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Reapers / Welcome to your child board
« on: October 02, 2020, 18:48 »
This is your new childboard ConvoyTrucking Kings.
Nicky has been added as board mod. Only owner can request new mods on board.

Use it actively or face losing it. Enjoy :)

Code: [Select]
{ff6600}/Apply {ff0000}Dutch {ffffff}Truckers {0000ff}United

Transportify / Welcome to your childboard
« on: April 20, 2020, 12:34 »
This is your new childboard Transportify
PeeJay, Gen.McMuffin$. and Jov. has been added as board mods. Only owner can request new mods on board.

Use it actively or face losing it. Enjoy  C:-)

Screenshots and Videos / I was close to do it perfect :D
« on: April 06, 2020, 17:41 »

Screenshots and Videos / nice carshow
« on: August 14, 2017, 23:14 »

Finaly got all vehicles from the special vehicles dealer list :D :like:

Events / Convoy weekend
« on: June 09, 2017, 10:31 »
From now till next Monday you will get 25% more convoy bonus!
Post pictures of how big your convoy is below so we can all enjoy it. :D

(you will get convoy bonus * 0.25 as bonus, not the mission pay out)

Help / My account is "disabled by Admin"
« on: November 19, 2016, 16:24 »
Accounts get auto-disabled after 180days of inactivity.
If you want your account to be enabled again please fill in this form:;n=7

Notice: Accounts that got disabled because of a 180+ days ban will not be enabled again!

Suggestions / Sharing club bonus
« on: May 23, 2016, 14:56 »
If you drive with your own truck + trailer you get 20+10% bonus.
If you drive with a club truck + trailer then the club gets 30+15% bonus.

This suggestion is that clubs should be able to share the club bonus with the player.
So for example a club sets their bonus payout to 25% and 12% then the player will get 25% and 12% and the other 5 and 3% go to the club funds.
Each club should be able to set their own bonuses so each club can decide what they want to give away.
Although there should be a max to the bonus payout so clubs can't give away everything else it will be unfair to some other (new) clubs.

This way it gives players a reason to drive for a club instead of just driving for theirself.

Locked & Closed Suggestions / donate vehicle to club
« on: April 03, 2016, 14:26 »
My suggestion is that we will be able to donate our own vehicle to a club.
So for example my combine isn't owned by any club but I want it as club vehicle then I should be able to donate it to a club.
And once it is a club vehicle I won't be able to get it back as my own vehicle. (There should be a clear warning of this before you share the vehicle)

I know /share and /unshare was delete because you could get money from club funds by unsharing but I just suggest to get back the share command and not the unshare command.

Events / Christmas Label Contest
« on: December 08, 2015, 23:20 »

Christmas Label Contest

What do you do?
There are labels around on the mapped islands. All you need to do is take a screenshot of you with the label dancing (/dance), reply to this thread using the template below and you will receive your prize. Once you have claimed your RC Bandit (if you don't have one yet), no one else will be able to claim it using the same label. So you should make sure that you post as soon as you find it! The First one that posts the label wins the prize!

text on the label:  ** 00 ** Post a picture in the 'Christmas Label Contest' topic to win a RC Bandit! **

What do you get?
Once you have replied here, you will receive an RC Bandit.

Notice that you can only have 1 RC Bandit, so don't reply when you have one already.

Code: [Select]
In-game Name:
Your screenshot with the label:


06 By Ace. in Sandus
03 By Quotary in Dutchmen Keys, Milestone County
12 By Synco in Sandus Island
16 By Spekter in Fir Island, Wet County
15 By CarlJohnson in Vice City, Wet County
09 By Rahail in Narwick
17 By Mr.Me in Happyland
14 By TheGabriel_Seba in Alcatraz
20 By MEN_0 in Lingmell, The Unresting Desert
13 By StarFi$h in Sandus Island
19 By TX023H_UD in Sandus Island
22 By Grabis. in Fir Island
21 By DriftingMaster. in Eyre Island
10 By J.Harden in Narwick

