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Screenshots and Videos / New Base & Some Maps
« on: May 10, 2020, 12:38 »
Hello Guys, There is a new base created by admin Sjomp, I hope you will like the new base. It is a medium sized base for cars and maybe vans etc. (Not for Trailers they will stuck, but if you work hard its possible to fit trailers there).

Base Details:
Base ID: 32
Location: Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas
Price: $15,000,000
Renewal: 1,500,000 per month
Gates: 1

Here are the Pictures:

EDIT: Make sure to check this new map as well, when you enter the Sandus at left side of construction site.

EDIT 2: And a lonely House at left of Sandus Entry Bridge, near the Gas Station of Whetstone :)

Thanks Sjomp!!!

Tutorials, Guides and FAQs / [Info]Everything about Bases!
« on: February 07, 2020, 14:01 »
Hello Guys!

With another topic I came, hope you'll like it, its related to base, everything (I know) about bases will be shared here to share knowledge & to remove confusions.

Everything about club can be found here:

so lets start with the left over topic, base!

List of Things that will be covered

Requirement & Method to purchase a base
Base Information (All about Base options and features)
Base List & Location
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Requirement & Method to create club

A Club: You have to create a club only then you can buy a base (can't buy without club).
Enough funds to buy a base: Your club must have enough funds to buy a base, otherwise you won't be able to buy a base.

Stand on "i" icon (it is marked BS on map) then click Enter and select Buy base and hit Yes.
OR Simply type /buybase while standing on "i" icon of base.

Base Information (All about Base options and features)

After you buy a base, you will get 3 more options in your club menu /myclub.

1. Renew base by 30 days.
     • Allows you to renew the base rent for more 30 days.
2. Restore club vehicles.
     • Allows you to restore all vehicles that are parked in base. It will not respawn any vehicle just restore to its current parking place. You have to respawn a vehicle if its not visible in club base.
3. Navigate to club.
     • Add GPS to your club base location.

Base List & Location

There are total 32 bases available on server.

Distributed in following areas:
Los Santos: 6
Red County: 1
Whetstone: 1
San Fierro: 6
Bone County: 3
Las Venturas: 14
Wet County: 1

Main Land

Full Size HD Image:

Island Wet County (Eyre Island)

Table is sorted by base price.

Price          Rent          Location          ID         
$5,000,000                    $500,000                    El Corona, Los Santos                    12                   
$5,000,000                    $500,000                    El Corona, Los Santos                    13                   
$7,500,000                    $750,000                    Commerce, Los Santos                    8                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000                    Fort Carson, Bone County                    4                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000                    San Fierro                    9                   
$8,000,000                    $800,000          The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas                    31                   
$10,000,000                    $1,000,000          Whetstone                    14                   
$10,500,000                    $1,050,000          Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas                    27                   
$11,000,000                    $1,100,000          Financial, San Fierro                    16                   
$11,500,000                    $1,150,000          Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    5                   
$12,000,000                    $1,200,000          Easter Basin, San Fierro                    10                   
$12,000,000                    $1,200,000          Creek, Las Venturas                    11                   
$12,500,000                    $1,250,000          Las Venturas                    29                   
$13,000,000                    $1,300,000          Rodeo, Los Santos                    20                   
$12,500,000                    $1,250,000          Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    32                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Eyre Island, Wet County                    15                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Calton Heights, San Fierro                    22                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Market, Los Santos                    24                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Las Venturas                    28                   
$15,000,000                    $1,500,000                    Verdant Bluffs, Los Santos                    30                   
$16,000,000                    $1,600,000                    Prickle Pine, Las Venturas                    25                   
$18,000,000                    $1,800,000                    Fort Carson, Bone County                    26                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Foster Valley, San Fierro                    1                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas                    6                   
$21,000,000                    $2,100,000                    Prickle Pine, Las Venturas                    23                   
$24,000,000                    $2,400,000                    Lil’ Probe Inn, Bone County                    17                   
$24,500,000                    $2,450,000                    Las Venturas                    19                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Rockshore East, Las Venturas                    2                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Palisades, San Fierro                    3                   
$25,000,000                    $2,500,000                    Creek, Las Venturas                    21                   
$26,000,000                    $2,600,000                    Red County                    18                   

Note: All bases are located by "BS" on map and it only shows the location of bases, does not shows if the base is for sale or already bought, you have to go in game and check if the base if for sale or bought already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to buy base from club funds?
A. Simply get enough money in your club funds and go to any base and buy it, or use /buybase on "i" icon of base.

