Author Topic: Shoutbox Rules [12 January 2014]  (Read 5407 times)

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Shoutbox Rules [12 January 2014]
« on: April 23, 2012, 21:26 »
Shoutbox rules

These are the basic rules for using the shoutbox. By using the shoutbox, you are hereby declaring that you have read through these rules and will follow them.

1.   Respect other users. Disrespectful behavior will not be accepted.
2.   Do not post or send unwanted messages, do not flood, do not re-post the same information multiple times, do not ask for unbans/unwarns etc.
3.   Use common sense.
4.   Any malicious activity, including posting links to viruses, illegal downloads and malicious scripts is not allowed.
5.   Do not advertise clubs or events in the Shoutbox. Do not advertise other SA-MP servers, whether IP or website.
6.   All server and forum rules apply for the Shoutbox too. (,11.0.html)
7.   Do not make admin / staff requests in the Shoutbox, for example asking for unban or requests. This may result in a Shoutbox ban. Also posting links to these are not allowed either.
8.   Only speak English in the Shoutbox.
9.   Don't post about server restarts / issues since they can't be fixed from the Shoutbox, the Shoutbox is intended to be used for friendly conversations.
10. Report a rule breaker by taking a screenshot and using the forum's report area.
11. Report Shoutbox bugs using the "bug reports" section of the forum. Joshy will look into it and possibly fix the bug. However he won't accept bug reports from people using old browsers like Internet Explorer 8, you should update.
12. Do not post links to adult material, screamers, or to images / sites that could be considered "not safe for work" material. You can post links that are acceptable for normal use, do not use link shorterners. We reserve the right to interpret whether certain links are appropriate or not.
13. Do not post any IP address of any player including yourself, or other server; does not include current server IP.
14. CT staff reserve the rights to remove messages as of result of breaking rules.
Breaking these rules may result in temporary or permanent ban. Got banned? The only way to appeal is contacting an admin and take a screenshot immediately when you get banned. Failure to provide a screenshot in Shoutbox ban appeal will likely lead to your appeal being rejected. Only unfair bans can be appealed.
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There you go, cop didnt have a car and one was spawned for him.
Admins are helpers, not monsters.
And i just want to take this moment that i have to thank you SO much for giving me the chance to be a moderator. I really enjoyed it, and although I made bad decisions (like playing MW3 too much haha xD), I really really did enjoy helping players like never before. You were my role model, you were the best admin I had seen in years, and there will never be another one like you.

It will take another to replace me, but I dont think CT can recover if they lose you bro, I wish you the best.

(Pretty sure you hear stuff like this every day XD You're like Chuck norris)
It's unfair that admins can teleport to buy house, and reset their own camping score, but we have to trust that they won't abuse it. We have to trust them anyway, because the server is in their hands. Without admins server is nothing.

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Re: Shoutbox Rules [12 January 2014]
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2014, 01:52 »
23/2/14 - Grammar fixes, no new rules/significant changes.
25/8/11 - 4/10/15: 1502 days of continuious staff duty C:-)
12/4/20 - breathing in coronavirus :o