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[Info]Your life on the internet
« on: March 30, 2012, 22:54 »
Hello everyone.

A lot of people on the internet like to show off.

They have busy lives, they are rich, they have cool things, many things.

But showing off can turn into your life being over as you know it.

There is a thing called :Identity theft

You must be careful what you post on the internet.
Do you REALLY need to tell the person your FULL name?

Do you need to show them? (Sometimes pictures aren't good, something in the background, or even in plain view can show someone Everything they need to steal your whole life).
NEVER take pictures of your passports or driving licences.

Avoid taking too many detailed pictures of your street. If someone sees a door number and road, they know where you are!

Never give your phone number out..whats the point? only a creep will call.

Picture of yourself? Well you can if you want, who cares? Just remember, check the background for any give aways.

NEVER take pictures of your bank card. Check pictures before uploading them, what if your bank card is on show?

Bank card gives them your name, account number, and if they know your Date of birth and address, kiss goodbye to your

Becareful out there kids!

(The reason for this thread is due to a member posting something like this, that would have seriously changed his life in a bad way had someone seen it who was malicious)
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