Q. How to buy base from own money?
A. Nope, it will give you this message "There is not enough funds for this base. Use 'donate' option to lodge money in club."

Q. Can I buy base without club?
A. Nope.

Q. After I sell base will I get any funds?
A. No. You can't "sell" your base, you can only leave, and will not get any refund.

Q. What if I don't pay rent of base?
A. You lose base.

Q. If we lose base, what about vehicles?
A. If you don't pay for your base and your club gets evicted from it, all member's vehicles parked in the base will be clamped, so you should move them before base payment expires or you 'move out' from it.

Q. How many bases can I own?
A. Only 1 base, because, only 1 club can be founded per player so that's why each club can have only 1 base.

Q. What vehicles you can park there?
A. Any vehicle you want.

Q. How many vehicles you can park?
A. As much as your base have space.

Q. Can I park vehicles on top of hangers?
A. No, parking on rooftops is not allowed.

Q. What if I leave the base, what about cars (personal cars shared with club)?
A. All members' vehicles need to be removed from base or they will be clamped.

Q. Do I have to buy base and then pay rent at same time?
A. When you buy a base for your club, the rent is paid for next 30 days automatically.

Q. Can I change club name after I get a base for my club?
A. Yes, but it will cost you the base price. If your base price is $8,000,000 then it will cost you $8,000,000 to change name.

Q. Can I transfer club to someone else after buying a base?
A. Yes, but it will cost you the base price (read above).

That's all I got, hope you guys like the information. Please let me know if there is anything to add/replace or any suggestion/advice or any compliment/comment, would love to hear that.

Also if there is anything related to this post:
You can reply about that here as well (as normal players can't reply in tutorials section) anything adding/replacing etc. Will move to Tutorials later. :)


Tutorials, Guides and FAQs / [Info]Everything about clubs!
« on: January 22, 2020, 13:42 »
Hello Guys!

I wanted to make a full guide/tutorial regarding to the club system. I searched a lot on forums and found 2 useful tutorials regarding to club, they are available in the end at FAQs section.

Note: Yes, I have read those 2 tutorials already, and the method to create a club is pretty much same in all, but I will provide much more information instead of just the method, so yeah, this is different than others and i'm not double or re-posting same thing again. :)

Note: This post will only contain information regarding to CLUBS ONLY. Anything related to base is not discussed here.

I personally never created a club and know nothing about clubs (as I don't really have interest in clubs), so I know very few about clubs. I see many players who are excited and want to create their own club, but obviously, as a normal thing to do is to get information about clubs before you create it.

Sometimes, players ask some difficult question, that even no one knows the answer (no words typed in chat) and this kinda kills their excitement against clubs, as they don't get any information so slowly slowly they leave that topic (some players, not all).

I personally wanted to gain as much information about clubs as I can so that I can share with everyone, and they also know about the club system. The only option was to create a club and test everything out by myself and then answer all questions (that's what I did).

Side Note: Please refer to Credit Section to know more about contributions.

Lets start without talking too much!

List of Things that will be covered

Requirement & Method to create club
Club Information (All about club options and features)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Requirement & Method to create club


Truck Loads: Once you completed 100 truckloads, you can create own company (club).
Cash: $100,000

Step 1
Search before creating: Type /clubs and search the name of (your club) to see if there is already a club with your name or not.


Enter Club Name

Check if any club exists with your name or not.

Step 2
1. Go to icon (stands for shop/store) and select last option Create club ($100,000).

2. Enter your club name, and click Create, it will cost you $100,000 and your club will be created.

Club Information (All about club options and features)

Once you have successfully created a club, you now will see the following options of your club (as a Founder).

All options are listed below, click any option to find its usage.

1. View Members
  Allows you to shows all members in your club, and search for members.
  Members' ranks are shown by following colors:
      Red (Founder)
      Orange (Leader)
      Yellow (Staff)
      White (Normal Members)

  also it shows the status of online members with Green (Online).

