changing grip)
  • Any mods giving access to normally unavailable places/interiors like inside of gas station, airbreak etc.
  • Teleporting player
  • Giving jetpack, weapons, armour, health
  • Special abilities like climbing walls, gravity, flying, teleporting or other normally not available in server.
  • Changing player weather
  • ELM/Emergency Light Mod (it is visible to other players!)
  • Anything that appears for other players like a hack or something that isn't normally available in game or gamemode.

This means that Emergency Lights Mod is not allowed (it alters vehicle damages!) and players using ELM will be kicked from server. Players using forbidden mods may be also banned from server.

Mods that are allowed in server are:

  • textures alterations
  • camhack (allowing player to spectate, but player must stand in place)
  • Vehicle mods if they appear normally for other players, no jumping/hovering or sinking in the road
  • Speedometer
  • GPS

If you have doubts whether your mod is allowed or not, post in the Help board, one of the admins will give you answer.
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