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Title: SlenderMan doent give up to easy!
Post by: OP on November 04, 2012, 15:34
epic was trolling cops first he used a roadtrain then a dumper truck i arrested him both times  C:-)
then he goes and gets a monter truck  ???

theres how it went

0:26 i ram him to with flips my car 3-4 times sending it to fair  ::)
0:50 my car cuts out
0:58 i start it agian, go down the little hill and role over making me get out and it blows up
1:05 i run to the shop to get a mt bike  :-\
1:54 i get back up with epic thinking what do i do now  :-[
2:14 i start ramming with the mt bike hoping it will work
2:25 i get good ram but lose 70% of my life health
2:50 back up turns up (about time)  C:-)
3:00 i stole a journy
3:30 i get back on his tail
3:45 i ram, block and arrest   C:-)