        Double click on any member and you will see these options

   1.A. Change Rank to Club staff
  Allows you to promote the member in to Club Staff.

   1.B. Change rank to Club leader
  Allows you to promote the member in to Club Leader.

   1.C. Remove member
  Allows you to remove that member.

   1.D. Ban from club
  Allows you to ban that member (removes from your club and prevents him/her to join again by putting him/her in Blacklist).

   1.E. Send message
  Sending that member, a message (from your own money).

   1.F. Add to contacts
  Adding them to your /contacts list.

   1.G. Check stats
  Allows you to check their /stats.

   1.H. View funding stats
  Shows you donations and funds by using shared vehicle from last 30 days and overall as well.

2. View events
  Allow you to view events planned by the club.

3. Applications
  Allows you to check for applications to see if there is an application waiting for approval to join your club.

4. Blacklist
  Shows a list of players who are banned from your club and cannot join your club until you unban them.

5. Send message to members
  Allow you to send a message to all members from club funds.

6. Club Vehicles
  Shows you vehicles that are shared with your club and search for them.
  It also shows (non-shared) vehicles that are parked in your base with white color (if you have a base).
  To buy vehicle from club funds, you have to be club leader at least, then go to a dealer, select vehicle, and select buy for club, it will show you a list of clubs where you are leader/founder, then select any club you want to buy vehicle for and confirm your purchase. Vehicle will be bought from club funds, and after selling vehicle the money will again go back to club funds.

7. Notice Board
  Allows you to post any message/notice on club's notice board.

8. Message Board
  Allow club members to add any message to the message board of club.

9. Club log
  Shows you the club log where it shows all logs, who joined, who left, when club was created, who donated, who post something on noticeboard etc.

10. Club funds log
  Shows you the all funds logs, everything related to funds will be shown there, who donated, who used shared vehicle to complete mission and give money to club, how much money cost for renting a billboard or sending message to players for club, who bought a vehicle from club funds, etc.

11. Club Options (Founder Only)
   11.A. Description
  Allows you to add new description, it will overwrite first one. You can also use HTML color codes.

   11.B. Club Advertisement
  Allows you to add up to 3 lines of text (you can also use color codes) and if you only need 1 or 2 lines, just press enter on other lines they will be skipped. Then choose the billboard where you want it to be advertised. Choose for how many IRL (In Real Life) days you want it to be there, and select ok after that you will see how your advertisement will look like and then confirm and pay for it from your club funds.
   11.C. Transfer Club
  Allows you to transfer your club to one of the leader of your club [Cost $1,000,000] (From Club Funds) it will only be transferred to a Leader.

   11.D. Rename Club
  Allows you to rename your club [Cost $1,000,000] (From Club Funds).

   11.E. Donations
  Enable this option to receive donations from players.

   11.F. Auto-renew
  Enable this option to auto renew your (Base rent) purchased by your club.

   11.G. Auto-accept
  Enable this option to auto accept new members who have applied for your club.

   11.H. Message Board
  Enable this option to have a message board for players to put a message.

   11.I. Parking Policy
  Allows you to change policy of parking (in your base), to either all vehicles (every vehicle can be parked, even non club vehicles can be parked) or club vehicles only.

   11.J. Minimum score
  Allows you to add any score requirement for players to join your club.

   11.K. Delete Club
  Allows you to delete your club (you won’t get any refund from club or base).

12. Club details
  Shows you the details of your club, members, funds, description etc.


For Owner:
  If you have good members in your club, they can work for your club and get you some funds from which you can buy vehicles without investing/donating in club (In a case where you put all your money to buy a base and have $0 money, so you can still buy vehicles).
  If you have good members in your club, they can work for your club and get you some funds from which you can pay rent of your base and don't have to donate/work too much to pay the rent.

