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Title: SmashHammer (spamming)
Post by: Boy on May 31, 2014, 21:53
Player reported: SmashHammer
Rule broken: spamming
Date and time: 31-05-2014

Spamming with reports.
Being racist.
Being annoying with the purpose to report people when they finally say something like "shut up"

I want to report SmashHammer For behavior which isn't normal in the friendly climate of Convoytrucking.

Also i wanna appeal the warn given to Falco.

Falco did this after... (which is ofcourse in your eyes not very important because ramming isn't warnable.)

But you'll understand it though.

Mister SmashHammer, said in CB5 he hated religion. and most of all religion "moslims"

Well falco said he was a moslim, so SmashHammer was talking about how he hates people like Falco.
(Which is strange cause he doesn't know a single thing about falco's personal life.)

After like 20 minutes of bad words about your religion. i think a normal reaction is /report /a or in this case.. judge himself by ramming.

Not saying it's smart. but understandable.

Anyways, This report doens't make any sense and i don't wanna take your time.
But a game should be fun and you don't treat eachother with "behave or i report" Cause that why we have admins ingame who decide when players cross the lines.

All i'm asking is to tell this person that this game is about groups trucking and friendships and not reporting eachother.

//Thank you for reading. I'll lock this right after posting Cause i want you to only read this.//