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Rowing + House
« on: April 15, 2012, 06:25 »
[15:00:41] <Rahail> R16 smoky wants you!
[15:00:58] <R16RACA> ahhh!
[15:01:15] <Rahail> the fuck 530kph on FREway

Quote from: Konali
R16 u where maybe a quiet guy, but you are one of the smartest persons i have seen here and i never saw u gettin in trouble. U are a role model for alot players that cant behave and i will really really miss you.

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*Mick88 announced: Fuuuuuu!
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"fuck off" is merely a kind request
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New theme is so sexy I want to make love to it

It is not allowed as it is a mod that can be seen by other truckers, who might not want to look at flashing lights all the time. This is why only non laggy mods that only you can see are allowed.