For Members:
  Members get all vehicles at same place. Like sometimes you change your work very often so you have to /reclass & /kill then select appropriate spawn point where you can find mission vehicles to work with. By having a base and club vehicles shared there, players can simply spawn at base and take any vehicle they want and do anywork they want (without respawning to different locations) mostly useful for securicars, as there are no spawn points to get to securicar you have to drive a lot, but in clubs you get all vehicles at one palce.
  Members can enjoy using components which are not found in public vehicles like: Fast acceleration (NOS), Better suspension (Hydraulics) and better grip (wheels).
  Mostly club shared vehicles are insured by their owners, if they are then members can get free /fix for themselves, which is cost saving to them.
  Members can drive some fancy cars (modified cars) which are not found in public like: Modified Sultan, Elegy, Stratum, Flash and many more.
  Members can also drive some rare cars which are not available in public and are very costly to buy, like Infernus, Mover, Vortex, Swat Tank etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Club & Naming.
  • Club Features.
  • Funds & Vehicles.
  • Transfer & Delete Club.
  • Sub-Forum for Club.
  • Commands.

Club & Naming

Q. How much cost it will take to create a club?
A. It will cost you $100,000 and your club will be created but, this money will be deposited to your club funds, and your club will have $100,000 in funds. It is like you create your club for free and put $100,000 in funds, so yeah you don’t lose anything but just put funds in your club.

Q. What if there was a club already with same name and I create another one?
A. Cannot create club with same name. Make sure the name is not in use.

Q. What if I put wrong name of club, can I edit it and rename the club name?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Rename Club [Cost $1,000,000] using club funds.

Club Features

Q. How to add events to club?
A. Login to website, by using your in-game name and password. Click your name (at top of website) and select Profile. On your right side, you will see an option of Clubs, click it to view your joined/created clubs. Select your club (in which you are a Founder or a Leader, because only these can create an event). At right side you will see Events, click it and provide requested information to create your event.

Q. If auto-accept is disabled, how I will know there is an application waiting for approval to join my club?
A. You have to manually check Application section to see that, and you won't get any notification about that.

Q. Can I change club description after I add one?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Club Description, add new description it will overwrite first one.

Q. Can I use HTML color codes in description?
A. Yes, you can. If you want to put whole description box with same color, you can put {CODE} Your Description then press enter, whole description box will have same color. But if you just want color in description and not on others, use this technique, {CODE} Your Description {FFFFFF} this will make all other text in white, like how many members are there, funds etc. Click Here to see an example (Club name & Founder name is hidden)

Q. Can I change policy to only park club vehicles and not other vehicles?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Parking policy > you can change it to all vehicles or club vehicles only.

Q. Can I set a score requirement for my club?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Minimum Score > Add any score requirement you like.

Q. Where can I advertise my club so that players can know about my club and join it?
A. Advertising club server in chat or private messages is not allowed. Advertising is allowed on billboard, welcome message, clubs section on forum and announcements - provided it is not flooded.

Q. How can I advertise my club on billboards (using club funds)?
A. Type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Advertisement > Add up to 3 lines of text (you can also use color codes) and if you only need 1 or 2 lines, just press enter on other lines and they will be skipped. Choose the billboard where you want it to be advertised. Choose for how many IRL days you want it to be there, and select ok after that you will see how your advertisement looks (before confirming) and then confirm and pay for it from your club funds.

Q. Can I use html color codes on announcement at billboards?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Where to advertise my club on forums?
A. Click Here:

Q. Can I announce /apply (club name)?
A. Yes, you can.

Funds & Vehicles

Q. How to buy vehicles from club funds?
A. You need to be leader or founder of the club to buy a vehicle, staff can’t buy club vehicles. Just go to the dealer > Select vehicle > You will see the option to rent, buy and buy for club. Select the 3rd one buy for club. Club vehicles are bought and sold from club funds.

Q. How to buy vehicles for the club from own money?
A. Buy any vehicle for yourself (as you normally do), will cost your own money, then sit inside the vehicle or go near the vehicle and type /sharevehicle [Club Name] it will be shared to the club. You can use /unsharevehicle to un share the vehicle from club

Q. Do we need a house to buy vehicles for the club (using club funds)?
A. Yes, buying vehicle from club funds or your own money, it will cost your own slot, so yeah you need a house to buy vehicle.

Q. Can I un-share a vehicle bought from club funds?
A. No

Q. I bought a vehicle from club funds, will it take club funds to insure it?
A. No, you will pay the insurance, from your money.

Q. What vehicles don't provide funds to club after completing mission?
A. Tow truck, helicopters and planes don't give funds to club after completing a mission with them.

