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Title: The Most Popular GTA SA Errors. - Guide.
Post by: Strato on October 27, 2011, 10:59
Hello, that's a guide made by me for all players that had/have some problems with GTA SA. Here You can find the easiest ways to fix it.
1. When I Turn on Multiplayer the Singleplayer starts, why?
It's because You have a wrong GTA Version. SA:MP requiers v1.00 and a lot of european versions are v.1.01 + and SA:MP is not compatible GTA:SA. What to do?
Just download that downgrade patch and install it into Your GTA SA Folder  ->;74661 (;74661)
When You have it installed install MP, and You're ready to play.

2. Opcodes in Multiplayer.
Some of people have opcode's while they are playing MP. Why? The only reason is if You have bad mods installed. For example tunable car ( elegy etc.) replaced for a
non-tunable car, then SA:MP has problem with creating the object for Your mod, if it's not possible You get opcodes. How to fix it? There are 3 ways.
1. Download a backup file of Your car from this site -> (
2. Download new gta3.img file to make Your GTA clean of mods, download, put it in your GTA -> models folder. -> (
3. Reinstall the whole gta using Your CD.

3. No .dll files found, can't start the game.
Some ppl have an error with their .dll files, to be able using some mods, cam hack etc. If You need one of them go to ( type the .dll file You need and then paste it into My Computer -> C:\ -> Windows -> System32 , and paste the file there.

4. You click on the icon and it doesn't start.
Sometimes You have a problem that even if You click GTA SA.exe icon it's not working. The one thing You need to do is
click on it with Your right mouse button -> Run As Administrator .
Then it should be fine.

5. After reinstalling the game is not working.
After reinstalling Your GTA You ca have some errors, how to fix it?
Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs -> GTA SA.
After reinstalling it go into the folder You installed GTA, delete all files, delete the folder.
Then go into Your local disk ( D:\ ), and create a new folder called GTA SA .
Then Start the installation, and install GTA into the folder You created "GTA SA". If You did it should work for sure.
I hope I could help anyone, btw. if You have some other problems just put it as a post in this topic, i would thank to an Mod or Admin if he could sticky that topic, thanks SweetEmotion .
Title: Re: The Most Popular GTA SA Errors. - Guide.
Post by: $nake on October 27, 2011, 11:09
good job strato :D but these colors :o
Title: Re: The Most Popular GTA SA Errors. - Guide.
Post by: Strato on October 27, 2011, 11:10
Colors fail :/