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« on: October 23, 2011, 01:17 »
Hello I would like to start mapping. Now I have some idea of how it maps with the MTA but the other day I saw a program on the website of samp map editor calledsomething like 0.3d but I have little idea how to use it. I think to put things must be sought by their id but I do not know the id's of objects. I wanted that guided me a bitplease.

Greetings and excuse my English

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Re: Mapping
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Kinda easy what you are asking for. [/sarcasm]

But anyway there are a LOT. of objects. there isn't a damn list. just look for one object youre looking for. and  make a .txt on the most common objects you wold use. i kinda used GTA MAP EDITOR. (or something like that) to explore the gta world. and find the objects i would use. and i would copy and paste te id and object name for i would search for it in MTA Editor.

DL Link for teh Map Editor if you want it:

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Re: Mapping
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thx for your help