Q. Can I put the vehicle on sale? (bought from club funds)?
A. No, club vehicles can’t be available for sale.

Q. If I sell the vehicle (bought from club funds) will I get the money?
A. No, the vehicle was bought from club funds, so after selling vehicle the money will go back to club funds.

Q. If my vehicle is clamped by the club founder/leader/staff what can I do?
A. Restore it first by /rm [your vehicle] or /restoreall and sit in it, then type /pay (amount of fines depend on vehicle). If you don’t pay it you won’t be able to use your vehicle.

Q. If my vehicle is clamped by the club founder/leader/staff and it was brought from club funds, will club funds pay the clamp fine?
A. No, the vehicle belongs to you, so you will pay the fine from your money.

Q. What if club gets deleted what about vehicles (brought from club funds)?
A. If the vehicles are shared with the club then they will also get deleted and you won't get any money back.

Q. Can I get money from club funds?
A. No, any money donated in club stays in club funds (either by donating or using club vehicles). No one can withdraw that money for personal use.

Q. Can I donate and take my money back later?
A. No, donations are not refundable.

Q. Can I get refund from my club after I delete it?
A. No, club deleted, everything deleted.

Transfer & Delete Club

Q. Can I transfer my club to someone else?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Transfer Club [Cost $1,000,000] (From Club Funds) it will only be transferred to a Leader.

Q. Can I delete my club?
A. Yes, type /myclubs > select your club > club options > Delete Club.

Q. Can I have more than 1 club?
A. No.
Sub-Forum for Club

Q. How to get your own chillboard (sub-forum)?
A. Goto General Request and click on Request club board. You need at least 75 members in order to gain a club sub-forum (Without base). You just need 25 members if you have a base.

Q. Where to request club board (sub-forum)?
A. Click Here:;n=17


Commands in /cmds

   /clubs (Searched name) - displays list of server clubs with ability to search
   /apply [club name] - apply to a club
   /BuyBase - rent base for your club
   /myclubs - list of clubs you belong to
   /playerclubs [player] - list of clubs player belongs to
   /clamp [reason] - clamp vehicle in club base (club staff or above rank)

Other commands

   /sharevehicle [club name] - Share owned vehicle with club.
   /unsharevehicle – Un share shared vehicle from club.
   /myclub – To see your own club menu.

Other tutorials related to clubs which can provide some tips and tricks for your club are:

Club Rules:

Club Features:

Read this before posting club on forums:


I have searched the forum very well and got 20% of question and after that I tested everything to answer the rest of the questions.
20% - Forums search.
80% - Personal testing.

Thanks to those 2 useful tutorials already posted on forums, which helped me here, and our helpful community on our forums that answered some of the questions.

Note: I am thinking to make another tutorial as well (about Bases) but I don't know how long its gonna take, as I am getting a bit busy with my IRL stuff, but I hope to make that tutorial ASAP.

All about bases:

I would really appreciate if anyone wants to post any mistake/suggestion/edit/replace/adding to make this post a full knowledge of clubs :)

If you can't reply here just message me on forums or in game.


Open scamming reports / JuRo (scamming)
« on: December 05, 2019, 13:21 »
Player reported: JuRo

Rule broken: scamming
Date and time: 22/11/2019

I gave a loan of 4,000,000 (4M) to JuRo at 22/10/219 and JuRo said he will pay me back after 1 month that is 22/11/2019 (can be seen in screenshots).

We agreed that he will pay me at 22/11/2019 and now its been 2 weeks passed that date, so the time has already passed, I gave 2 weeks extra already and still I didn't got my money back.

I don't want him to get in any problem just need my money back as we agreed.

Screenshots Game:

Screenshot Website:

BTW: I edited the last screenshot of the game /transferlog to hide other money transfer between other players (Using a black box to hide other transfers), but after I saved it, I realized that it wasn't really needed, I shouldn't edit any evidence at all, and also the transfers weren't that much big deal, so I uploaded the website transfer logs full.

Report Players / Rockstar (insulting / disrespect / threats)
« on: October 22, 2019, 18:28 »
Player reported: Rockstar

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: 10/22/2019 (10:22 PM - GMT +5)

[22:22:00] Officer Rockstar:  fuck you Officer Loup

A serious insult for doing my job taking fines, as can be seen clearly in screen at top of screen it says I have took 10k fines, after that the below message came of "Fuck You" and I have no jokes or something with him so its a clear abusive word and not a joke.

