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Report Players / Zulem[RO] (spamming)
« on: May 28, 2015, 19:27 »
Player reported: Zulem[RO]

Rule broken: spamming
Date and time: 28.05.2015 21:23 (GMT+2)

Code: [Select]
[b][21:18:53] * Trucker Wannabe Zulem[RO] (20) connected[/b]

[21:18:55] <Laly> lol thanks all :D

[21:18:56] <EricSantos> how much people crashed?

[21:18:58] <xname023> me i was masturbating went tha game crashed xD

[21:18:58] * Transport Tycoon Mr.Majmun (21) connected: Hala Madrid

[21:19:01] <David[SLO]> wb majmun

[21:19:02] New to server and need help? Visit help section for full list of command, tips an tricks!

[21:19:02] <Goldy.> the server crashed

[21:19:04] <David[SLO]> nab

[21:19:05] <Laly> wb maj

[21:19:05] <Rodri> *wm majmune!

[21:19:06] <EricSantos> heyo Maj

[21:19:08] <Rodri> wb*

[21:19:08] <xname023> wb

[21:19:12] You must be on foot to steal a car.

[21:19:17] Stealing vehicle...

[21:19:17] Audio stream:

[21:19:18] <Anze[SLO]> no more Boško :(

[b][21:19:18] <Zulem[RO]> 10-8 (on air)                                                         $4,785,943 interests. Your current balance is $92,361,843[/b]

[21:19:19] <Mr.Majmun> hey, thx

[21:19:20] <EricSantos> all crashed?

[21:19:21] Bring car to the hideout

[21:19:21] Audio stream:

[21:19:25] <EricSantos> wtf

[21:19:28] <HubeRTuS> wtf

[21:19:32] <Goldy.> zulem

[21:19:32] <Sven> wtf

[21:19:33] <EricSantos> my interests bugged :p

[21:19:35] <Goldy.> want a report?

[21:19:35] <lvor> wtf

[21:19:36] <David[SLO]> wtf

[21:19:38] <David[SLO]> haha

[21:19:41] <David[SLO]> 92mil haha

[21:19:42] <EricSantos> 92m.........

[21:19:42] <HubeRTuS> i got 4kk in interest

[21:19:44] <HubeRTuS> WTF

[21:19:44] <David[SLO]> we're rich

[21:19:47] <David[SLO]> D

[21:19:48] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-008.png

[21:19:49] <David[SLO]> xD

[21:19:50] <xname023> me too buy a house!!

[21:19:52] <EricSantos> Ima rich assholes

[21:19:56] <EricSantos> loplol

[21:19:57] <David[SLO]> ./bak

[b][21:19:57] <Zulem[RO]> 10-8 (on air)                                                         Your current balance is $92,361,843  [/b]

[21:19:58] <Goldy.> it was a fake chat rofl

[21:19:59] <David[SLO]> ./bank

[21:20:01] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-009.png

[21:20:01] <Rodri> very nice zulem lol

[21:20:02] <Sven> do /bank not realy

[21:20:02] <EricSantos> 92m :p

[21:20:07] <Sven> :P

[21:20:08] <Matthew> what's happens?

[21:20:10] <lvor> wtf?

[21:20:10] <xname023> wtf?

[21:20:15] <Anze[SLO]> give me true 92mil

[21:20:15] <Sven> do /bank not REAl

[21:20:15] <lvor> what is this?

[21:20:16] <Zulem[RO]> XD

[21:20:18] <Ich500> server crashed matthew Bro

[21:20:21] <xname023> yeha

[21:20:24] <EricSantos> Ima richhhhhhhhhh xD[

[21:20:24] <DougyStyl> its Zulem

[21:20:33] <Ich500> 10-20 Redstone, Milestone County, Heading South

[21:20:34] <Matthew> ah

[21:20:37] <Rodri> 10-20 Red County

[21:20:40] NikolaiAvto finished driving [NWO]Barabin to Avispa Country Club

[b][21:20:40] <Zulem[RO]> 10-8 (on air)                                                         EricSantos has been banned for 365 days. Reason: Cheats[/b]

[21:20:45] <HubeRTuS> LOL

[21:20:45] <David[SLO]> who's a thief beside goldy?

[21:20:45] <xname023> nice

[21:20:48] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-010.png

[21:20:48] <EricSantos> wtf

[21:20:49] <Rodri> *felicitari

[21:20:49] <lvor> Lawl

[21:20:49] <Ich500> good work

[21:20:50] <belkok> ooo

[21:20:50] <Mr.Majmun> :D

[21:20:50] Mission complete. You get $3910

[21:20:50] You've attracted too much attention from the police, you can't lose your wanted level now

[21:20:54] If your car is broken or flipped over, type /assistance to fix it in no time

[21:20:56] <Goldy.> 10-7 brb creating report (off air)

[b][21:21:00] <Zulem[RO]> 10-8 (on air)                                                         Mr.Majnum has been banned for 365 days. Reason: Cheats[/b]

[21:21:00] EricSantos is muted for flooding attempt

[21:21:00] <HubeRTuS> there is even no admin

[21:21:05] Ga[L]aXy left the server (exit)

[21:21:07] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-011.png

[21:21:07] <Anze[SLO]> goldy buddy

[21:21:11] <Goldy.> aye ?

[21:21:22] Matthew left the server (exit)

[21:21:22] * Chooooo Chooooo coLby (22) connected: {ffFFFF}I don't have friends, I got family. {00cc00}[17/17]

[21:21:22] <Anze[SLO]> work time

[21:21:22] <David[SLO]> wb colby

[21:21:22] <Anze[SLO]> ?

