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Suggestions / Percentage show in few cmds.
« on: December 03, 2019, 15:02 »

I think it will be nice addition to the server to add percentage to few of the cmds.

/Nf (Need fuel): shows how much fuel is left. (e.g: Bowner: Need fuel - 59% left.)

/Fn (Fix needed): show the condition of the vehicle. (e.g Bowner: Fix needed - Vehicle status : 39%)

Also add timer when useing /fix, i think will be nice addition. its just few sugg's i guess the percentage may be used in few more cmds that i cant think right now.

Also please check . Ty.

Suggestions / Last seen
« on: September 17, 2019, 18:14 »
I think it will be useful to add commend like /lastseen or something alike..

Ofc doing /lastseen [playername] will show the last seen of this player.

I know u can check it in game or via the site.. i jusy think this will be much accessable and easy to use.

General Talk / Question | Money vans robbed
« on: September 13, 2019, 08:56 »
So i just got back to my main account (i dont remmeber the forum password so im using this one to post it)

and i got 10/18 achivements and i was wondering how is it possible to do the  'Money vans robbed' achivement.. i mean there is not many players online and the guys that are online are doing mostly artic missions and the one that do 'Money van' will see player trying to fail theyr mission they will just go and do other mission.. idk let me know how to do that.

Maps / Work In Progress | LV Island [First]
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:59 »
This topic is open for suggestions and tips.

Hey guys SlashWork here,

I've seen some of ur work here in the forum and in the server, really nice and quality stuff.

So i decided to try my luck..

I've tryed MTA and didn't really liked it, found out about *SAMP Map Editor few years back but nerver did anything in it.
* Download link seems to be broken

So here im trying SAMP Map Editor and really enjoying it ;)

LV ISLAND Work In Progress:

Note: I don't have any idea with what free program to take videos with :/ so pictures it is.

**UPDATE 13/09/19**

Video added. (Sorry for quality and no sound im new to this)
Link: *Note @1:22 i've seen the brige is all massed up, will be fixed.
    2nd video [Link: ] Sorry for the low fps at the start im using old laptop. Whole new duck area im working on. It is suppost to be some kind of circle indrustial area and cross road to the city.

**UPDATE 11/09/2019**

Links to imgur seem's to be broken.. i have no idea why, new album | |

Added 6 picture's
    LV3 Removed few Tree's, Road sign added.
    LV4 Road the Gas Station and to unbuild area.
    LV5 Road to Gas Station, Some building [See LV7] .
    LV6 Gas Station [unfinished].
    LV6[zoom] Gas Station zoom/Garage area.
    LV7 Some building, Thinking maybe Van/Thief dropoff zone.
--- This is it so far ---

First thing im focusing is on the entrance/connection of the main GTA SA land to the custom one.

Before: Link.

Start.ver1: Link.

Start.ver2: Link.

I know you can't really see much at PIC 2 but as i sayed i dont know any program to take video's with.

As you can see it a W.I.P [Work In Progress] and this topic is mostly for feedback but ANY tips, advice or suggestions or more then welcom (please).

First thing im focusing is on the entrance/connection of the main GTA SA land to the custom one, its alot of playing around and moving objects, lots of fine detailing i see its taking me a lot of time its mostly one road ant it took me about 3 hours to do.. if you any experience mappers or just casual observers think i should focus on one part up to the last detail and then moving on or?? i have no idea..

Cheers, have a good one.

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