Although, its a small abusive word, but I got this for no reason so its not tolerate able for me.

Report Players / KubsonPL (insulting / disrespect / threats)
« on: October 20, 2019, 18:01 »
Player reported: KubsonPL

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: 10/20/2019 [9:47:33]

Highlighted logs:

[21:47:33] fucking lol
[21:47:53] fuck you pull over fuck you cop
[21:48:09] fuck you
[21:48:19] kurwa chuju jebanny
[21:48:24] spierdalaj
[21:48:35] report fuck you
[21:48:42] ban you mader
[21:48:50] fuck you
[21:49:00] i sex for your mader
[21:49:21] bb server
[21:49:30] fuck you madker
[21:50:00] fuck you kurwa spierdalajcie szmaciure ciągła
[21:50:23] KubsonPL left the server (exit)

just went mad on log checking by police officer.

Report Players / szlagcietrafi (farming)
« on: June 11, 2019, 18:49 »
Player reported: szlagcietrafi

Rule broken: farming
Date and time: 8/6/2019

Farming as well as Abusing police powers.

These 2 players "szlagcietrafi" & "bozenkazklanu" farming and idling as cop and thief, both have cop license to help each other with jail and thief stealing. Preventing from others players to jail them as one goes cop and jails him at a specific place and farming as well staying at unload point so that one can simply easily catch and jail thief before anyone else reaches them.

I'm sick of these mummy daddy actions, as they are helping each other farming and idling whole time.

As can be seen I am cop and killed myself to spawn at bone county, and then his brother/sister/partner reclassed and spawned at his house and "bozenkazklanu" was waiting there in his house to get jailed by him. (they always do it, when ever other person goes cop, they help each other to jail before other person jails them, farming.)

sa-mp-059 & sa-mp-060
How they do it? one goes cop to let other be thief, then thief starts steeling (can be seen behind that boxburg goes driving "szlagcietrafi") while other goes off cop and gets a fast vehicle like infernus/nrg (as seen clearly "bozenkazklanu" for backup) so that when any other player goes cop he gives the fast vehicle to thief and he can run for his life, then the other partner goes cop and they plan a safe place to meet up and get jail from their partner. And after that thief starts to idle doing absolutely nothing, just roaming in infernus and other vehicles, while his partner is cop as long as the place is safe for thief to do his job.

sa-mp-032 & sa-mp-033
As can be seen, the thief and the cop are both with each other at their house and waiting for me to reclass and leave police class, and second picture shows who is cop and helping his partner to be jail and then idling whole time.

sa-mp-034 & sa-mp-035 & sa-mp-036
As can be seen he is again idling and waiting for me to either leave police class or waiting for his partner to be in police class to jail him.

Another day both in server helping each other, when they see me as cop I was taking fines at first, then "szlagcietrafi" goes to cop class so that he can jail his partner "bozenkazklanu" and farming and idling starts from here again.

And here the fake chat starts, "ty officer" oh my my very happy to be jailed by his partner, and when I said too much script, he said "this is my job" and the other says "yes", so basically they find their job when someone ELSE goes cop and then they know whats their job its to save each other from others and thats what they just did by jailing each other and idling and roaming around whole time and blocking the thief class as well.

As I said, they help each other and wait at unload point (before I reach) and jail their partner.

Thief is free roaming and doing nothing as can be seen easily in the infernus (that his partner just gave) and his partner being cop so that if he gets wanted he run away and meet his partner at a better and safe place to jail.

And after the previous screenshot, easily this can be seen that hes still in thief class and doing absolutely nothing, and just blocking thief class for others.

There ya go, other player goes cop, and here his partner goes cop to save the other thief partner for being jailed, and again the farming and idling starts.

And as said earlier, "helping" each other, luckily they didn't have time to reclass or run in fast vehicle so the other guy just starts to ram the cop to prevent it from jailing his partner, meanwhile his technique didn't worked well and he got jailed.

Again ramming and taking the frustration off. Ramming and saying "this is last time" then "sorry"

sa-mp-070 & sa-mp-071
This might help more. Who is id 0? same guy in earlier image.