In this topic is my dutch donation check, don't get scared if you name is here :ccmas:

Even wat ik bijhoud van donaties in 1 topic zodat ik het niet verlies en jullie er ook vanaf weten.

mensen met een bericht op 22-9-2014
Code: [Select]

mensen met een bericht op 23-9-2014
Code: [Select]
[RO]Razwy  2e keer

mensen met een bericht op 25-10-2014
Code: [Select]
mensen met een bericht op 24-11-2014
Code: [Select]

Berichten van 16-02-2015
Code: [Select]
Datum laatste donatie
verzonden bericht

16 Oct 2014
18:46:34 PinkPanther donated $10,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in october 2014, september 2014, november 2014 en november 2014  so please donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

7 Sep 2013
22:42:36 Harald1225 donated $10,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in september 2014 so please donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

22 Dec 2014
01:44:55 Hrky[CRO] joined club
[DTU]You got vehicles parked in our base so donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

13 Feb 2015
16:02:00 ApressadO joined club
[DTU]You got vehicles parked in our base so donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

20 Dec 2014
22:31:18 XxeoNN donated $20,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in december 2014 so please start donating again!

7 Nov 2014
21:36:46 CasoLoco donated $10,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in november 2014 so please start donating again!

6 Nov 2014
20:54:27 JuRiS donated $20,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in november 2014 so please donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

26 Nov 2014
17:50:31 [BG]Nasko99 donated $10,000
[DTU]The last time you donated was in november 2014 so please donate or we will clamp your vehicles!

Berichten/controle van 14-03-2015
Code: [Select]
[BG]Nasko99 - ban van club
ApressadO - bericht niet gelezen van 16 feb
PinkPanther - ban van club
Juris - ban van club
Harald1225 - ban van club
[BG]Rado1999 laatste donatie in januari 2015 - bericht 14-03

GTA & SA-MP / samp problem
« on: January 13, 2015, 12:47 »
I got a problem with my samp since a few days.
I got a new laptop with windows 8.1
It worked the first few days I had this laptop but now it's fucked up.

So the problem is:
When I click the connect button to start it takes like 2 minutes before it actually goes to the loading screen.
I can do anything I want during this 2 minutes it just doesn't start anything but then after 2 minutes the loading screen pops up and it works fine.
If I start the game on single player it works fine.

I already tried the most standard things like reinstall the game and fresh install of samp.
Deleting the gta san andreas user files thing.
I tried to play with compatibility settings of samp and gta san andreas and that only causes samp crashes.

Does anyone have an idea of something that might work?

Suggestions / 2 club suggestions
« on: January 12, 2015, 16:37 »
Suggestion number 1 is
Make club members able to tow club vehicles so they can fill up empty cars easier.

number 2
Make the club command (like Dutch Truckers United had /dutch and like water to the burned area has /water) sort on popularity.
Someone made another club with Dutch in the begin and now we lost our command while they got only 3 members and we got 504 members.

Off Topic / help me
« on: January 07, 2015, 22:53 »
Ok I need a little help
I got a new laptop
Now I want to pull in my SSD I does have the hole and it actually is inside.
I did see it I even removed all the shit from it.
But then I went in the BIOS and it does not show up :(

I try to google it but maybe we got some smart guy over here that knows this problem :P

Suggestions / Buying club vehicles
« on: December 11, 2014, 22:48 »
I want to suggest to take away the risk at the leaders/founders to let people buy club vehicles.
Now you need to promote someone and hope he/she won't scam you.

I want to suggest to make a better system for buying club vehicles or add a rule so it will count as scam. C:-)

By a better buying system I mean someone could request to buy a club vehicle and then leaders could accept it or not.
Just like applications but then with club vehicles.

And by adding a rule I mean it shouldn't be the full risk of club leaders to avoid people that will scam a club.
So make scamming a club by breaking it's rules and create real damage to a club banable.
And by damage I mean things like kicking a lot of members, demoting leaders without permissions or making the club lose money.

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