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Title: TiPiR (insulting / disrespect / threats)
Post by: Razbitze on September 17, 2018, 21:42
Player reported: TiPiR

Rule broken: insulting / disrespect / threats
Date and time: Yesterday, can't remember the time, beca

So I was about to reach a convoy loading location, the time that I got kicked by TiPiR, reason being "spam". There's some tension between me and TiPiR, that is not worth mentioning it, tho it makes him mad about me.

It all started when 2 players where talking about Satra Benz (Romanian singers) and some of them added a short lyrics of SB. Then I it was the chorus that was about to hit and I have typed it, which was "Benz benz benz benz" and TiPiR has showed me the rules. - Can't get why?
Later on, a house got on sale and as people always do, some typed the "gogogogo" message, and I did that too. I got instantly kicked out for spamming.

Just after getting kicked, I came back, tried to go back to convoy, but my vibe was destroyed, so I had was about to leave. I said on chat that TiPiR killed my vibe, ironically said "Congrats" to him and instantly /q. After I left I checked the livechat on website and he said "fucking gypsy" about me, because he is always calling me gypsy. I got mad, came back, used few bad words as I was saying he's a coward, talking bad about me when I am leaving, because if he would have a problem with me, he should talk about it with me, not in my absence. As you can notice, people got amazed that he called me like that because ofcourse, I AM NOT a gypsy.

I apologize for the bad words I had to use because I got angry, but still this event should not be forgotten! If he was not to call me like that, I was not going to call him stupid and other things.

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Title: Re: TiPiR (insulting / disrespect / threats)
Post by: Razbitze on September 18, 2018, 15:36
Sorry for the few typing mistakes, I didn't read it again before hitting the post button. I was on the rush at the time I've posted the report.
Title: Re: TiPiR (insulting / disrespect / threats)
Post by: CarlJohnson on October 01, 2018, 15:11
I suggest you to stop with the penis jokes / talks, the community consists of players below the age of 18 as well and the talk is purely unethical and inappropriate. If I find someone doing it again I won't be so lenient.
TiPiR initially wanted to punish you for your inappropriate conversation (hence the rules) and went ahead with the kick when you said "gogogogo". I'll be talking to TiPiR as well, it's wrong punish someone for random reason other than the real one and about insulting players back.

I'm going to let you both go with a verbal warning, to me you both were at fault. I strongly suggest you both to stop with the insults and make peace with each other.