In Cop Heli, running under a big tunnel, and waiting for other to go cop and arrest, while in other vehicles they run very far away from any police spawn point and sometimes taking heli/planes etc. to get away from cops, and planning a place to meet up and they jail each other then again farming and idling starts.

General Talk / Smokey Anti-Cheat
« on: February 25, 2019, 17:58 »
Hello All, well it says "Server related chat" so I thought to put this post here as its not a complete suggestion or a complete help needed or something so I guess its a good place for this.

I know most of the guys are more aware than me, but I thought why not to find out about it something or maybe in the end we find some good suggestions or something?

On Topic:
Smokey seems to ban innocent players most of the times like 99% it most of the time catches innocent player (Launched by hacker) and bans them, meanwhile the hacker itself is completely untouched (mostly).

I know admins are well aware about this, and they have seen some "update smokey anti cheat" suggestions as well, but maybe they are busy with their real life (like every other person) and they don't have enough time for this or something dont know the real reason. But until an update comes, why not maybe disabling the Airbreak/airbrake and fly catching mechanism for sometime? Because sometimes other cheats like adding nos and weapons cheat gets caught, but this...flying/launching gets confused.

I don't know if it is easy or hard to do (as I have never done it) so im not really suggesting, just asking and discussing. As I guess this would reduce the false bans on forums and player getting frustrated until they get unban and frustrated at the time of ban, they wont be ban in the air and when they land they still would be in game so if they are annoyed they can simply quit the game (as most of the players would prefer including me).

NOTE: These above situations occur when there are no admins/mods in server, and when they are obviously hackers wont dare to join.

P.S: Delete this topic if its not appropriate to discuss about this topic.

General Talk / Whatsapp Group for CT
« on: December 26, 2018, 11:08 »
Is there any whatsapp group for convoy trucking members?

if not then lets create one?

We can chat at there in free time when we don't use our pc or discuss things related to server and all stuff.

Hello Guys!
Its Loup here, thought to make a proper tutorial about having colored welcome message when you login (as the title says as well).

Just a small Message:

I searched before posting here and found some related topics:

The problem is that none of the above link tells clearly about how to do it, there is a link given also in those topics but that dosen't work anymore.

and also found a topic of:

Which is not a tutorial its a reply from players, so I thought to make a proper tutorial for this.

Btw. I can't post in the Tutorial section, idk why but the "New Topic" does not shows in that section for me.

Okay, lets start!

The color message is a message with HTML color codes given before the message to add colors to it. Speaking of html color codes you will find some numbers such as "#3352FF" (which represents a blue color) and might be thinking of what those numbers are and how they show a particular color, well lets discuss it in basic.

Basically html color codes are started from 00 and ends with FF. The numbers start from 00 to 01, 02, 03...upto 09 and after 9 it starts to go on alphabetic order, so after 9 its A, B, C, D, E, F, it starts from 01 to 0F and then 10 and so on... These numbers are showing values of A [10] B [11] C [12] D [13] E [14] F [15] (Total 16 numbers including 0) just like hexadecimals.

The number 0 works as off.
The number 1 works as darker color.
The number F works as lighter color.

so as you go from 1 to F the color goes from darker to lighter.

How do you know what color you will get?

It starts from RGB colors. An RGB color value is specified with:

R          G             B
Red      Green      Blue

so it is sorted in this way:

R        G       B
00      00      00

If you increase the value of red, it will show you a dark color going upto the final value of FF it will show you the lightest and brightest red color. An example can be seen here:

R       G         B
FF      00      00

These 3 colors are combined in different amount to form new colors. You can either try a random color to see what color it generates or just check for the HTML Color Codes.

HTML Color Codes:

This was just a small explanation of html color codes to show you what actually these numbers are used for and how they work, now lets talk about how they can be added to your welcome message in game.

When you choose your HTML color, you might have a "#" hash in your code like the picture above at example, we don't need that hash so if you get it just remove it or your color code in game won't work.

Step 1:

Login to the server and type "/settings" command

and at 2nd last option you will find a "welcome message"

double click it and you will see a small bar where you can type your welcome message.

Step 2:

Put the color code in this bracket { } and then add your message after it.
An Example: {FF0000} Hello Guys!

Results: Hello Guys!

You're all done with having a colored welcome message.