[21:21:22] <belkok> wb

[21:21:22] <DougyStyl> wb

[21:21:22] <Laly> wb bro

[21:21:22] <Rodri> *wb Sidiuu

[21:21:25] <Mr.Majmun> wb

[b][21:21:33] <Zulem[RO]> 10-8 (on air)                                                         Your road train has been destroyed.[/b]

Locked & Closed Suggestions / few ideas for the server
« on: May 16, 2015, 18:46 »
So what I am suggesting for now is just an idea, it can be changed I'm just giving the basic idea.

I was thinking that only by giving the admins an impulse to be more active in game they will actually be( I guess), you can do that by actually giving them a monthly payment based on their playtime in that month like:
Let's say you have got a  total of 50 hours played in the month April. If you get at least 100k - 50k/ hour spent in game I bet they will come online alot more than they do now.

About guys which already got all they want(house/cars, etc..), big score, and no need of money, well no problem the money they have to receive can be noted down somewhere in the forum or a special bank(you can name rename it however you would like to do) could be created where they can deposit money which will be used in events that are going to be hold weekly or that are going to be used in any way you want but for the players, ONLY FOR THEM, or just games like go to the Special Bank point at "blabla store, or bank or house or you just can use the 3 banks IN SF-LV-LS + the island ones if you want and the point they will have to go on will be randomly chosen" and type the following code "a random generated code" - you will have a chance to win from let's say 1% to 15% of the money that are in the "special bank" in that moment, first one who types the code in will get it, remember "special bank" can only get money lodged in by staff members ONLY from their payments and not from their work/borrowed and etc. This can make players get excited and like it very much and actually call out their friend on the server.
And create an activity thread that tracks down the playtime of the staff members weekly, that thread will be updated by a nominated staff member every week.

Yea about donating, there is no point in donating at the moment, like what ? only for VIP which gives you nothing, I tought of when you donate you get some "donor points" let's say which you can spend in shop, you will be able to spend those donor points on:
VIP rank - X donor points
"X" ammount of money - X donor points and so on.
(you can give ideas for what to add here)

And an idea which Dobby mentioned ingame, spike strips for cops, but it would be more interesting if the cops can only use it when the nearest suspect has 3 stars +.

I know this is not something usual but worths giving it a try.

Mods / mod problem
« on: February 06, 2014, 14:40 »
ok why this is happening to al HUD mods i am installing ? some parts of map are spawning randomly on my map and minimap too like this:,Zd7SBti,Zd7SBti#1

tell me what causes this and if it can be fixed and how

Report Players / pepan (insulting)
« on: January 02, 2014, 12:11 »
Player reported: pepan
Rule broken: insulting
Date and time: yesterday

he started insulting me after i got him few times while i was cop

i don't know what that means but i don't think is a good thing

Off Topic / Why this ?
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:47 »
my forum page looks like this . why this happens ?

 and i get ADS at every shit i put my mouse over it

Maps / Question
« on: December 30, 2013, 15:50 »
I think this is the correct topic where to ask this.
My question is how you mappers put a road sign and you type on it i mean how it's tiped when you enter MC on a road sign     "Welcome to Milestone County"

If anyone of you can say that to me i'll give him a cookie!

Locked & Closed Suggestions / Bank and phone password
« on: November 06, 2013, 15:20 »
So what i actually want to say on this suggestion is that if you would script a thing ... to put password to your bank account so only you can acces it with a password so no one can transfer money if brokes into your account and on /phone to put password so no one can sell you house or vehicles if breaks into your account . And if this will be added there will be less work for admins ... they wont need to search so much for who broke into accounts . Hope you understood me!

 :dislike: if you don't like my suggestion

 :like: if you like my suggestion

Screenshots and Videos / Elegy go home
« on: November 04, 2013, 18:36 »
Just logged in and i wanted to drive my elegy when suddenly i saw thig coming up from the ground:

And another elegy failing:When i bought an elegy it told me to /anchor it instead of /park:

Maps / Come a lot mansion & a little campus
« on: October 29, 2013, 11:31 »
Here you can see my project in day light:

And here you can see it when is night:

Hope you like it!

Maps / Los Santos Club Base
« on: September 06, 2013, 11:29 »
Los Santos base...What contains:
-Customized Hangar and much more

Here it is!Enjoy it!

Maps / Rockshore Farm & Lv Highway Houses+Carpark
« on: August 29, 2013, 14:42 »
Hope you like what i did ! Enjoy !:

Help / unshared vehicles
« on: August 08, 2013, 16:03 »
Hi guys i made this topic only for ADMINS so here is my problem:Today i was checking club members ... and accidentally i demoted ace to regular member cause i pressed "ENTER" and lag just made that screen to just show in that moment then when i wanted to promote back i just pressed remove from club by mistake and  kicked Ace from club and now all his cars which were shared unshared... If any admin could share them back.Here is the proof of them shared:,40690.0.html
Please help us!
Sorry if i am advertising

Screenshots and Videos / Short trip
« on: August 02, 2013, 06:15 »
Here are few photos of a short trip that me Dey , The_Spinner and Dudu made today:

Maps / Marian's maps
« on: July 21, 2013, 13:53 »
Today i downloaded MTA and i tried to do my first project so i did a roadwork hope you like it:

More coming soon!

Screenshots and Videos / Savanna
« on: January 25, 2013, 17:44 »
i was near KaT37 and i saw how he could stay with a savanna.

Hope you like it :gtroll:

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