Author Topic: Explaination of forum boards' purposes  (Read 1659 times)

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Explaination of forum boards' purposes
« on: February 04, 2012, 13:54 »
This is for your reference since I notice a lot of players posting in wrong section and I have to delete or move the posts.

  • General talk - chat about anything related to server. No asking for help or reporting problems!
  • Events - If you're a planning an event, post there. 1 topic for each event only!
  • Help - ask help if you don't know how to do something, how to solve a server-related problem that doesn't require assistance from staff. Ask questions about which mods are allowed, how to change insurance and other settings, how much it costs to make a club, how many cars you can buy when you own a certain house and how much money you will get from selling it, etc (do not post about your game crashing or server being down!).
    You are very likely to get answers to your questions quickly when you post here, because questions are answered by all members, not only staff. You are also free to reply to any topic in this board to answer other players' questions.
  • Suggestions - Suggest changes and new features, discuss other players' suggestions. Please read the sticky before posting to see what has already been suggested and save yourself time posting a new thread that's going to be locked.
  • General requests - Post a request related to your own account or club only. You cannot request changes to server itself, like number of slots or object removal (exceptions can be made for house objects if you own the house and object is blocking your driveway). Use the forms provided to request changes to your account, like name change, securing account, or creating sub-forum for your club. The requests are taken very literally, so make sure you follow the instructions and don't make any typos when you fill the form!
  • Ban appeals - post here if you are banned for something you didn't do. You should know your ban ID before you post (Ban ID shows when you try to join the server). If you don't have the ban ID. If you don't post ban ID or it's incorrect, your appeal will be closed without reading.
  • Report Players - if you see a serious breach of rules in server and have proof in form of screenshot or video, please post here. Report may be closed without reply if admin decides that offence is too minor. Do not reply to any topic here unless you are providing proof!
  • Problems and complaints - this is the place to post if you're unable to join the server due to your account being disabled, etc. Any issues with server that can be solved only by admins are posted here, like lost money, account break-ins, refund claims, including complaints about staff members. Do not post about your client-side issues like game crashing or losing connection. Do not reply to any topic here unless you are providing more information!
  • Bug reports - this board is for posting reports about gamemode bugs (and website bugs). Please post as much information as possible, but keep it short!. Do not reply to any bugs unless you can provide more information.