Let's go a bit advance by setting multiple color to your welcome message.

Step 1:

For this select 2 or more color codes and put 1 code in one bracket, then put your message and then next code in other bracket then put your other message. An Example: {FF0000} Hello {00FF00} Guys![/Color]

Results: Hello Guys!

*Color code must be before your message then it will work on your message.
*You can only type 64 characters in your welcome message (including the color codes and brackets), each of the bracket each of the number and alphabetic will be counted, so if some of your text is not shown maybe its because you have more than 64 characters.

Means that this is the correct way: {FF0000} Hello Guys!
And this is the wrong way: Hello Guys! {FF0000}

This is a video tutorial for those who don't wanna read all the stuff and just wanna directly see this feature in action.

So this was the Tutorial, I hope you guys like it :), Thanks.

Screenshots and Videos / Pictures & Videos
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:15 »
Hello everyone, I thought to make this topic to share some pictures, I don't really know why there is no sticky post where all players can show their in game pictures (without creating a new topic), but anyways lets start it now? lets put all in game related images on one topic to reduce mess on forums.

I'll start with last night fun with Matti and escobar aka Ritz, roaming like newbies having a lot of fun like racing, roaming, stunting, super jumping with bmx, stealing Matti's cars ;D booming the entrance gate of Matti's mansion LOL and a lot more fun (but then I got crashed power cut :/), but just got a few pictures of last night :< anyways lets see these:-

Mods / My Favorite Mods Collection
« on: July 24, 2018, 15:17 »
Hello Everyone, I would like to share some mods which I use in my game, maybe some players like these mods and they want to have them so I gave download link as well.

Hope you guys like it, this is my favorite mod collection.

If some mods got added in my favorite list ill post them here :)

P.s: I posted this especially for you karla <3

Other Mods:
Reflection for vehicles (only)

Wheels Pack 1

Wheels Pack 2

I use some wheels from pack 1 and some from pack 2 mixed.

Xenon HID Lights

Paintjob 1

Paintjob 2

Paintjob 3

Note: Paintjob are not by me, I just downloaded these long time ago and cant find from where I downloaded them so I just compressed them in 1 file and gave the link, credit goes to their real creators.

ImVehFt aka IVF (Improved Vehicle Features)
Full view to ImVehFt is available here:

Road Train

It was also announced here:

Petrol Trailer

Artic Trailer 1 & 3
Can be found here:

Dumper Trailer






My Personal Euros (With Off-Road Wheels)


rnchlure (Rancher, the one at sf thief spawn, ID:505)




Report Players / GEO_el_V3RG4S (non-English in main chat)
« on: July 15, 2018, 21:03 »
Player reported: GEO_el_V3RG4S

Rule broken: non-English in main chat
Date and time: 15/7/2018 (10:42 GMT+5)

GEO_el_V3RG4S was talking in non English in main chat and was not using cb to talk in other language, I said him to use cb and told about English in main chat, he is not new here so he should be aware of all rules but...


I said "Please talk English here" and Venezuela420 stopped but Geo was continuously talking.(in 2nd screenshot)


I said him to talk in cb but he continued talking there.(in 4th screenshot)





He still continue even when the game mode was not working. (in 9th screenshot)





Ban Appeals / Loup ban appeal
« on: June 09, 2018, 19:33 »
Player name: Loup  
Ban ID: #33342  
Time and date of ban: 11:25 PM GMT +5 (6/9/2018)
Reason of ban: teleport hack
Ban was unfair? Yes
I was banned by: Smokey (anti-cheat)

What actually was happening:
I was laging a lot because of my net was slow, I said vlad to wait at his position I am coming and I typed /kill (at that time I was at bc, and have to go at narwick) so after I typed /kill and select narwick the camera just goes straight up and back to same position then when the camera was set back to normal position I was at narwick and got banned. The pm can be seen in the screenshot at top.


I confirm that all above information is true and I am aware that posting false information in ban appeal will result in my ban being extended.

Hello everyone, I got confused a little bit don't know if it is a bug or a small problem or something else so instead of going to report I thought to just ask here.

Hope the title itself explains everything, I don't get a medal for convoy score achievement (at website) as seen in the picture, the achievement is unlocked for me but the medal icon is not available.

Website stats:

Achievements in-game:

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