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Title: Shoock (spamming)
Post by: R35_EST on October 04, 2018, 18:58
Player reported: Shoock

Rule broken: spamming
Date and time: 8:41pm +2 Estonian time


[20:28:53] * R35_EST announced: aigar too űlut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:29:02] New to server and need help? Visit help section for full list of commands, tips and tricks!

[20:29:03] Officer Lussia_[Oreo] asked you to pay $16,700 for your tickets. You have 30 sec to /pay your tickets

[20:29:05] <CVTM> it took me 2 months to understand /report    :)))

[20:29:08] You paid $16,700 fine to officer Lussia_[Oreo]

[20:29:24] <Shoock> idk how u got mod

[20:29:40] * Matti announced: Karhu on aina hyvš kalja!

[20:29:40] zeus left the server (Timed out)

[20:30:05] * R35_EST announced: negative,matti

[20:30:16] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}dont spam announcments

[20:30:42] * R35_EST announced: Aleksander is better one

[20:30:52] If your car is broken or flipped over, type /assistance to fix it in no time

[20:30:55]  *** You get a warning from admin: spamming announcments (1/3) ***

[20:30:55] R35_EST has been warned by admin: spamming announcments (1/3)

[20:31:06] <R35_EST> wtf

[20:31:11] <Shoock> i told you to stop

[20:31:33] * Most Valued Trucker zeus (5) connected

[20:31:34] * Matti announced: šlš nyt r35

[20:31:38] <R35_EST> are u somekind of idiot? explain how i spam?

[20:31:40] <Lussia_[Oreo]> wb

[20:31:42] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}3 announcments within 90 sec is a warn

[20:32:04] <R35_EST> 1st one was like 2min ago, not 3 in 90 sec

[20:32:25] <zeus> ty

[20:32:25] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}i told you to stop you didnt listen

[20:32:29] <CVTM> hi

[20:32:37] <CVTM>   /convoy 0  ?

[20:32:43] Obey the speed limits on the roads. 50 in cities/towns, 90 on outside roads and 130 on motorways (50/80/100 for trucks)

[20:32:43] Ognjen_Peruska delivered beer kegs from El Quebrados Foundry to RS Haul.

[20:33:09] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}i stay corrected

[20:33:24] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}Spamming announcements is  3 announcements or more within 2 minutes or less.

[20:35:30] If you're unsure about speedlimits for your vehicle, type /speedlimits

[20:35:30] CVTM delivered car parts from Linden Side to Pay'n'Spray.

[20:35:30] * Matti announced: r35 you like alecoq beer? :D

[20:35:30] <CVTM> next @ Flint Intersection, Flint County

[20:35:42] <escobar> 10-8  (on air)

[20:35:48] x304 delivered car parts from Linden Side to Pay'n'Spray.

[20:35:53] <escobar> 10-200 @ Las Venturas (police needed)

[20:35:57] <escobar> ey lu

[20:36:05] <Lussia_[Oreo]> hey :)

[20:36:21] * Your message has been sent to admins. Thank you.

[20:36:21] * between 1 and 2 announcment were more than 2 min, and i did 3spam in 90sec? it is 1min 30sec, learn math

[20:36:24] WARNING: This server has a very strict policy regarding hacks; all cheaters will be banned!

[20:36:43] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}i sent you an admin message to stop

[20:36:46] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}you ignored

[20:36:51] Message from admin: {FFFFFF}you get warned

between 1 and 2 announce were over 2min, how i did 3 in 90sec? (1min and 30sec?)
Title: Re: Shoock (spamming)
Post by: Shock on October 04, 2018, 18:59
i was explaining why he got warned since he complained about it. Thats why admin chat exists.
Title: Re: Shoock (spamming)
Post by: R35_EST on October 04, 2018, 18:59
sry wrong place, please move the correct one
Title: Re: Shoock (spamming)
Post by: R35_EST on October 04, 2018, 19:22
admin chat? all u pm-ed me with admin text and my announcments are here. sooo. learn math, mate...
Title: Re: Shoock (spamming)
Post by: Tyler on October 28, 2018, 11:57
Please make the report again with valid proof of spamming. If you want to appeal the warn, do so in problems & complaints. If you want to complain about a moderator, do so in Problems & Complaints or contact an admin using the forms.