Author Topic: [HowTo] Create a Successful Club  (Read 1803 times)

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[HowTo] Create a Successful Club
« on: April 21, 2012, 21:40 »
Everyone wants their club to be the most popular club on the server. Here you can learn some tips on how to make your club popular.

  • First you'll need to create a club. To do this go to any shop and click the option "Create Club". This will cost $100,000
  • You'll want your club to have a unique name. This will make people want to join it
  • You'll also want to let your club offer something to its members. Whether that be events or a base, or even something else is up to you.
  • Once you do this you'll want to set all the club options to your liking.
  • After your club is set the way you like (you can change it later) you'll want to advertise your club to the other players on the server.
  • You can advertise by announcement at any shop. This will cost $10,000. I find that this is very effective at gaining members. You could also use $75,000 of the $100,000 you used to make the club to rent a billboard. You can do this by typing /myclubs then clicking on your club, and then clicking "advertise club".
  • Never advertise your club in the main chat. This breaks server rules and you will get a warning and your club could be terminated.
  • You can also advertise your club Here.
  • Once you advertise the club make sure to accept new members if you configured your club to not auto-accept.
  • After all that you need to sit back and wait. People will slowly start to apply to your club and the number of members will slowly increase. Don't think you'll have 50 members overnight. It will take a while.
  • You might also want to have your brand new club host a few events to get its name out there.
  • You could host a carshow. They are easy and exciting for players to join. Plus you get to see a lot of really cool cars.
To have a successful club you'll need to be patient and have plenty of money to give away at events and to buy advertisements with. It is very rewarding in the end so give it a shot. :)
When your club is really popular it will be on this list
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Re: How to: Create a Successful Club
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 06:23 »
Great topic, i might do this when i get 100 truck loads

I will explain it in another way: Once upon a time, a speed hacked connected to Convoy Trucking. He thought he was the king with his magic speedhacks and he couldnt be caught. Unfortunatly Smokey the bear had just the lastest :letmebanallcheaters: update and the speedhacker got caught. Alot of days went by and he decided to appeal his ban. Some lazy ass admin called Konali checked on his profile and saw he had 10 days left to be unbanned. All that there was left was locking the appeal and hoping that it would be clear to the player now.

so uhmmmmm basicly: you cannot appeal fair bans/but your time is served in 10 days so just wait and uhm.. enjoy my story. ok