How to contribute to Convoy Trucking (donations)

Started by mick88, November 25, 2010, 22:32


If you feel like you want to help the community by donating some money for server, here is the link to donation page. You will not get any extra ig money or car slots for donating. These go directly to Convoy Trucking samp server. Default donation amount is €2, but you can change it to whatever you feel is appropriate.

The extra features for VIP players are:

  • Priority to access server in peak times (vip slot)
  • Custom signature - upload own background picture etc.
  • access to VIP skins available via /vipskin command
  • ability to hold (attach) predefined objects to player (/vipobject)
  • ability to use any animation (/vipanim)
  • Custom vehicle numberplates (/numberplate)
  • Own radio station list, ability to add custom streams (/vipradio)
  • Access to the forum's VIP lounge
  • Disabled ads on
Please remember, that:

  • Once you donate, you can use the in-game VIP commands forever (even after your VIP expires).
  • Default donation amount is €2.00. If you donate more, you will receive 15 days loger vip for every €1.
  • Donations by OneBip are affected by carrier fees - if you don't want to pay them, use PayPal.
  • Custom VIP backgrounds for signatures are 400 x 95 pixels, and must be JPG format.
  • You will not receive in-game money for your donation. Also do not donate for other players for in-game money.
  • Please enter your in-game nickname in the "Note" field, make sure you enter your name correctly!
  • VIP members should still follow all the rules, donator status doesn't prevent them from being banned if they don't follow the rules.
  • We reserve right to reject donations (rejected donations are refunded).
  • VIP cannot be transferred from one account to another. Once you donate, VIP will be given only to the player who is signed on the donation note. If there is no note, VIP will be granted based on e-mail address.
  • You can donate by PayPal or OneBip:
if you can't donate using the links above or you want to donate with different currency, send your donation directly to the PayPal account: and don't forget to include your username in transfer message.

Donations via OneBip link award VIP to your account automatically as soon as you send donation.

If you have any problems donating, forgot to include your ig name, or didn't become VIP after 24 hours, email

If you are VIP in-game, but not VIP on forum, click here and request it.